The Eton Greek grammar, with bp. Wordsworth's syntax, tr. by W. Routledge

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Page 32 - ... hundredth two hundredth three hundredth four hundredth five hundredth six hundredth seven hundredth eight hundredth nine hundredth one thousandth SPECIAL RULES FOR PRONOUNCING CLASSES OF WORDS.
Page 67 - Aorist. The Second Aorist is formed from the Second Aorist Active, by changing ov into ijv as, STUTIOV, ITUTIJV.
Page 68 - The third person plural is formed from the third person singular by inserting v before rai, as jc^cirœi, к'ырмгои.
Page 52 - The First Future is formed from the Present, by changing the last syllable in the first conjugation into \r<a ; as голтш, r\f<a.
Page 71 - IIVUM. first Aorist. The first aorist is formed from the first aorist active, by adding p/iv ; as, efv^a, eTin^apTv.
Page 68 - The First Aorist is formed from the Third Person Singular of the Perfect, by dropping the Reduplication, changing ты into $w, and the preceding Soft into an Aspirata Mute, as тЬ Three Verbs assume <r, (palat, ЕрУи6^ ; f*/*vnJ*j \ ; 7гЕ7гЛя11, 1тгЛя<г9я>'.
Page 76 - Voice. (1) THE PRESENT (passive and middle) is formed from the Present Active, by changing its final -a in -o/*t/ as ivmca, tvmo(UU.
Page 54 - The First Aorist active is formed from the Future by changing w into a, and prefixing the augment ; as, Tinfrш, -nnjr-a.
Page 9 - SouXomi1/y []!HT,jrn, but the Arabians by no means submitted to the Persians, so as to be their slaves. Herod. iii. 88. 137. A Dative is sometimes put with the omission of the preposition av, especially where the pronoun avro is found ; as TjX' avrij TrjXчKt каp)j аXt, he flung to a distance the head with the helmet itself.
Page 12 - StSaarat, but the things which we carried off from the cities, these have been divided. Hom. II. i. 125. Whence even among the Attics the Relative put Demonstratively sometimes occurs, especially in the forms i5 S...

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