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More Interesting and Entertaining Than- the Radio, Movies, Theatre, Cross-word Puzzles

IFFICULT, you say, to find anything that could be more interesting

can quite re

and entertaining as going behind the scenes with the contemporary authors-those whose works have found a permanent place in your home, and also who contribute so much to the pleasure in the movies, the theatre, and even on the radio. They are all in


Edited by John Farrar

THE BOOKMAN is bringing to its columns writers, critics, artists, poets, novelists of international standing and reputation, because it seeks to publish work of permanent merit, to select on its own account from the tremendous output of the times such work as will survive the day it is written. Among the frequent contributors to THE BOOKMAN are:

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Consult the "Supreme Authority"

whenever you want to know the meaning, use, spelling, or pronunciation of a wordwhenever you want to secure facts about some character in literature or life, some historical event, some geographical point -whenever you need to verify some detail of science, art, industry, or other subject. You will find


The Merriam Webster

a whole library in one volume, answering your questions about words, people, places. In its 2,700 pages are 451,000 entries, including 407,000 vocabulary terms, 32,000 geographical subjects, 12,000 biographical entries, 100 valuable tables, 6,000 illustrations.

Constantly Improved and Kept Up to Date. Copyright 1924. Thousands of New Words such as audio-frequency vitamin, paravane. New Gazetteer entries like Kenya, Vimy, Hejaz. New Biographical entries like Pershing, Hoover, Galli-Curci. Cross Word Puzzle workers should be equipped with Webster's New International for it is used as the authority by puzzle editors.

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Flute and Violin, and Other Kentucky Tales and Romances. MACMILLAN. 1900.

This writer of southern stories was born near Lexington, Kentucky, in 1849. He was educated at the Transylvania University and received his Litt.D. at Tulane and Kentucky Universities. He has taught in public and private schools and at the University of Kentucky. He has also been professor of Latin and higher English at Bethany College in West Virginia. Since 1886, however, he has given his entire attention to literature. is unmarried. His best known work is a novel, "The Choir Invisible", published in 1897. Allen's short stories appear in "Harper's", "The Century", and other magazines.




The author of that charming biography, "Stephen Crane", was born November 22, 1889, at Council Bluffs, Iowa. He was graduated from Yale University in 1911 and was a student in the law school of Columbia University until 1913. Mr. Beer enlisted in the field artillery of the United States army in 1917 and served on the staff of the 87th Division in France for six months. He is unmarried and lives now in Yonkers, New York. His most recent novel is "Sandoval". His stories are to be found in "The Century", "The Saturday Evening Post", "The Smart Set", etc.

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MCBRIDE. 1921.

Gallantry. HARPER. 1907.

The Line of Love: Dizain des Mariages. MCBRIDE. 1921.

James Branch Cabell was born at Richmond, Virginia, April 14, 1879. He was graduated from William and Mary College, where he taught French and Greek in 1896-97. He worked in the pressroom of the Richmond "Times", and has been on the staff of the New York "Herald" and the Richmond "News". He began contributing short stories to the magazines in 1902. He has conducted genealogical and original research work in America, France, Ireland, and England, and has engaged in coal mining in West Virginia. He is an historian as well. Mr. Cabell is married and lives at Dumbarton Grange, Dumbarton, Virginia. His stories are to be found in "The Century", 'Harper's", "McClure's", and "Collier's". REFERENCES:


Our Short Story Writers.

The Literary Spotlight. Edited by John Farrar. DORAN.


By Upton Sinclair

A study of the world's culture from an entirely new point of view.

Who made the "classics", and why?

Do the world's great writers and artists serve the people? Or do they serve and glorify the ruling classes?

The most revolutionary criticism of literature and the arts ever penned; at once a history of culture and a battle-cry.

George Sterling writes: "You may not know everything, son, but you can sure turn out interesting stuff!"

400 pages, cloth $2, paper-bound $1, postpaid.

With either "The Goose-Step" or "The Goslings", cloth $3, paper-bound $1.50, postpaid.



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Fresh Waters. DUTTON. 1924.

This editor-lawyer-diplomat was born August 5, 1881, in Worcester, Massachusetts. He received his LL.B. from Harvard in 1906, when he was admitted to the bar. He practised until 1917, and became editor of "Collier's" in 1919. Mr. Child has been United States ambassador to Italy, was the founder of the Council on Foreign Relations and chief representative of the United States at the conferences of Genoa and Lausanne, 1922. He is the author of numerous novels, and his short stories are to be found in "The Saturday Evening Post", "Collier's", and "Pictorial Review".

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Diary and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys, F.R.S.

With life and notes by Richard, Lord Braybrooke. These plates are new and done in
large modern monotype face, while the illustrations consist of reproductions from a
collection of rare prints, from originals contemporary with Pepys.
Four volumes.

Plutarch's Lives

Dryden's Translation, Edited by Prof. A. H. Clough, with Biographical and Historical Notes by William Smith, Ph.D., LL.D., D.C.L. Author of Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Dictionary of the Bible, Dictionary of Christian Antiquities, etc., etc. An elaborate index and 30 fine half-tones.

Jane Austen

Five volumes.

Complete Novels with Prefaces and Introductions. Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield
Park, Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Northanger Abbey.

Six volumes.

This edition of Austen is from new plates and is the best six-volume edition that has ever been made. The type used is the large modern 12 point. The illustrations consist of thirty-two very fine half-tones.


Complete Comédie Humaine, Best English Translation, edited by George Saintsbury. Eighteen volumes. More than 12,000 pages of carefully edited and well spaced 12 point matter. This is the best edition of Balzac available, having cost more than $20,000 to produce. The illustrations consist of eighteen beautiful photogravures, with descriptive tissue captions. The Gebbie Self-Interpreting Edition of Robert Burns

Including his Life and Letters, Songs with Words and Music as Prepared by the Poet
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Six volumes.

The type is the large modern style. The illustrations consist of a series of half-tone
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The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri

Translated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; edited by Charles Welsh. Four volumes.
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The Life and Achievements of Don Quixote

Translated by Motteux, with a Life of Cervantes, and the author's preface. Four volumes. This magnificent new large-type edition of the celebrated Spanish classic is complete in four volumes, the best translation by Motteux. The illustrations consist of four frontispieces in Van Dyke gravure.

The Complete Writings of Alfred De Musset

New plates, large readable type with numerous illustrations.

Milestones of History

Ten volumes.

A modern work by Edgar and Esther Singleton, dividing the World's History into
epochs up to but not including the recent World War. This set, prepared by a publisher
forced to abandon the project on account of financial difficulties, is now available.
Arrangements can be made with the authors whereby an additional volume can be
added at nominal cost to bring the work up to date.
Five volumes.


Rahway, New Jersey

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WILL LEVINGTON COMFORT Mr. Comfort was born at Kalamazoo, Michigan, in 1878 and attended the grammar and high schools of Detroit. He served in the 5th United States Cavalry during the Spanish-American War, was war correspondent in the Philippines and China for the Detroit Journal Newspaper Syndicate in 1899, and in Russia and Japan for the Pittsburg Dispatch Newspaper Syndicate in 1904. He has written several novels, and his short stories are well known to the readers of "The Saturday Evening Post".


Old Chester Tales. HARPER. 1898.
Dr. Lavendar's People. HARPER. 1903.

Mrs. Deland was born in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, in 1857. She was educated in private schools and married Lorin F. Deland of Boston in 1880. She is probably best known for two novels, "The Awakening of Helena Richie" and "The Iron Woman". At present she lives in Deerfield, Massachusetts. Her stories have appeared in "The Ladies' Home Journal", "Harper's", and "Collier's".


Our Short Story Writers.


Floyd Dell is a product of the middle west, having been born in Barry, Illinois, June 28, 1887. From 1909 to 1911 he was a reporter in Davenport, Iowa, and Chicago, and he later became literary editor of the Chicago "Evening Post". He has also been associate editor of "The Masses" and of "The Liberator". Mr. Dell is married and lives near New York City, on the Hudson. His first novel "Moon-Calf", a piece of realistic autobiography in the modern manner, caused quite a furor. His short stories appear regularly in "The Century".


The Best Short Stories of 1924.

The Literary Spotlight. Edited by John Farrar. DORAN.


San Francisco is the home of Charles Caldwell Dobie, who was born there in 1881. He was educated in the grammar schools. Until 1916 he I was in the fire and marine insurance business. He is unmarried. His first short story appeared in the San Francisco "Argonaut" in 1910. Mr. Dobie is the author of several novels and plays, and is a contributor to "Harper's", "The Atlantic Monthly", "Scribner's", "The Smart Set", and "Pictorial Review".


The Best Short Stories of 1917. The Best Short Stories of 1918.


(See Literary Club Service for January, 1925.)


(See Literary Club Service for January, 1925.) (To be continued in April)

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