Salmagundi, Or, The Whim-whams and Opinions of Launcelot Langstaff, Esq., and Others ...

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Page 151 - is the wonderful spirit of economy that pervades every branch of this government." "But," said I, "how is it possible they can spend money in talking: surely words cannot be the current coin of this country?" " Truly," cried he, smiling, " your question is pertinent enough, for words indeed often supply the place of cash
Page 77 - double-trouble,' or ' hoe corn and dig potatoes,' more scientifically : in short, he was a second Lothario. And the dusky nymphs of Hayti, one and all, declared him a perfect Adonis. Tucky walked about, whistling to himself, without regarding any body; and his nonchalance was irresistible.
Page 325 - the various ingenious instruments with which she puts nature to the rack, and tortures herself into a proper figure to be admired. Farewell, thou sweetest of slave-drivers! The echoes that repeat to a lover's ear the song of his mistress are not more soothing than tidings from those we love. Let thy answer to my letters
Page 198 - great man of all the taverns between New York and Haerlem; and no one stood a chance of being accommodated until Straddle and his horses were perfectly satisfied. He d—d the landlords and waiters with the best air in the world, and accosted them with true gentlemanly familiarity. He staggered from the
Page 207 - whether it requires greater ability to mend a law than to mend a kettle ? Inquiry into the utility of making laws that are broken a hundred times in a day with impunity; my Lord Coke's opinion on the subject; my lord a very great man—so was Lord Bacon; good story about a criminal named
Page 32 - As I find you have taken the quill, To put our gay town and its fair under drill, I offer my hopes for success to your cause, And send you unvarnish'd my mite of applause. Ah, Launce, this poor town has been wofully fash'd; Has long been be-frenchman'd, be-cockney'd, be-trash'd; And our ladies,
Page 292 - are hardy, brave, and enterprising, but they can achieve nothing like this. Happy would it be if this mania for toasting extended no farther than to the expression of national resentment. Though we might smile at the impotent vapouring and windy hyperbole, by which it is distinguished, yet we would excuse it, as the unguarded
Page 283 - who, it was thought before his arrival, had a considerable kindness for each other. In the course of a fortnight his tandem disappeared!—the class of good folk, who seem to have nothing to do in this world but to pry into other people's affairs, began to stare! in a little time longer an out-rider was
Page 363 - dull, turbid, and sluggish. A third was pure and transparent, but its waters were of a chilling coldness, and it had rocks and flints in its bosom. A fourth was dulcet in its tinklings, and graceful in its meanderings; but it had a cloying sweetness that palled upon the taste: while a fifth possessed a
Page 74 - cheap way enough of paying off little obligations. I readily acceded to Will's proposition, expecting much entertainment from his eccentric remarks; and as he has been absent some few years, I anticipated his surprise at the splendour and elegance of a modern rout. On calling for Will in the evening, I found him full dressed, waiting for me.

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