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and expand a bit to meet the ever-expanding love of God. Let me stand in the market place with the physical culturists and demand, as they demand, fifteen minutes of your time every day for two months. . . . You will find yourself in a friendly universe, where religion will no longer be a thing to be believed or disbelieved, a thing to be worn or cast off, but where religion will be a part of life as blood is a part of the body."

"Poetry from the Bible" (Dial), edited by Lincoln MacVeagh, contains "the most beautiful and famous passages of Biblical poetry from the Riddle of Lamech and the Songs of Moses and Deborah to the Canticles of Saint Luke". The text followed is, in the main, that of the Revised Version. It is in verse form and is presented in one of those convenient little volumes which seem to make poetry more intimate be.

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"The Revelation of Man" (William S. Rhode Co.) by Jutta Bell-Ranske is produced under the auspices of the Progressive Forum. The author in his foreword says, "It is ignorance of the fundamental laws of life that is at the root of all evil . . . through careful analysis of his own conditions, man shall be forced to realize that his physical body is but the medium of an inner self that demands an entirely changed attitude of life. . . it is consequently essential that he should begin to turn his attention to the invisible source which is the means of his re-enforcement." There are twenty seven chapters dealing with "The New Consciousness", "The Electrons of the Body", "The Nervous System", "Psychology and Its Limitations", "The Battle Fields of Life", "Religion", "The Meaning of Christianity", with other chapters leading up to "The Revelation of St. John with the Key to the Apocalypse".

Further treasures of Jewish literature, made available through the Schiff Library of Jewish Classics, come to us in the second volume of this series. In this volume, selections of the religious and secular poetry of Jehudah Halevi, one of the greatest Jewish poets, have been translated by Nina Salaman, a dis

tinguished translator of Hebrew poetry, whose previous translations have been done under her maiden name of Nina Davis. "Selected Poems of Jehudah Halevi" (Jewish Publication Society of America) includes the Hebrew text and the translation on opposite pages. There are four divisions: "The Journey to Zion"; "Love and Bridal Songs"; "Poems of Friendship"; "Devotional Poems".

There is startling truth in "Empty Churches" (Century) by Charles Josiah Galpin; truth which is not pleasant to read; truth about the money spent to keep competing churches alive; about the great areas without churches; about the changes in rural life affecting church attendance and church maintenance; about the pastor's pittance salary; about many things which few of us realize but which have great significance for this country's future. "More than four million farm children in America are virtual pagans. . . . In one seventh of our rural communities there are no churches at all.” The book is a scientific and sympathetic analysis of the forces which are emptying our churches and of the remedies which will fill them again. It should be read by everybody who can buy or borrow a copy and who is in any way interested in the America of tomorrow.

A drama in four episodes taken from the life of the first translator of the Bible into English is "Tyndale" (Century) by Parker Hord. The book is dedicated to the four hundredth anniversary of the first printing of the New Testament in English (1525– 1925). The drama deals with the interesting characters and events surrounding William Tyndale and his translation.

The injunction to "Cheer up" often has the opposite effect, but it is not unlikely that "The Patient's Book" (Catholic Hospital Association) by Edward F. Garesché, S. J., M.A., LL.B., will prove helpful in its "thoughts of cheer, consolation, encouragement and information for the sick especially in hospitals". It is a small, clear type volume, which admirably fits its purpose.

– W. J. C.


Literary Agents and Writers' Aids



156 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK Rates and full information sent upon application

ARE A WRITER. Don't you ever need help marketing your work?



I am a literary adviser. For years I read for Macmillan, then for Doran, and then I became consulting specialist to them and to Holt, Stokes, Lippincott and others, for most of whom I have also done expert editing, helping authors to make their work saleable.

Send for my circular. I am closely in touch with the market for books, short stories, articles and verses, and I have a special department for plays and motion-pictures. The Writers' Workshop, Inc. 135 East 58 Street New York City

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Room 491, 500 Fifth Avenue


$1.00 per Thousand Words FINGER AND PLANK


New York


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Please mention THE BOOKMAN in writing to advertisers



In this section the readers of THE BOOKMAN will find the latest announcements of reliable dealers in Rare Books, Manuscripts, Autographs and Prints. It will be well to look over this section carefully each month, for the advertisements will be frequently changed, and items of interest to collectors will be offered here. All these dealers invite correspondence.

"Jane Eyre", in both the first and second editions, is a rare book, and this work of Charlotte Brontë's commands high prices in the auction rooms. M. L. Parrish, the well known Philadelphia collector, has recently discovered that in the second edition there is a change from the text correctly printed in the first edition. This occurs on page 298 of Volume II, where the reading is "Compare these clear eyes" in the second edition. In all other respects the page is identical with that in the first edition. The repetition of words gives a "point" to collectors of first (or rather second) editions.

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soar. The monthly lists of "booksellers' wants" in first editions of modern authors give James Branch Cabell, Henry James, Mark Twain, Gertrude Atherton, and H. G. Wells as the five leaders. These positions mean little, however, since a collector who wants one of Cabell's works might send his list of desiderata to a dozen different dealers, each of whom would place an advertisement in the "Books Wanted" lists.

A Kipling first edition is to be published this year by the Rowfant Club of Cleveland, Ohio, that vigorous organization of book lovers which owns its own clubhouse and which recently celebrated its thirty third birthday. No details are available yet, but a new Kipling first edition is bound to be eagerly seized by collectors. The Rowfant Club has also under way an unpublished Locker manuscript which will be one of the season's publications.

It will be gratifying to collectors to learn that the index to the second ten volumes of "Book Auction Records" will be issued within a comparatively short time. The publication of the first volume of the index, covering the auction records of English sales for the first ten years of the publication of this quarterly, dragged along through the war and was issued about ten years late. It is possible that in future the cumulated index may be issued at five year periods. It is still. more gratifying to American collectors to know that the new volume of "Book Prices Current", which contains the American records of prices of books at auction, is about ready for issue, and will be in time for use during the season of 1925-6.

Please mention THE BOOKMAN in writing to advertisers

The following are offered to the trade on a royalty basis. The plates are
particularly adapted for the making of 8vo editions, the average page meas-
urement 4 1/8 x 6 1/2, but can be properly proportioned for a 12mo size.
Specimen pages, or dummies, with propositions for complete manufacturing,
will be furnished promptly on request, for either premium or standard edition.

Diary and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys, F.R.S.

With life and notes by Richard, Lord Braybrooke. These plates are new and done in
large modern monotype face, while the illustrations consist of reproductions from a
collection of rare prints, from originals contemporary with Pepys.
Four volumes.

Plutarch's Lives

Dryden's Translation, Edited by Prof. A. H. Clough, with Biographical and Historical Notes by William Smith, Ph.D., LL.D., D.C.L. Author of Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Dictionary of the Bible, Dictionary of Christian Antiquities, etc., etc. An elaborate index and 30 fine half-tones.

Jane Austen

Five volumes.

Complete Novels with Prefaces and Introductions. Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield
Park, Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Northanger Abbey.

Six volumes.

This edition of Austen is from new plates and is the best six-volume edition that has ever been made. The type used is the large modern 12 point. The illustrations consist of thirty-two very fine half-tones.


Complete Comédie Humaine, Best English Translation, edited by George Saintsbury.
Eighteen volumes.

More than 12,000 pages of carefully edited and well spaced 12 point matter. This is the best edition of Balzac available, having cost more than $20,000 to produce. The illustrations consist of eighteen beautiful photogravures, with descriptive tissue captions. The Gebbie Self-Interpreting Edition of Robert Burns

Including his Life and Letters, Songs with Words and Music as Prepared by the Poet
Himself. Edited by James Hunter and George Gebbie.

Six volumes.

The type is the large modern style. The illustrations consist of a series of half-tone engravings reproduced from originals, the finest that the world's greatest artists and etchers could produce.

The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri

Translated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; edited by Charles Welsh. Four volumes.
The type is a large modern 12 point and the plates are new. The illustrations consist
of a series of reproductions of the best of Doré, supplemented by selections from rare
Italian pictures.

The Life and Achievements of Don Quixote

Translated by Motteux, with a Life of Cervantes, and the author's preface. Four volumes. This magnificent new large-type edition of the celebrated Spanish classic is complete in four volumes, the best translation by Motteux. The illustrations consist of four frontispieces in Van Dyke gravure.

The Complete Writings of Alfred De Musset

New plates, large readable type with numerous illustrations.

Milestones of History

Ten volumes.

A modern work by Edgar and Esther Singleton, dividing the World's History into
epochs up to but not including the recent World War. This set, prepared by a publisher
forced to abandon the project on account of financial difficulties, is now available.
Arrangements can be made with the authors whereby an additional volume can be
added at nominal cost to bring the work up to date.
Five volumes.


Rahway, New Jersey



William Beebe

Author of "Galapagos; World's End" presents his readers with a new volume devoted to those far-off corners of the earth which he delights to penetrate, and which he alone can describe so well. The eminent naturalist writes once more of the British Guiana jungle, with its strange appeal, its exotic growths, its queer inhabitants that crawl or walk or fly and he makes us view these amazing sights through the eyes of one who is an artist as well as a scientist.


is a volume which all Beebe followers will welcome, for its mass of interesting material, its polished style, and its unquestionable scientific accuracy.

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Georgian Stories

A new collection of stories by fifteen leading British writers, including Michael Arlen, Martin Armstrong, E. M. Forster, L. P. Hartley, Richard Hughes, Aldous Huxley, F. Tennyson Jesse, Hugh Kingswill, Naomi Mitchison, C. E. Montague, Arnold Palmer, Osbert Sitwell, Frank Penn Smith, J. C. Squire and H. A. Vachell. With portraits of the authors. $2.50


By MICHELINE KEATING Fresh from a French convent, the heroine of this novel finds herself in the midst of New York's brilliant theatrical world. Her adventures make up a tale as unusual as it is enthralling. $2.00


By E. TEMPLE THURSTON In the same vein as his "City of Beautiful Nonsense", Mr. Thurston tells a fantastic story of how a gay dress brought romance into the drab life of Laetitia and what came of it. $2.00

The Cheerful

By K. R. G. BROWNE There's a breeziness and lilt to this novel that make it just right for sultry summer days. It concerns the extraordinary experiences of a young man whose fancy turns, not too lightly, to thoughts of romance. A delectable literary cocktail with humor, sparkle, and a constantly entertaining story. $2.00

The Carillon
of Scarpa

By FLORA KLICKMANN The author combines wholesome sentiment and gay humor in this tale of Mrs. Potter-Poggs and her daughter who visit the Royal Palace of Scarpa as paying guests. It is as delightful as a breath of the sea, and leaves a feeling of happiness behind it. $2.00

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