Cassell's lessons in French. From the 'Popular educator'. 2pt. revised by prof. de Lolme, corrected by E. Roubaud. 2pt. [With] Key, Part 1

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Page 22 - Le leur, la leur, les miens, les miennes, mine. les tiens, les tiennes, thine. les siens, les siennes, his, hers, its.
Page 233 - Maps. Cloth limp, 4d. Geography of Scotland and Ireland, .Cassell's School Board. With Maps. Cloth limp, 4d. Geography of Europe, Cassell's School Board. With Maps. Cloth limp, 4d. Geography of the British Colonies, Cassell's School Board. With Sketch Maps, 4d. Geometry, Cassell's Course of Practical. By ELLIS A. DAVIDSON. Consisting of 64 Cards in Packet, embracing the First and Second Grade Studies. In Packet, 5s.
Page 231 - Drawing. Drawing Copies, Cassell's School Board. On the Approved List of the London School Board. Adapted for Government and other Examinations ; carefully graduated and well and clearly executed. First Grade — Freehand. A Set of 64 Copies, with instructions on each. Mounted on strong Cards, 7 x 6i, in Wrapper, 5s.
Page 224 - La liberté de publier ses pensées, ou la liberté de la presse, doit être réglée sur la liberté même d'agir. B. DE ST.
Page 9 - D'une maison, f. Of or from a house 4. When the nominative or subject of an interrogative sentence is a noun, it should be placed before the verb ; and immediately after the verb, in. simple tenses, and after the auxiliary in compound tenses, a pronoun must be placed, agreeing with the nominative in gender and number.
Page 54 - EXERCISE 48. 1. Do I wear my large black hat ? 2. You wear a handsome green hat. 3. Does the banker go to the hair-dresser's this morning? 4. He goes there this morning. 5. Does he intend to go to the bank this morning? 6. He does not intend to go there, he has no time. 7. Do you send your letters to the post-office ? 8. I do not send them, they are not y_et written (écrites).
Page 83 - To whom docs your brother apply? 22. He applies to his brother. 23. Is his brother at home ? 24. No, Sir, he is at Paris. 25. When does he intend to go to France ? 26. He intends to go to France in one month. 27. Is your sister to leave to-morrow morning? 28. She is to leave to day if (s'il) it is fine weather.
Page 236 - Children's Books, Dictionaries, Educational Works, History, Natural History, Household and Domestic Treatises, Handbooks and Guides, Science, Travels, &c. &c., together with a Synopsis of their numerous Illustrated Serial Publications, sent post free on application to CASSELL, PETTER, GALPIN & Co., Ludgate Hill, London.
Page 21 - My brothers are neither ashamed nor afraid. 17. Who has two barrels of flour? 18. The miller has two barrels of flour. 19. Have the birds bread ? 20. The birds have no bread. 21. Has the merchant tea, chocolate, sugar, and pepper ? 22. He has sugar and pepper, but he has neither tea nor chocolate. 23. What has your sister Í 24.
Page 236 - Cloth, 3s. 6d. Stonemasons, Drawing for. By EA DAVIDSON. With numerous Drawing Copies. Cloth, 3s. Systematic Drawing- and Shading. By CHARLES RYAN. With an Appendix on the Formation of Schools.

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