A Collection of Colloquial Phrases, on Every Topic Necessary To Maintain Conversation: Arranged Under Different Heads; with Numerous Remarks on the Peculiar Pronunciation and Use of Various Words. The Whole So Disposed As Considerably To Facilitate the Acquisition of a Correct Pronunciation of the French ...

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Lea & Blanchard, Successors to Carey & Company, 1839 - French language - 206 pages

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Page 81 - C'est une promenade fort agréable. Nous serons à l'abri du soleil. Voulez-vous traverser ce champ? Peut-on passer à travers ce champ ? Allons par ce sentier. C'est le plus court pour retourner à la maison. Il n'est pas tard. J'ai envie de rentrer de bonne heure. Nous n'avons qu'une demi-heure de chemin. Nous serons revenus de bonne heure.
Page 90 - I want a needle. What are you going to sew ? I am going to mend my gown. This needle is too large. Here is another. This is too small. Give me some thread, some silk, some cotton, some worsted. What color do you want ? I want some red.
Page 13 - ... point de manteau Je n'aurai pas de bardes tu n'auras pas de chapeau il n'aura pas de mouchoir elle n'aura pas de crayon nous n'aurons point de garçon vous n'aurez point de lunettes ils n'auront pas d'épées elles n'auront pas de parapluies Je n'aurais pas de gilet tu n'aurais pas de montre ' To HAVE, negatively, followed by an abject. he has no sugar. she has no beer. we have no cider. you have no coffee. they have no tea. they have no water. I have inul no wine.
Page 82 - ... peut juger par les fleurs. il y aura très-peu d'abricots cette année. ces pêches^ont bonne mine. vous^aurez beaucoup de brugnons. les cerises et les fraises sont maintenant ^en pleine saison. elles seront bientôt passées. ce raisin est tout-à-fait mûr. ces poires sont bien belles. tous les fruits sont bien précoces cette saison. les^espaliers surtout. comment sont les^arbres dans votre verger?
Page 149 - His progress is slow, but solid. That action does not deserve a better reward. His misfortunes ' have soured his temper. I shall mention that event. I have not abandoned my friend. My brother and sister have caught cold. I cannot afford to spend so much. Remember me to him. My sister begs to be remembered to you. I w;as speaking of him when he came in.
Page 84 - ... what have you there? they are Jerusalem artichokes. , I had never seen any before. are these onions? no, they are leeks. they are very much like onions. I see you have all sorts of salad. here is cabbage • lettuce, and cross kttuce. 92 COLLOQUIAL PHRASES. ceci est de la chicorée.
Page 59 - Do they think we shall have peace ? It is not likely. Have you heard from your brother ? Did you hear lately from your friend ? How long is it since he wrote to you ? I have not heard from him these two months. He has not written for three weeks, he has not written these three wecks.
Page 58 - ... je ne sais rien de nouveau, il n'ya rien de nouveau. il n'ya point de nouvelles, je ne sais point de nouvelles, je n'ai entendu parler de rien. on ne parle de rien. il ya de bonnes nouvelles.
Page 85 - It hegins to grow late. It is almost time to go to bed. Mr. A*** is not come home yet. I don't think he will be long. I think he will not be long. I dare say he will not be long. This is about his time.

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