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In this section the readers of THE BOOKMAN will find the latest announcements of reliable dealers in Rare Books, Manuscripts, Autographs and Prints. It will be well to look over this section carefully each month, for the advertisements will be frequently changed, and items of interest to collectors will be offered here. All these dealers invite correspondence.

T does not take very long, after publication, for a reference book to go out of date, and this is particularly true of such books as purport to be complete lists of works published on any given subject. The "Census of Books Printed before the Year 1501 and Owned in America", made by the Bibliographical Society of America, was hardly issued before foreign catalogues began to arrive listing incunabula with the statement: "No copy owned in America, according to the Census." Yet the Bibliographical Society's list was hardly more than a tentative affair, its publication serving to bring to light hundreds of copies of hitherto unknown incunabula in American libraries. Furthermore, many of those whose names were listed in the Census have continued buying books printed before 1500, and a list made today would be a considerably larger volume than that issued in 1919. The usefulness of such a work depends greatly upon its relative completeness. It is therefore gratifying to collectors of these earliest printed books to know that arrangements are being made for a continuation of this important list, bringing it as nearly up to date as possible.

Bibliographical works furnished one of the principal attractions for collectors at the sale of the remaining portion of the library of the late Beverly Chew at the Anderson Galleries in New York. The prices realized for these generally showed an advance over the published prices, and in the case of privately printed library catalogues soared to heights hitherto unreached. The Thomas J. Wise "Catalogue of the Ashley Library", of which four volumes were in the sale, went

for $105, the purchasers agreeing to take the remaining two volumes "when as and if" issued at the publication price of three pounds three shillings each. The "Catalogue of the Library of the Late John Henry Wrenn", given to the University of Texas, brought $200, and the same price was paid for the fourteen volumes issued privately cataloguing portions of the library of William Andrews Clark. The catalogues of the various collections in the Widener Memorial Library of Harvard University brought prices from $15 to $35 each. The total of the 357 lots in this second Chew sale was $14,507.50. The prices not only show that the rare book market is in a healthy condition, but the competition for bibliographical works indicates an increasing number of collectors to whom such works are indispensable.

Most book collectors like to obtain those books which are "printed for private circulation only" and which are not for sale. Usually such books are slight affairs, of varying

merit, and issued in limited editions. Most of them, however, are handsome specimens of modern typography and occasionally one is a "first edition", being the first printing of some unpublished manuscript of a famous author which has come to light. One of these is a little volume recently issued by



We have over 1,000,000 (Second-hand and New) on every conceivable subject in stock. Also Rare Books and Sets of Authors. Catalogues free. Mention requirements. Commissions executed. FOYLES, 121-125 Charing Cross Road, London, England

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Jerome Kern, librettist and book collector, entitled "The Awful History of Bluebeard. Original drawings by W. M. Thackeray, with an Introduction by Temple Scott and a Note on the Legend by Charles Vail". The drawings by Thackeray are eight in number and were found in a scrapbook presented to Mary Augusta Thackeray by her mother on the child's eleventh birthday, March 26, 1841, when Thackeray was twenty two years of age. They were acquired by Mr. Kern, who is responsible for their present appearance as a Thackeray first edition.

Bibliography in America appears to be coming decidedly to the front these days, for not only is the Census of incunabula to be revised, but through the cooperation of the American Library Association, R. R. Bowker of "The Library Journal" and "The Publishers' Weekly", Joseph F. Sabin and the Sabin heirs, and other patrons, the monumental unfinished work known as "Sabin's Dictionary" is to be completed. The undertaking is to be financed by the Carnegie Foundation, which has given to the Bibliographical Society of America a publication fund of $7,500. Sabin's "Dictionary of Books Relating to America" was started in 1868 by Joseph Sabin, the New York bookseller, who proposed to list every book dealing with the history of this country. It was published in parts until 1892, having been carried through from "Pennsylvania" to "Smith" by Wilberforce Eames. Much of the remaining copy has been prepared, but no funds for publication have heretofore been available. Although the work is very incomplete, particularly in the earlier portions, and there are hundreds of titles to be added to those already published, it is the most important of its kind in existence and is almost a necessity to every collector of Americana.

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Costuming a Play, Inter-Theatre Arts Handbook, by Elizabeth B. Grimball and Rhea Wells [Century).

Old English, A Play in Three Acts, by John Galsworthy [Scribner].

There Came To Women, A Drama in Four Acts, by Herbert Quick [Bobbs].

The Valiant, A Play in One Act, by Holworthy Hall and Robert
Middlemass [Swartout].

The Bright Island, by Arnold Bennett [Doran].
The Dramatic Works of Gerhart Hauptmann, Volume Eight:
Poetic Dramas, trans. by Willa and Edwin Muir (Huebsch].
The Firebrand, A Comedy in the Romantic Spirit, by Edwin
Justus Mayer [Liveright].

Weber and Fields, Their Tribulations, Triumphs and Their
Associates, by Felix Isman [Liveright].

The Guardsman, A Comedy in Three Acts, by Franz Molnar, trans. by Grace I. Colbron and Hans Bartsch, acting version by Philip Moeller, foreword by Theresa Helburn [Liveright].

Essays and Literary Studies

The Freeman Book, typical editorials, essays, critiques and other selections from the eight volumes of "The Freeman," 1920-1924 [Huebsch].

The Faith of a Liberal, by Nicholas Murray Butler [Scribner]. Red, Papers on Musical Subjects, by Carl Van Vechten [Knopf].

War and International Affairs

The Reforging of Russia, by Edwin Ware Hullinger [Dutton].
A Year of Prophesying, by H. G. Wells [Macmillan).
The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918, Vol. II
-The Story of Anzac: from 4 May, 1915 to the Evacuation of
the Gallipoli Peninsula, by C. E. W. Bean [Sydney: Augus &

Sociology and Economics

Labor Policy of the United States Steel Corporation, by Charles A. Gulick, Jr., Ph.D. [Columbia U.]. Woman's Share in Social Culture, by Anna Garlin Spencer, 2nd ed., enlarged [Lippincott-Family Life Series]. Vocational Self-Guidance, Planning Your Life Work, by Douglas Fryer, Ph.D., with an introd. by Harry Dexter Kitson, Ph.D., and contributed chapters upon the business professions by leading specialists of New York City, and the business professions for women by Lorine Pruette, Ph.D. [Lippincott]. Industrial Society in England towards the End of the Eighteenth Century, by Witt Bowden [Macmillan].

Debate on Prohibition, by Clarence Darrow versus Rev. John Haynes Holmes, introd. by Hon. Royal S. Copeland [N. Y.: League for Public Discussion].

The Business of Life: Vol. I-Economics for Business Men; Vol. II-Idealism and the Ideal State, by Hugh W. Sanford [Oxford].


Modern Turkey, A Politico-Economic Interpretation, 1908-1923 Inclusive, with selected chapters by representative authorities, by Eliot Grinnell Mears, M.B.A., F.R.Econ.S. [Macmillan]. Architecture, by Alfred Mansfield Brooks, introd. by Sir Reginald Blomfield-Mythology, by Jane Ellen Harrison-Stoicism and Its Influence, by R. M. Wenley-Sappho and Her Influence, by David M. Robinson, Ph.D., LL.D.-Roman Private Life and Its Survivals, by Walton Brooks McDaniel, Ph.D. Platonism and Its Influence, by Alfred Edward Taylor [Marshall Jones Our Debt to Greece and Rome]. These United States, A Symposium, ed. by Ernest Gruening, Second Series [Liveright]. On the Road with Wellington, The Diary of a War Commissary in the Peninsular Campaigns, by August Ludolf Friedrich Schaumann, ed. and trans. by Anthony M. Ludovici [Knopf]. The Naval Side of British History, by Geoffrey Callender, M.A., F.S.A. [Little].

Special Editions

The Laughing Muse: The Mirthful Lyre: The Light Guitar, by Arthur Guiterman, 3 vols. boxed [Harper].

The Retrospect of François Villon, being a rendering into English verse of Huitains I to XLI of Le Testament and of the three ballades to which they lead, by George Heyer (Oxford). Pierre and Jean, by Guy de Maupassant, ed. by Ernest Boyd [Knopf-The Collected Novels and Stories of Guy de Maupassant].

The Misfortunes of Elphin and Crotchet Castle, by Thomas Love Peacock [Oxford-World's Classics].

The House of the Seven Gables, by Nathaniel Hawthorne [Oxford
-World's Classics].

Omoo, by Herman Melville [Oxford-World's Classics].
The Vicar of Bullhampton, by Anthony Trollope [Oxford-
World's Classics].

Mérope, by Voltaire, ed. with introd., bibliography, notes and vocabulary by Thomas Edward Oliver, Ph.D. [CenturyModern Language Series].

In Praise of Folly, by Erasmus, ed. with an essay of appreciation by Horace Bridges [Covici].

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Essays and Literary Studies

Adventures in Criticism, by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, M.A. [Putnam].

The Collected Essays and Papers of George Saintsbury, 1875–1923, Vol. IV. [Dutton).

J. M. Barrie, A Study in Fairies and Mortals, by Patrick Braybrooke (Lippincott).

Flying Osip, Stories of New Russia, by Seifulina, Shishkov, Kasatkin, Kolosov, Pilnyak, Semenov, Ivanov, Zozulya, Arosev [International Pub.]

Mammonart, An Essay in Economic Interpretation, by Upton
Sinclair [Sinclair).

Afterglow, Pastels of Greek Egypt, 69 B. C., by Mitchell S. Buck,
with a preface by Arthur Machen [Brown].
Aristotle, by John Burnet (Oxford British Academy Annual
Lecture on a Master-Mind).

Many Happy Returns of the Day! by Ellis Parker Butler [Houghton).

Sketches, by R. Peterson Brorup [Macon, Ga.: North and South Book Co.].

War and International Affairs

Ten Years After: A Reminder, by Philip Gibbs [Doran].

The Excess of Pacifism, by Rev. Omer J. Chevrette, Š. T. D., Ph.D., U. J. D. [Stratford].


Spanish and Portuguese Gardens, by Rose Standish Nichols [Houghton).

Gardens, A Note-book of Plans and Sketches, by J. C. N. Forestier, trans. by Helen Morgenthau Fox [Scribner]. Beautiful Gardens in America, by Louise Shelton, rev. ed. [Scribner].

Religion and Spiritism

Knowledge and Virtue, the Hulsean Lectures for 1920-1921, by P. N. Waggett [Oxford).

The Methodist Year Book, 1925, ed. by Oliver S. Baketel [Methodist Book Concern].

Presbyterian Handbook, 1925, ed. by Henry Barraclough [Presbyterian Bd. of Pub.].

Church Leadership, by Charles Edward Burrell, D.D., LL.D. [Dorrance].

Spiritism, Facts and Frauds, by Simon Augustine Blackmore, S. J., with an introd. by The Right Rev. Joseph Schrembs, D.D. [Benziger].

Christianity Which Way? A Historical Study of Changes and Achievements in the Christian Church, by Rev. Charles Sparrow Nickerson, D.D. [Century].

Tales of King Solomon, by St. John D. Seymour, B.D., Litt.D., M.R.I.A. (Oxford).

The Trinity of Religion, or Love, Divorce and Religion, by Yours Truly [Yours Truly).

The Prayers of the Bible, selected and arranged by Virginia Woodward Cloud [Norman, Remington).

Centenary Translation of the New Testament, published to signalize the completion of the first hundred years of work of the American Baptist Publication Society, trans. by Helen Barrett Montgomery, A.M., D.H.L., LL.D. [Amer. Baptist Pub. Soc.].

Discrimina Peregrinationis, by C. T. Harley Walker [Basil Blackwell].


The Bookman's Glossary, A Compendium of Information Relating to the Production and Distribution of Books, by John A. Holden [Bowker]. The Idol: Opium, Heroin, Morphine and Their Kingdoms, by Dr. Cantala [N. Y.: Botwen Print. Co.]. The Valley of Vision, by Lyndon Lindsley Skinner, foreword by Dr. Frank Crane [Oswego, N. Y.: Inspirational Lectures]. The Higher Consciousness, A Little Introduction to Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke's "Cosmic Consciousness," by Henry S. Saunders [pub. by the author in Toronto].

Special Editions

The Life of Henri Brulard, by Henry Beyle-Stendhal, trans. by
Catherine Alison Phillips, introd. by Harry C. Block (Knopf].
Rachel Ray, by Anthony Trollope (Oxford- -World's Classics).
Typee, by Herman Melville [Oxford - World's Classics].
The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, by
James Hogg, with an introd. by T. Earle Welby [A. &. C.
Boni-Campion Reprints].

Dangerous Acquaintances (Les Liaisons Dangereuses], by Choderlos de Laclos, trans. by Richard Aldington [Dutton - Broadway Translations].

Diary of Samuel Pepys, deciphered by the Rev. J. Smith, M.A., from the original shorthand ms. in the Pepysian Library, Cambridge, with notes by Richard Lord Braybrooke, with an introd. by Guy N. Pocock, illus., 2 vols. [Dutton]. The Child of Pleasure, by Gabriele D'Annunzio, trans, by Georgina Harding, verses trans. by Arthur Symons, introd. by Ernest Boyd (Liveright - Modern Library].

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PLOT: Just before the war. Edwin Brand deeply loves Lucetta Erkin; she returns it. the front, because of his environment, which blurs ideals, he forms a liaison with a French girl of light character. At the war's end. Lucetta welcomes him back. Abashed, he feels it his duty to tell her the truth, though the confession may result in his losing her. He is dismayed to have her confess to a similar fault during his absence. He is about to suggest mutual forgiveness, when she says her fellow sinner is his former rival, the handsome Jack Morton. How will their relations be adjusted?

PRIZES: It will be easy for you


to finish this plot. Try 1st, $25.00; 2nd, $10.00; 3rd, $5.00. Send only one solution, not over 100 words. Dr. Richard Don't copy plot. Write name, age (18 or Burton over), address, and number of words plainly. Contest closes May 10th, 1925. No plots returned. A few minutes use of your imagination may win you the $25.00 cash prize. Anyway, it's good practice. Try. Show this plot to your friends.

FREE: All contestants will receive FREE particu

lars of Dr. Richard Burton's Correspondence Course in Short-Story Writing and booklet; special low rate and Profit Sharing Plan. Personal service on your lessons. Also Special Criticism of Short-Stories and One Act Plays by Dr. Burton personally. If you don't care to compete, ask anyway for free book and particulars of Dr. Burton's Course and the Profit Sharing Plan. Shortstory Writing is really the short-cut to recognition in Photoplay Writing. Increase your income. Learn Short-Story Writing.


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Minneapolis, Minn.

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In this section the readers of THE BOOKMAN will find the latest announcements of reliable dealers in Rare Books, Manuscripts, Autographs and Prints. It will be well to look over this section carefully each month, for the advertisements will be frequently changed, and items of interest to collectors will be offered here. All these dealers invite correspondence.

NE of the most interesting characters in

Increase Mather, and one of the most interesting iconographic works ever issued in this country is "The Portraits of Increase Mather" by Kenneth B. Murdock, Ph.D., which has been printed for private distribution by William Gwynn Mather of Cleveland, Ohio, in a limited edition of 250 copies. Here is a book which collectors will want for many reasons. It covers an interesting field, deals with an interesting man, brings to light three pictures never before reproduced, and offers a complete story of the comparatively numerous and historically valuable Mather portraits. Besides all this, it is one of the finest specimens of American bookmaking, printed by Bruce Rogers at the Harvard University Press, the text from the original types of John Baskerville which are now owned by this press. Finally, Mr. Murdock has given much space to dealing with Thomas Johnson, an English mezzotinter, about whom little has heretofore been known. Ten portraits are beautifully reproduced, the 1688 portrait by Jan van der Spreitt being used as a frontispiece, a magnificent example of color printing. Mr. Murdock was attracted to the subject a long time ago, but only the generosity of William Gwynn Mather has made possible the completion of the work in such a monumental form.

In some of the states attempts have been made to secure legislation providing that newspaper editorials should be signed. At last a good reason has been found to justify such legislation. Whoever wrote the editorial in the New York "Sun" of February

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It is a Strange House, by Dana Burnet [Little].
Representative American Plays, 1767-1923, ed. with introd. and
notes by Arthur Hobson Quinn, 3rd ed., revised and enlarged

Two Plays: Juno and the Paycock, The Shadow of a Gunman,
by Sean O'Casey [Macmillan].
Nathaniel Baddeley, Bookman, A Play for the Fireside in One
Act, by Dorothy Una Ratcliffe [Leeds: Swan Press].
Joseph, A Play in Five Acts Based Upon the Story of Joseph as
Found in Genesis, by Linwood Taft, Ph.D. [Century].
Processional, A Jazz Symphony of American Life in Four Acts,
by John Howard Lawson [Seltzer].

Essays and Literary Studies

From College Gates, by Caroline Hazard, M.A., Litt.D., LL.D.,
President of Wellesley College 1899-1910 [Houghton].
Mirrors of New York, by Benjamin De Casseres [Lawren].
Book of Modern Essays, compiled and ed. by John M. Avent
[Liveright Modern Library for High Schools].

These Women, by William Johnston [Cosmopolitan].
The Peal of Bells, by Robert Lynd [Appleton].

A History of French Literature, by C. H. C. Wright [Oxford
French Series].

Literature and Revolution, by Leon Trotsky, trans. by Rose
Strunsky [Internatl. Pub.].

Mr. Pepys, An Introduction to the Diary together with a Sketch
of His Later Life, by J. R. Tanner [Harcourt].
James Branch Cabell, by Carl Van Doren [McBride -
American Writers].


Like Summer's Cloud, A Book of Essays, by Charles S. Brooks [Harcourt].

The Mulberry Bush, by Sylvia Lynd [Minton].

Essays and Soliloquies, by Miguel de Unamuno, trans. with an introd. essay by J. E. Crawford Flitch [Knopf].

H. G. Wells, by Ivor Brown [Holt -Writers of the Day]. Chaucer's Nuns, and Other Essays, by Sister M. Madeleva, foreword by B. H. Lehman [Appleton].

Pippa Passes and the Parable of the Sower, by Waitman Barbe [Hinds, Hayden & Eldredge].

An Atlas of English Literature, by Clement Tyson Goode, Ph.D., and Edgar Finley Shannon, Ph.D. [Century].

Biography and Memoirs

A King in the Making, An Authentic Story of Edward, Seventeenth Prince of Wales, by Genevieve Parkhurst [Putnam]. Lenin, by Leon Trotzky [Minton].

Leon Trotsky: The Portrait of a Youth, by Max Eastman [Greenberg].

Lives and Times, Four Informal American Biographies, by Meade Minnigerode [Putnam].

The Story of Irving Berlin, by Alexander Woollcott [Putnam]. The Last of a Race, by de Mercy Argenteau, Princesse de Montglyon [Doran].

King Edward VII, A Biography, by Sir Sidney Lee- Vol. I, From Birth to Accession, 9th November 1841 to 22nd January 1901 [Macmillan].

Who's Who in South Dakota, Vol. V, by O. W. Coursey [Mitchell, S. D.: Educator Supply Co.].

The Reminiscences of a Fiddle Dealer, by David Laurie [Houghton].

Memoirs of Childhood and Youth, by Albert Schweitzer, trans, by C. T. Campion, M.A. [Macmillan].

Early Reminiscences, 1834-1864, by S. Baring-Gould [Dutton]. Vondel, by A. J. Barnouw [Scribner - Great Hollanders]. Lady Anne Barnard at the Cape of Good Hope, 1797-1802, by Dorothea Fairbridge [Oxford].

Sociology and Economics

Book of Business Standards, by J. George Frederick [Brown]. Industrial Psychology and the Production of Wealth, by H. D. Harrison, M.C., M.Com. [Dodd].

Industrial Ownership, Its Economic and Social Significance, by Robert S. Brookings [Macmillan].

Who Should Have Wealth, and Other Papers, by George Milton Janes, Ph.D. [Morehouse].

Ser and Civilization, by Paul Bousfield, M. R. C. S. (Eng.), L. R. C. P. (Lond.) [Dutton].

Child Marriages, by Mary E. Richmond and Fred S. Hall [N. Y.: Russell Sage Foundation].

Uncle Sam Needs a Wife, by Ida Clyde Clarke [Winston].


Christian Fellowship Among the Nations, by Jerome Davis and Roy B. Chamberlin [Pilgrim].

Selected Poems of Jehudah Halevi, trans. by Nina Salaman, chiefly from the critical text ed. by Heinrich Brody, Ph.D. [Jewish Pub. Soc.].

Human Nature and the Gospel, by William Lyon Phelps [Scribner].

Ten Short Stories from the Bible, by Charles Reynolds Brown [Century].

Whither Bound in Missions, by Daniel Johnson Fleming, Ph.D. [Association].


Added to our collection of westerners is Thyra Samter Winslow of Fort Smith, Arkansas. She was born there March 15, 1893, was educated at the University of Missouri and at Columbia University, was an art student at the Cincinnati Art Academy, married John Seymour Winslow of Madison, Wisconsin, in 1912, and like Mrs. Rinehart began writing stories and magazine articles after her marriage. She writes for "The American Mercury" and has contributed to the “Metropolitan” magazine.

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