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"Def thought, and of speech in all matters

EDICATED to liberty of conscience,

of religion; in the belief that only as we claim this liberty for ourselves and grant it to others can we ever reach such clear convictions as our Master intended us to have", is the clean cut dedication of "Christianity Which Way?" (Century), by Charles Sparrow Nickerson. It is an historical study of changes and achievements in the Christian Church. It deals with the Church Militant, the Church Courageous, the Church Imperial, the Church Divided, the Church Expectant. It should be stimulating to church people and clergy, and it ought to find a wide and responsive audience among all earnest minded people. The pages of this book lure attention; there is an easy reading style; human interest; enough of historical and scientific treatment to command respect; clear headed analysis; logical optimism; courage of conviction; reasonableness of attitude. From the early mention of the clear purpose of the ministry of Jesus himself, on through the vicissitudes of the church, to the author's final challenge to be ready for the "widest opportunity the church of Christ has ever known", there is compelling interest, substance, vivid interpretation and wholesome expression. Whatever the main purpose of the author, his book leads to rebirth of that attractive Christianity of the Master himself

tolerant, understanding, loving, far seeing, strong in the fine qualities of strength.

"Church Leadership" (Dorrance) by Charles Edward Burrell, D.D., LL.D., a textbook and a study in methods of church leadership, is introduced to its public by Dr. Eggleston, president of Hampden-Sidney College of Virginia, with the thought that "it takes an average of seventy members" (of the leading denominational churches) "to bring in one new member a year". From the standpoint of church salesmanship

there would seem to be something wrong. Dr. Burrell feels that the remedy lies, at least partly, in trained leadership within the laity of the church as well as among the clergy. This book, divided into thirteen sections, deals with a general survey of the opportunities and responsibilities of the church, with its various officers, with divisions of effort, and defines duties, relationships, and privileges. It is a definite, practical, and detailed text to be used for class study or for individual reading and reference. Thorough and helpful as this book is in this field of training, one wishes that the method of presentation were more in keeping with the modern practice of bringing out from the class group itself definitions and remedies


By Charles Sparrow Nickerson

HIS brilliant and stimulating


book should be of keen interest and active helpfulness to Christians in this day when all signs point toward a revival of paganism. The author sketches the periods of progressive change in the church throughout the history of Christianity with the purpose of throwing light on the present problems of the church and charting a course of development for its future.

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THE CENTURY CO. 353 Fourth Avenue New York City

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which are more apt to be accepted and employed than are the prepared statements of the author.

However we scoff at Spiritism, the discussion of it is in the air. Sir Oliver Lodge has many followers, and not all who refuse to go with him the full way are uninterested. There are fakers and fakes in this field which lends itself so readily to cleverness, but there are a host of sincere believers, and another host who feel there must be "something" (they do not know just how much or what) to the remarkable manifestations which have had such large public attention. "Spiritism -Facts and Frauds" (Benziger) by Simon A. Blackmore, S.J., with an introduction by the Bishop of Cleveland, the Right Reverend Joseph Schrembs, D.D., cannot fail to interest a large number of readers, regardless of their acceptance of the author's discoveries and conclusions. Its five hundred pages "explore the recent history and remote origins of Spiritism. . . . The author answers the claims of the Spiritists and gives a complete explanation of the Church's position."

If religion, in the large, touches those springs of life which make for physical well being and therefore for better living, then "Good Health and Long Life" (Association Press) by Dr. Lucien C. Warner has its place in these columns. Failing to find an adequate, simply written, non faddist book on this subject, Dr. Warner wrote one himself. Personally an example of both long life and good health, he has produced a book understandable and one which ought to prove of interest and value to those really concerned with simple but continuing effort to keep themselves well. The author feels that the science of cure has progressed to such a degree that major attention can be given to prevention of sickness. Help in that direction is the chief object of the book. Dr. Warner is a widely known philanthropist and was a former chairman of the International Committee of the Y. M. C. A.

"The God of the Early Christians" (Scribner) by Arthur Christopher McGiffert "is a perfect object lesson in the scientific

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approach to a historical problem", says a reader of this important publication. He continues, "Here we have the results of patient and long continued research carefully


passed in review before matured critical LIFE OF JESUS

judgment. There is no extraneous matter in these close-packed two hundred pages. They are worth the closest study by every religious leader who has even a passing interest in theology."

TIONS. Rev. Prof. James Moffatt, D.D., LL.D., author of
"The Old Testament: A New Translation," etc.
"Readers will find here not merely the methods of the
scholar, but the simple and tender faith of a true evangelist,
eager to commend his Lord."-British Weekly. One of the
most effective lives of Christ available in the English lan-
Cloth, Net, $1.50; Leather, Net, $2.50

For the worker in religious effort, "The Curriculum of Religious Education" (Abingdon Press) by G. H. Betts, and "The Project Principle in Religious Education" (University of Chicago Press) by E. L. Shaver offer two helpful studies. Both books are written from the viewpoint of the Sunday School, but both are worthy of careful attention and translation into the terms of other religious Cross for the Christian thinker of today. endeavor.


Rev. Principal L. P. Jacks, D.D., LL.D., Litt.D.,
author of "Realities and Shams," etc.

As in his "Religious Perplexities," Dr. Jacks 'in these new
essays on the meaning of life renews our courage and refits
us for the daily task.
Net, $1.25


H. Maldwyn Hughes, D.D., Principal
of Wesley House, Cambridge

A timely and revealing restatement of the doctrine of the
Net, $1.60

Vol. II. Handbooks of Modern Evangelism

The little book of a hundred odd pages
"Where Evolution and Religion Meet"
(Macmillan) by John M. Coulter and Merle
C. Coulter, is chiefly concerned with the dis-
cussion, understanding, and interpretation Vol. IV. Handbooks of Modern Evangelism

Edited by D. P. Thomson, M.A., editor of "Modern Evangelistic Movements," etc. The Glasgow Herald says: "We cannot imagine a book more likely to inspire those engaged in Christianizing the world's youth." Net, $1.75


Edited by D. P. Thomson, M.A., editor of "Twenty Sermons by Famous Scotch Preachers," etc. Fifteen addresses by well-known religious leaders on the

the modern mind and heart.

Net, $1.75

The authors are competent scientists. THE SECRET GARDEN OF THE SOUL

E. Herman, author of "The Finding of the Cross," etc. A series of rarely beautiful devotional studies, declared by Dr. Jowett to be the best of their kind in modern literature. Net, $2.00

of the more important points of organic evolution and the outstanding theories which attempt to explain it. In the last chapter vital question of making the challenge of Christ appeal to religion is considered in its relation to evolution. Their interpretations, brief and untechnical, present a simple and easy approach to those not trained in biological method and terminology. There is an evaluation of modern TURN BUT A STONE-Sermons to Children views of evolution and the influence of the Archibald Alexander, M.A., B.D. evolution idea on medicine, agriculture, in both material and method. A series of natural talks to children, truly fresh and original Net, $1.60 heredity and eugenics, history, economics, sociology, as well as on religion.

-W. J. C.

The Business Man of Syria

By Charles Francis Stocking, E.M.
and William Wesley Totheroh,
A. M., LL. D.

A "Life of Christ" from a
business point of view that is
now helping thousands in
the business world.

Colored frontispiece, cloth cover, $3.50 net. Postage 15c
THE MAESTRO CO., Monadnock Block, Chicago


W. P. Nairne and Arthur P. Shepherd A group of thrilling missionary adventure stories for the use of teachers and parents of junior boys.

Decorated Jacket. Illustrated. Net, $1.75


Mary Entwhistle

Charming tales of little folks of foreign lands, for missionary classes of the Primary Grade or for home reading. Decorated Jacket. Illustrated. Net, $1.75

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Byron, by Ethel Colburn Mayne (Scribner].
Casanova's Escape from the Leads, An Excerpt from the Mem-
oirs of Giacomo Casanova di Seingalt, trans. with an introd. by
Arthur Machen [Knopf].

Earl Percy Dines Abroad, A Boswellian Episode, by Harold
Murdock [Houghton].

Letters of James Boswell, collected and ed. by Chauncey Brewster Tinker, 2 vols. [Oxford].

Memoirs of the Foreign Legion, by M. M., with an introd. by D. H. Lawrence [Knopf].

My Flight from Siberia, by Leon Trotzky, trans. by Malcolm Campbell [Amer. Lib. Serv.].

Life's Little Day, Some Tales and Other Reminiscences, by A. M. W. Stirling [Dodd].

The Life of Casanova from 1774 to 1798, A Supplement to the Memoirs, drawn from the work of J. F. H. Adnesse and other sources by Mitchell S. Buck [Brown].

John Keats, by Amy Lowell, 2 vols. [Houghton].

Mrs. Meynell and Her Literary Generation, by Anna Kimball Tuell [Dutton].

Sainte-Beuve, by Lewis Freeman Mott [Appleton].

Seventy Years of Life and Labor, An Autobiography, by Samuel Gompers, 2 vols. [Dutton].

A Soldier's Memories in Peace and War, by Major-General Sir George Younghusband, new ed. [Dutton].

The Human Touch, Memories of Men and Things, by Lyman P. Powell (Putnam].

Guests and Memories, Annals of a Seaside Villa, by Una Taylor [Oxford].

Don José de San Martin, 1778-1850. A Study of His Career, by Anna Schoellkopf, with a preface by Mr. Honorio Pueyrredon, Argentine Ambassador [Liveright].


Acting and Play Production, A Manual for Classes, Dramatic
Clubs, and Little Theatres, by Harry Lee Andrews, M.A., and
Bruce Weirick, Ph.D. (Longmans].
Twenty-five Short Plays (International), selected and ed. by
Frank Shay [Appleton].

Eight Lattle Plays for Children, by Rose Fyleman [Doran].
The Discovery, A Comedy in Five Acts, by Mrs. Frances Sheridan,
adapted for the modern stage by Aldous Huxley [Doran].
Too Much Money, A Farcical Comedy in Three Acts, by Israel
Zangwill [Macmillan].

One Act Plays for Stage and Study, a collection of plays by well known dramatists, American, English, and Irish, preface by Augustus Thomas [French].


Poems of Yesterday, by Alexander W. Crawford [Toronto: Ryerson Press].

The Best Poems of 1924, selected by Thomas Moult (London: Jonathan Cape).

First-Fruits. by Margaret Bailey [Stratford].

To-Morrow, by Naomi Reynolds [Stratford].

Redemption, by A. Souby [Stratford].

Your Happy Way, and Other Verse for Occasions, by Agness Greene Foster [Stratford].

The Ohio Hills, Songs, by Charles Grant Matthews [Stratford]. Second April, by Edna St. Vincent Millay [Harper].

Renascence, and Other Poems, by Edna St. Vincent Millay [Harper].

History and Political Science

Fifteen Hundred Years of Europe, by Julius E. DeVos [Chicago: O'Donnell Press].

The New Barbarians, by Wilbur C. Abbott [Little]. The Messages and Papers of Woodrow Wilson, with editorial notes, an introd. by Albert Shaw, and an analytical index, 2 vols. [Doran].

College and State, Educational, Literary and Political Papers (1875-1913), by Woodrow Wilson, ed. by Ray Stannard Baker and William E. Dodd, 2 vols. (Harper].

Sun Yat Sen and the Chinese Republic, by Paul Linebarger [Century].

The History of American Idealism, by Gustavus Myers [Liveright].

The "Machine" Abolished and the People Restored to Power by the Organization of All the People on the Lines of Party Organization, by Charles C. P. Clark, M.D. [Putnam).

Two Ordeals of Democracy, by John Buchan [Houghton].
Essay on Democracy, by Jules Bois (Chicago: O'Donnell Press].
Cable and Wireless and Their Role in the Foreign Relations of the
United States, by George Abel Schreiner, introd. by Edward F.
McSweeney, LL.D. [Stratford].


The Road to Paris, Being the Chronicle of a Three-Months Holiday
in France and Italy, by Michael Monahan [Brown].
London Alleys, Byways and Courts, drawn and described by Alan
Stapleton [Dodd].

The Land of the Pharaohs, by Rev. Samuel Manning, LL.D., ed.
and with a preface by James Baikie, F. R. A. S. [Revell].
The World of To-day, The Marvels of Nature and the Creations of
Man, ed. by Sir Harry Johnston and Dr. Haden Guest, 4 vols.

Central America, New Paths in Ancient Lands, by L. E. Elliott, F. R. G. S., F. R. A. I. [Dodd].

Adventures in Peru, by C. H. Prodgers [Dutton].


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