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Price Seren Shillings and Sirpence, bound in cloth.


Chairman - The Right Ilon. LORD BROUGHAM, F.R.S., Member of the National Iustitute of France.

l'ice-Chairman, The Right Hon. EARL SPENCER.

Treasurer-JOHN WOOD, Esq.
William Allen. Esq., P.R. and R.A.S
1. L. Goldsmid, Esq., P.R. and R.A.S.

Mr. Sergeant Manning.
Chas. A usell, Esq.
Francis Henry Goldsmid, Esq

R. I. Murchison, Esq., F.R.S., F.G.S,
Captain Beaufort, R.N., P.R. and R.A.S. B. Gompertz, Esq., P.R. and R.A.S.

The Right Hon. Lord Nugent.
George Birkbeck, M. D.
J. T. Grases, Esq.A.M., F.R.S,

W. S. O'Brien, Esq., M.P.
George Burrows, MD.
G. B. Greenough, Esq., F.R. and L.S.

The Right Hon. Sir Heury Parnell, BI, JI.P.
Peter Stafford Carey, Esq., A.M.
M. D. Hill, Esq., Q.C.

Richard Quain, Esq.
John Conolly, M.D.
Rowland Hill, Esq., P.R.A.S.

P. M. Roget, M.D. Sec. R.S., F.R.A.S.
William Coulson, Esq.

Right Hon. Sir J. C. Hobhouse, Bart., M.P. R. W. Rothman, Esq., A.M.
R. D. Craig, Esq.
Thos. Hodgkin, M.D.

Sir Martin Archer Shee, P.R.A., P.R.S.
J. P. Davis, Esq., F.R.S.
David Jardine, Esq., A.M.

Sir George T. Staunton, Bart., M.P.
H. T. Dela Beche, Esq., F.R.S.
Henry B. Ker, Esq.

John Taylor, Esq. F.R.S.
The Right Hon. Lord Denman.
Thomas Hewett Key, Esq., A.M.

A. T. Thomson, M.D. F.L.S.
Simuel Duckworth, Esq.
Sir Charles Lemon, Bart., M.P.

Thomas Vardon, Esq.
The Right Rev. the Bishop of Durham, D.D. George C. Lewis, Esq., A.M.

Jas. Walker, Esq., F.R.S., Pr. Inst., Civ. Eng.
Sir Henry Ellis, Prin. Lib. Brit. M 118.
Thomas Henry Lister, Esq.

H. Wavmonti, Esq.
T. P. Ellis, Esq., A.M., F.R.A.S.
James Loch, Esq., M.P., F.G.S.

Thos. Webster, Esq., A.M.
John Elliotron, M.D., F.R.S.
George Long, Esq., A.M.

The Hon. John Wrottesley, A.M., F.R.A.S.'
George Evans, Esq., M.P.
H. Malden, Esq.A.M.

J. A. Yates, Esq., M.P.
Thomas Falconer, Esq.

A. T. Malkin, Esq. A.M.

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Allon, Staffordshire-Rev. J. P. Jones,

Devonport and Stonehouse-John Cole, Eng. Newtown, Jontgomeryshire-W. Pugh, Esq.
Angleses-Rev. E. Williams,

Joliu Norman, Esq.

Norwich--Richard Bacon, Esq.
Rev. W. Johnson,
Lt. Col. C. Hamilton Smith, P.R.S.

Wm. Forster, Esq.
Mr. Miller.

Dublin-T. Drummond, Esq. R.E., F.R.A.S, Orsett. Esses-Corbell, M.1).
Barnstaple.- - Bencraft, Esq.

Edinburgh-Sir C. Bell, F.R.S.L, and E. Orford-Ch. Daubeny, M D.F.R.S.Prof. Chem.
William Gribble, Esq.
J. S. Traill, M.D.

Rev. Buden Powell, Sav. Pof.
Belfast - M. 1), Drummond.
Etruria, Josiah Wedgwood, Esq.

Rev. John Jorda:), B.A.
Ereter-J. Tyrrell, Esq.
Birmingham-- Paul Moon James, Esq., Trea.

Pesth, Hungary-Count Szechenyl.
John Milford, Esq. (Coarer.)

Plymouth-H.Woollcombe, Esq., p.1.9., Ch.
Olamorganshire-- Dr. Malkin, Cowbridge.

Wm. Snow Harris, Esq., F.R.S.
Bridpurl-James Williams, Esq.

W. Williams, Esq., Aberpergwm.

E. Moore, M.1), P.L.S., Secretary.
Bristol-J.N.Sanders, Esq., F.G.S. Chairman, Glasgow-K. Finlay, Esq.

G. Wightwick, Esq.
J. Reynolds, Esq., Treasurer.
Alexander McGrigor, Esq

Dr. Traili.
J. B. Estlin, Esq., F.1..S., Secretary.

James Couper, Esq.

Presteign-Rt. Hon. Sir H. Brydges, Bart.
Calcutta, James Young. Esq.

A, J. D. D'Orsey, Esq.

A. W. Davis, M.D.
C. H, Cameron, Esq.
Quernsey-F. C. Lukis, Esq.

Ripon-Rev. H.P. Hamilton, M.A.,F.R.S.,6.9.
Hull-- J. C. Parker, Esq.

Rev. P. Ewart, M.A.
Cambridge-Rev. Professur Henslow, M.A.,
F.L.S. & G.S.
Leamington Spa--Loudon, M.D.

Ruthin-Rev, the Warden of
Leeds - J. Marshall, Esq.

Humphreys Jones, EN.
Rev. Leonard Jenyne, M.A., F.L.S.
Rev. John Lodge, M.A.
Lewes-J. W'. l'oollgar, Esq.

Ryde, 1. of Wight-Sir Ru. Simeon, Bt.
Henry Browne. Esq.

Salisbury- Rev. J. Barfitt.
Rev. Prof. Sedgwick, M.A., P.R.S. & G.S.

Liverpool Loc. As.-W. W. Currie, Esq. Ch. Sheffield-J. H. Abrahams, Esq.
Canterbury-John Brent, Esq., Alderman.
William Masters, Esq.

J. Mulleneux, Esq., Treasurer.

Shepton Ballet-G. F. Burroughs, Eaq.
Rev. Wm. Shepherd, L.L.D.

Shrewsbury-R. A. Slaney, Esq., M.P.
Canton-Wm. Jardine, Esq., President.
Maidenhead-R. Goolden, Esq., F.L.S.

South Petherton-John Nicholeliu, kaq.
Robert Inglis, Esq., Treasurer.
Maidstone-Clement T. Smyth, Esq.

Stockport-H. Marsland, Esq., Treasurer.
Rev. C. Bridgman,
John Case, Esq.

Henry Coppock, Esq., Secretary.
Rev. C. Gutzlaff, Secretaries.

Manchester Loc. A8.-G. W. Wood, Esq., Sydney, New S. Wales-W.M, Manning, Esq.
J. R. Morrison, Esq.,

M.P., Ch.

Tavistock-Rev. W. Evans,
Cardigan-Rev. J. Blackwell, M.A.

Sir Benjamin Heywood, Bt., Treasurer.

John Rundle, Esq., M.P.
Carlisle-Thomas Barnes, M.D., F.R.S.E.

Sir George Philips, Bart., M.P.

Truru-Henry Sewell Stokes, Esq.
Carnarvon-R. A. Poole, Esq.

Benj. Gott, Esq.

Tunbridge Wells-Yeats, M.1).
William Roberts, Esq.
Mashım--Rev. George Waddington, M.A.

l'tlo.reter-Robert Blurton, Esq.
Chester-Henry Potts, Ewq.

Merthyr Tydvil-Sir J.J. Guest. Bart., 11.P. Virginia, Professor Tucker.
Chichester --John Forbes, M.D., F.R.S.
Minchinhampton-John G. Ball, Esq.

Worcester-Chas. Hastings, M.D.
C. C. Dendy, Esq.
Monmouth-J. H. Moggridge, Esq.

C. H. Hebb, Esq.
Cockermouth-Rev. J. Whitridge.
Nenth-Jolo Rowland, Esq.

Wrexhan- Thomas Edgworth, Eaq.
Corfu- John Crawford, Esq.
Newcastle-Rev. W. Turner.

Major Sir William Lloyd.
Plato Petrides

T. Sopwith, E-9., F.G.S.

Yarmouth-C. E. Rumbold, Esq.
Coventry-Arthur Gregory, Esg.
Newport, Isle of Wight--Ab. Clarke, Esq.

Dawson Turner, Esq.
Denbigh-Thomas Evans, Esq.

T. Cooke, Jun., Esq.

York - Rev. J. Kenrick, M.A.
Derby--Joseph Strutt, Esq.

R. G. Kirkpatrick, Esq.

Jobo Phillips, Esq., F.R.S., P.0.3.
Edward Strutt, Esq., M.P.

Newport Pagnell-J. Asillar, Esq.
THOMAS COATES, Esq., Secretary, No. 59, Lincoln's Inn Fields,

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London : Printed by WILLIAM Clowes and Sons, Stamford Street,

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PRIMATI'CCIO, FRANCESCO, was born at Bologna, in 1490. He was of a noble family, and his parents intended to have him brought up to the mercantile profession; but his natural genius leading him to the arts, he learned design and colouring from Innocenzio da Imola and Bagnacavallo, and having manifested extraordinary talent, he went to Mantua to study under Julio Romano, who was engaged on some great works in the palace Del Té at Mantua, many of which Primaticcio and others of his disciples executed after his designs. Frederic, duke of Mantua, recommended him in 1531 to Francis, king of France, who entrusted him with many works. A great jealousy arising between him and Rosso, who was likewise in high favour with Francis, the king sent Primaticcio to Rome to purchase antiques, a commission in which he was extremely successful. He was recalled from Rome to complete a large gallery left unfinished by the death of Rosso. The number of works which he executed in France is truly astonishing, especially in the palace of Fontainebleau, where, assisted by his pupil Nicolo Abate, he painted, besides other works, in the great gallery, which was 456 feet long and 18 wide, fifty-eight pictures, each 67 feet high and 8 feet wide, representing ihe principal scenes of the Odyssey; the roof, which was richly adorned with gilding and stucco, was decorated with fifteen large and sixty small pictures, chiefly subjects of heathen mythology. This great work was totally destroyed in 1738, when the great gallery was pulled down to erect apartments for some persons attached io the court. Francis II. gave him the abbey of St. Martin de Troyes, with a revenue of 8000 crowns, which he enjoyed till his death in 1570. Primaticcio's talents however were chiefly called into exercise under Henry II., most of the frescoes with which Francis intended to adorn Fontainebleau not being executed till after his death. The oil-paintings of Primaticcio are excessively rare in Italy. Fuseli mentions a Concert of three female figures in the Zambeccari gallery as an enchanting performance; and Dr. Waagen says that a picture at Castle Howard representing Penelope relating to Ulysses what has passed in his absence, is the finest work of this master that he had yet seen.

PRIME. A number is said to be prime when it is not divisible without remainder by any less number than itself, except unity. Thus 1, 2, 3, are of necessity prime; 4 is not, being divisible by 2; 5 is prime, and so are 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, &c.

Large lists of prime numbers have been published [TABLES], but they are seldom possessed by the elementary student. As it is however frequently desirable to know whether a number not exceeding 10,000 is prime or not, we shall give a table to that extent, the manner of using which is as follows:- If we wish to know whether 2897 be a prime number, under the heading 2 and in the column 8 we look for 97, which we find there: whence the table shows that 2897 is a prime number. Again, by the same means we find that 1457 is not a prime number, the adjacent prime numbers being 1453 and 1459.

P.C., No. 1167.

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