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how much better his circumftances would be, if he would fave with care, what he thus fquanders with profufion. And it is of fome weight too, that he ruins his character and reputation; he is no longer confidered as a perfon in whom you can place confidence, and, of course, subjects himself to reproaches, and to loss of busiWith hurting his reputation, and injuring his fortune, he destroys his health. Such is his habit of body, that the pricking of a thorn, or the stinging of a gnat, shall be attended with as long a confinement, and severe a pain, as, in a founder conftitution, would be the violence of a fever, or the fracture of a limb. Let him confider, that, when he is intoxicated, he knows not what mischiefs and and follies he may be drawn into,

Lastly, let him remember how liable he is to dangers and misfortunes-how many men in a state of drunkenness, and insensibility, have been fummoned before the tribunal of their Judge; and let him afk himself, if he would choose to add to the number? Let him weigh all these things seriously; and if he has any regard for his fubftance, his health, his character, his falvation, he will preferve himself


from all immoderate ufe and excefs of wine, which, the wifeft of men says, " is a mocker, "and from strong drink, which is raging," because, he had obferved by experience this to, be true, that " whofoever is deceived thereby " is not wife." Which good advice may God Almighty give us all grace to obferve through Jefus Christ our Lord. Amen.




MATTHEW v. 34.

I fay unto you, fwear not at at all.


HEN human laws are violated, it is generally under the veil of fecrecy, and in the hour of concealment; it is generally either with the profpect of gain, or the expectation of pleasure. But the commands, which Almighty God delivers, are openly, and daringly infulted; and though the tranfgreffion of them promises neither profit, nor delight; though it be attended with the displeasure of God at prefent, and his eternal difpleasure hereafter; men perfift, through the wantonness of sport, and the violence of outrage, to disobey, offend, provoke the Being, who " gave them life, and "breath, and all things." And of the feveral commands, whether "written with the finger ** of God," or enjoined " by his own and only


begotten Son," there is not one, I believe, to the violation of which men are fo much addicted, whatever be the cause, as that of profane fwearing, the vice prohibited by our Saviour in my text, "I fay unto you, swear not " at all."

To diffuade you from a practice, which be trays fuch a want of reverence towards God, and of decency towards men, let me beg your 'attention, whilft I fhew, in the first place, the extreme danger incurred by profane swearing.

After which, I fhall examine the reafons people urge in their justification. And lastly, I fhall earnestly exhort you to defift from a cuftom, which expofes you to the judgment of an Almighty, and incenfed God.

Now, as we are exprefsly forbid to fwear precipitately, and rafhly, by the facred name of God, to accuftom ourselves to fwearing is an open, and public declaration, that we call in queftion the wisdom, and bid defiance to the power, of an All-knowing and Omnipotent God it is telling the fupreme Lord of heaven and earth, that the laws he has enacted, and the commands he has delivered, are trifling in

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