A Practical Grammar of the Dutch Language

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T. Boosey, 1803 - Dutch language - 299 pages

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Page 37 - ... firmament of luminaries, which are planted at so great a distance, that they may appear to the inhabitants of the former as the stars do to us; in short, while I pursued this thought, I could not but reflect on that little insignificant figure which I myself bore amidst the immensity of God's works.
Page 49 - How different is the view of past life, in the man who is grown old in knowledge and wisdom, from that of him who is grown old in ignorance and folly! The latter is like the owner of a barren country, that fills his eye with the prospect of naked hills and plains, which produce nothing either profitable or ornamental...
Page 228 - LESSON 2. ma me mi mo mu my na ne ni no nu ny pa pe pi po pu py ra re ri ro ru...
Page 64 - A faculty of doing things remarkably praise-worthy, thus concealed, is of no more use to the owner, than a heap of gold to the man who dares not use it. * To-morrow is still the fatal time when all is to be rectified. To-morrow comes, it goes, and...
Page 46 - The chasm would be imperceptible to an eye that could take in the whole compass of nature, and pass from one end of the creation to the other...
Page 46 - I myfelf bore amidft the immenfity of God's works. Were the fun, which enlightens this part of the creation, with all the hoft of planetary worlds that move about him, utterly extinguifhed and annihilated, they would not be miffed more than a grain of fand upon the fea-fhore.
Page 70 - It is no more than justice, quoth the Farmer, to be sure : But, what did I say ? — I mistake. It is your bull that has killed one of my oxen. Indeed ! says the Lawyer ; that alters the case : I must inquire into the affair ; and if — And IF ! said the Farmer — the business, I find, would have been concluded without an IF, had you been as ready to do justice to others as to exact it from them.
Page 134 - FEW take care to live well, but many to live long, though it is in a man's power to do the former, but in no man's power to do the latter.
Page 37 - I was furveying the moon walking in her brightnefs, and taking her progrefs among the conftellations, a thought arofe in me, which, I believe, very often perplexes and difturbs men of ferious and contemplative natures. David himfelf fell into it in that reflection, ' When I confider ' the heavens, the work of thy fingers, * the moon and the ftars which thou haft ' ordained ; what is man, that thou art
Page 37 - the heavens, the work of thy fingers, * the moon and the ftars which thou haft ' ordained ; what is man, that thou art ' mindful of him, and the fon of man, that

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