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persecutions of iniquity, than a fomething within him-whofe voice, neither the pleasures of fenfe, the accumulation of riches, nor the gra tification of ambition, can filence-proclaims, "what haft thou to do with peace, whilst thine "iniquities feparate between thee, and thy God?" Let us make the appeal then to our hearts; let us give ourselves no reft, till we know of a truth that we have received Christ Jefus "the Lord, and walk in Him;" in other words,. till the discharge of every focial, moral, and religious duty affords us comfort and confolation. What would we give-what would we not give to feel this comfort and confolation, in the time of fickness, and at the hour of death? Then is the finner, when fmitten with the pangs of guilt, horribly afraid that “God will forget to be gracious, and that He will "fhut up his loving-kindness in difpleasure. When the king of all the earth fhall come " to "take vengeance on his enemies," may we be protected by the fhield of Chriftianity! When the Gospel is delivering its teftimony against those who renounced its authority, may we have a juft, and legal claim, to its promises, and rewards! When the day arrives in which

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every man will receive according to his works, then, O Lord, let our fins be washed out in the precious blood of thy dear Son. Thou Lamb of God, Son of the Father, that takest away the fins of the world, have mercy upon us! Thou that takeft away the fins of the world, in that awful day, have mercy upon us! Thou that takeft away the fins of the world, grant us the remiffion of our fins, and all other benefits of thy paffion!

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Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

F there be any thing for which parents can


be fuppofed to be peculiarly anxious, it is the welfare of their children: but, to obtain this end, they very often pursue it by means which difappoint their expectations, and defeat their purposes. Their children's welfare confifts, fome men think, in fplendor of appearance, or the accumulation of wealth; others, in dexterity of cunning, and the arts of deceit. Few, alas! are attentive to the cultivation of the moral temper, to eradicate the malignant paffions, which either flame out in acts of violence, or glow in the fullennefs of refentment. Few confider it worth while to devote their leifure, and apply their knowlege towards rendering their children docile in their minds, and amiable in their manners. And fewer still, to fow the feeds of piety,

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piety, and nurture the fhoots of religion. It is incumbent on every parent, whatever be his fituation, to cultivate in the minds of his Children, integrity, meeknefs, civility, kindnefs towards man; reverence, love, piety, devotion, towards God. Let thefe be the firft impreffions on their infant minds, and, in every fucceffive period of their lives, they will be influenced by them; they will live happy in the consciousness of discharging the duties of their station; they will be efteemed by fociety as its most amiable, and valuable members; and, when they receive the fummons to give an account of themselves to God, they will die in his favor, be accepted by his mercy, and rewarded by his goodness.

Let me then beg your earneft attention, whilft I urge upon you the care, the inftruction, the welfare-the paternal care, the religious inftruction, the immortal welfare of your children: for though we may be unconcerned about ourselves; though we may be fo defperate as to venture on the paffage of life, with a ftormy fea, or an unfkilful pilot, can we be fo merciless, fo unnatural, as to expofe our innocent offspring to the fame danger? Can we,

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