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Farr, Dr. observations on the cure of Highlanders of Seotland, their superstin
che, hydrocele'hy injection, 170.

tion, 290
Fata Morgana, describet, 310.

Hinckes, Mr. his account of MS, påpérg
Fever, putrid. "Site Lipscomb.

of Sir Ph. Hoby, 383.
, Fellow. See Pbilad: ipbia.

History, new method of studying, 513.
of the West Indies. See Hegnrib, anecdotes of, 397. His:00-

favorable opinion of the institutiva
-~'aSt. Domingo. See M Lean. of the Royal Academy, ib. Comy.ences
Field-preaching defended, 480.

av:hor, and publishes his famous
Figbts of wild beasts, public exhibitions

Analysis, 399. History of his picture
of at Java, 134.

oi Sigismunay 400. Humorous story
Floating of land, improved methods of, about Mr. Heidegger, 401.

those, the pleasures ot, poetically display-
Fontenelle, M. interesting anecdote rela-

ed, 422.
tive to the characteristic ruin of his Horse, observations on the foot of that
liberality and beneficence, 511.

useful animal, and on errors in the
Fourcroy, M. philosophical papers by,

practice of shoeing, 383. Improre-
in the memoirs of the Paris Academy,

ments in the art, proposed, 385.
513. On the combustion of hydro. Hyde, Edward, Earl of Clarendon, short
genous gas in close vessels, $75. On biography of, 175.
the formation of nitric acid, il His Hydraulic architecture, discussion relative
review of Ventenat's Pictures of the t0, 485–490.
Vegetable Kingdom, $55. His analysis Hydrocele, ebservations on the cure of
of urine, in conjunction with M. Vau. by injection, igo.

quelin, 557-158.
Fowler, Dr. his atiention to the digitalis,

I and
as a remedy in plebisis, 2$1.
Frogs, curicus account of some found in Java, fondnes of the inhabitants of,

for shews of the comba's of wild beasts,
the state of Vermont, seemingly but
noc irrecoverably petrified, 263.

134. Description of a battle between
Furnace, cupelling, of the assayists, ob-

a siger and a buff.d.), ib.
servations on the defects of, 516.

Impesture, literary, curious instance of,



Intelligence, improved methods of con.

veying, with celerity and secrecy. See
Carganelli, Pope, his death said to have Cooke. See Edgwerib.
been violent, 563.

Joseph II. Ja e Emperor of Germany,
God, our knonkge of, disenseed, 381. anecdotes relative 10, 547, 551.

Omnipresence of, 393. Justice of, ib. » Ireland, political altercations relative to
Not less amiable and adorable when he an union of that kingdom with Great
exercises his justice than in the display Britain, 83. 91, 92,-215-221.
of his goodness, ib.
Goldsmith, Dr. character of, 27.

Gorbic 'superstition, observarions on, 284.
Gustavns III. king of Sweden, bis great

Karfa, a negro 'slave-merchant, his
character, 536.

kindness io Mr.' Park during his
Gugton, M.-on the colour and matter of

African journey, 255, 259.
vegetable juices, with a method of Kaunitz, Prince, tale prime minister to
moking lake, &c. 554. Experiments

the emperor of Germany, anecdotes
on the combustion of the diamonds 558. Kilgour, Mr. his letter to Dr. Beddoes

relative to, 548, 551.

on the pbibisis pulmonalis, 276.

Kirwan, Dr. on the composition of caso
Maigbron, Dr. his account of a painful bon in bicomen's and coal, 390. View
affection of the face, 165.

of the state of the weather in Dublin,
inquiry into tbe true and' is. Thoughts on magnetism, in
spurious Casareas opera:ion, 170. Primitive state of the globe,' 391.
Hamburgb described, 535. Its fine escab. Kienberg, Prof, his evidence relative to

lishment of an orphan-house, ib. the Perkinian practice, 561.
Hamilton, Prof. on the longitude, 21. Koskiwsky, the unfortunate Patriot of
Heart, singular case of a wound in, Sec .. Pulaod, poetically lamented, 424.

Hecuba of Euripides. S:e Porson. See

* Heidegger, anecdote of, 401.


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Nicholson, Mr. his invention of a att

electrical instrument, 306.
Labadie, M. his mem, concerning ibe -, on printing books, &c. by the
Grapes and wine of Roordeaux, 554.

action of cylinders, ib.
Lamps and candles, observations on the Nicholson's methods of obviating the ef-
cins ruction and light of, and the pro-

feces of beat and cold on time-pieces,
bability of subsiituting talow for wax, 308.

on the magnetic polarity of a
· Larimer, Bp. brief biographical account mountain of serpentine, 309.
ot, 174

on the fala morgana, 310.
Lavoisier, M. his mem. on the insen- Nik, battle of, publications relative to,

sible perspiration of animals, 515. 99, 335.
Lennon, Mr. bis description of an image

Nitric acid. S:e Fourtroy.
taken from an Indian pagoda, 388.
Leopold, late emperor of Germany, ance-
dotes relativo 10, 547–548.

Lettsom, Dr. his country seat (Grove-Hill) Oak, sweet.acorn'd [quercus ballera) me-

poetically described, 419.
Ligbt, remarkable inflection of, passing Orestes of Euripides. See Person. See

moir on, by M.Des Fontaines, 516.
through wire-cloth, 306.

Lir botomy, singulas case of, 169.
Little, Mr. his description of an air-pump

Orlof, Count, remarkable anecdote oí,

of a new construction, 22.
London, the name of a river in France, Orsley, Mr, his account of four circolar

places of gold found in Ireland, 389.
Longitude. See Humilder.
Lucretius, obs, on the writings and genius

of, with specimens of Mr. Good's new
poeiic version of, 282.

Palm-tree, growth of, different from that
Lynn, Mr. account of a rupture of the of other trees, 516.
aorta, near the heart, 167.

Paradox, hydrostatics the principle of,

applied to a new mechanical inves-

iion. See Bramab.

Park, Mr. his instructions for exploring

the inierior of Africa, 242. His ac-
M'Lean, Dr. his inquiry into the more count of King Almami, and of bis

rality among the troops at St. Do. reception at Fatieconda, 245. Of the
mingo, 455.

Foulahs of Bradou, 240. Progress
Mercard, Dr. his experiments relative through several o:her nations, 243.

to pulmonary consumptions, 278. Plundered of his property, ib. Are
Martin, Henry, anecdotes of, 297. rives at the cavisal of Bambarra, and
Mercury, M. Fourcrey's memoirs on the the banks of she Niger, 253. Pre-
variety of sulphat of, 514.

pares to cross the river, but is prohi.
Messina, Fa:o of, wonderful appear. bited, and in distress, ib. Humanity
ances in, both on the sea and in the

of a negroe woman, with the Duchess
air, described, and explained, 310. of Devonsbire's pretty lines on the
Microscopical discoveries of Leeuwenhock, occasion, ib. Proceeds cartxard
republication oi, 408,

along the banks of the Niger, 254.
Mooney, Mr. on the meihod of taking Crosses the river, to Silla ; continus
radicals out of equations, 21.

bis journey along the river, and is re-
Moral obligarion discussed, 383.

duced to depend for subsistence on the
Moscow described, 540. Splendid style charity of the negroes, 255. The men

in which the Russian mobility live often 'wakind, but the women wei.
there, ib.

versally benevolent, 257. Crosses
Moss, colours for dyeing extracted from, the Jalouka wilderness, in company
in Sweden, 537. Great benefit of, ib. with a slave caravan, 258. His Selera

to England, 259.

Perkins, Ds. cerificates of the efficacy of

his metallic instruments, 559, Ree

marks on, 560, &c.
Nezumi, his Arabian poem, entitled Pérouse, M. de la, general character of

Mijnoun and Leila, abstract of the that lamented sea officer, 63,
seesy uf, 1934

Perspiratica, insensible, of animals, ne.


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moir on, by M. M. Seguia and La- Scherer, M. extrice from his journal of
voisier, 515

chemistry, 517
Petir III. emperor of Russia, panegyri- Sehubmacber, Prof. his evidence on the
cal history of, 491.

Perkinian medical pra cire, 561.
Petersburgb de cribex, 54o.

Seguin, M. his method of tannina, 307.
Philadelphia, facts and observations rela- His memoir on the insensible perspira-
rive in the pestilensial fever there,

tion of animals, 555.
published by the College of Pnysi. Se!den, John, his character of his coun.
cians, 4;2.

tryman, 298.
Pigeoms, the proper management of the Serpentine, acówunt of the magnetic pila.
dove co', recommended, 375.

ri'y of a mountain of. 349.
Plagae, account of that which raged ac Seward, the late Mr. William, his ex-
Moscow a tew years ag, 78.

cellent private character, 194. Ac.
Pope Plus VI. his character, 563. His.

count of bis last anecdotal publication,
turý, 565. His visit to the Emperor the Biograpbiana, ib. His poetical
Joseph II. 571. Death of, 573.

epistle to bis nieces, 296.
- Porson's Hecuba & Oristes criticised, 311, Shea-tree, Mr. Park's account of, and of
426. Mr. P. requested not to le nis

the butter made from it, 254.
other pursuiis causé him to forget his Sbee, Sir G. his memoir on the construca
MS. lexicon of ProTIUS, 444.

rjon of ships, 15
Peremkin, Prince, curious pariiculars re.

Sberwen, Ds. case of an imperforated
specting the character and fortune of

hymen, 170.
Mat great court favrurite, 547. Sbips, improvements in the construction
Presion, Mr. his reflection on the choice o', suggested, 15
of subjects for tragedy, 23.

Smith, Richard, his account of a liga.
Pressia, king of, his letrero D'Alem. menta:y union of the tibia, after the
bert, on the death of Madame Geoffrin,

removal of a carious portion of that

bone, 167,
Pye, Mr. (the Laurcar,] h's elegant Soda. See Vauquelin.

verses addressed to Fair Devon's Solids, resistance of, observations and
halcyon Vales," &c. 463.

experiments relative to, 517. Gali-

leo's theory concerning, gis. Opia

nions of succeeding philosophers, 519.

M. Girard's expeijments and analys
Quicksilver. See Mer ury.

rical researches on this subject, 522.
Quirquina. See Bark. See Willow.

Sonnets, and Sonner-writing, considered,

· 282. Those written by Miss Seward.

criticised, 362.

Stavorinus, Admiral, his account of his
Belpb, Ms. advantageous character of his

voyages to the East Indies, 128. De-
poetry, 443. His epigrammatic cou.

scription of a Dutch farm at the Cape,
plec on Swift's endowing an hospital

129. Of the combats of wild beasts
for idiots, 449

at Java, 134. Establisment at Cele-
Rietcabouse, Mr. on the remarkable effect

bes, 135. At Amboyna, 137. Ac.
of the infection of ligh', &c. 306.

count of the Alfeers, 138. State of
Romances, Oriental sbservations on, 122. European factories at Surat, 139.
Rosetta described, Soz.

Suti, affirmed to be a body of ise, 150.
Rousseau, his Emile criticised by D'Alem- Surgeons, French, anecdotes of, 586.
bert, 510.

Swedes, their national character, 356.
Russia, curious account of, 540-541! Their extraordinary commercial use of

moss, 537. Their use of the trur-

cheon, ib.
Sage, M, his observations on the defects

of the cupelling furnace, 516. On
the rhomboidal calcareous spar found Tanning, new method of. See' Desmond.
in the sandscone quarries at Fontaine- Telegraph. See Edgwortb.
bleau, ik. On the terreous ole of Telescopes, achromatic, new method of
zinc, 517:

constructing, 303.
Sanguine [bloodetone, hæmatites] used . Tic Douleureux, account of a case of that

in drawing, memoir on. See Zonct. painful disorder, 165.-
Sauring the meric of that eminent divine Time-picce, observations on the methods
app'eciated, 392.

of obviating the effects of heat and
Saborer, M. big nose on the extraction of cold on those machines, 308.
sugar from the Bca-Ciria, 555. Tragedy, Italian, bistorical memoirs of.


See Walker. Reflexions on the choice Urine, homan, curious chemical analysis
of subjects foriragedy, 23.

of, 558.
Turks, their charact-r, 552. Theit mi.
litary spirit, 553•


Wakefield, Mr, his Diatribe, &c. criticisedly
V and V

3113425. The critic's bow to Mr.W.

ar pasing, 443•
Vallancey, General, his hypothesis of the Walker, Mr. J.C. bis critical memoirs

Oriental emigration of the antient on Italian tragedy, 1. His account of
inhabitants of Britain and Ireland, Luigi Groto, 4. Of Palladio's Olympic

theatre, s. Of Speron Speroni, and
V'er Braam, M. his account of his om- his extraordinary drama of Canace, &c.
bassy to China continued, 33.

ib. Of Giraldo Cinthio, and his pro.
arrival at the emperrit's cour', 34• ductions, 6. Of Aretino, ib. Of
Manner of his reception, ib. Miscel- Dolce, 7. Of Tasso's Torrismonde, ib.
laneous decails ielative to the manners Of other celcbrared Stalian . tragic

and customs of the Chinese, 37. poets, and their wo ks, 8.
Van Marim, M. his account of new ap- Wallace, Mr. bis essay on che variatious

paratus belonging to Teyler's founda- of English prose, from the Revolution
iion, 556.

to the prescot time, 24.
Vapour, nitrous, effects of, in preventing Wavel, Dio cwo cases of rabies canina, in

and destroying cuplagion in hospitals which opium was given without suc-
and ships, 345

cess, 169.
Variola Vaccire, Dr. Jenner's farther Willow-bark, (the broad-leav’d,) proposed

cbservations on, 411. Dr. Woodville's as a substirute for the Peruvian barky
reports concerning, 414.

85. M. Bartholdi's analysis of the
Vauguelin, M. his work. The Assay- white willow bark, 555.

or's Maoua!," secommended by Winds, cold, issuing out of the earth, nes
Grange, 556. Of the decomposition marks on, 311:
of muriat of soda by oxyd of lead, 556. Wirbering, Dr. his use of the digicalis, as
On the sap of vegetables, 557. Ana. a remedy in cases of pulmonary con.,
lysis of urine, ib.

sumption,. 274–277.
Vestlema,M. bis Tableau du Regne Vigetal, World, system of, 500. Motion of the
reviewed by M. Fourcroy, $55..

planets about the sun, cot. Of the
Vermont, sta:e of, its very prowsing si, ear'h, ib. Analogy of the planers, id.

Cuation and importance in the Ame- Arguments in confirmation of the
rican scale, 262.

Copernican system, soz. Comment of
Vienna, state of society, in genteel life, in the laws of motion, so3. Perturba.
that capital, 549.

Lions of the elliptical motion of the
Unis between Great Britain and Ireland, planets explained, 504.

See Ireland.
Volsaire, M. his life, by a professed and

intimate friend, $25. His foresight of
the French Revolcrion, 527• Style Zimmermann, M. his obs, on the danger:
and manner of his private life, 528. ous infierce of solitude on the human
His great wealth, ib. His liberality mind, 176.
and charity, 529.

His trearment of Zinc, obs. on the terreous ore of, from
Bis visitors, 530:

Message to Pope Siberia, 5!7.
Ganganelli, ib. Amjable friendship be. Zonet, M, his mem. on the fabrication
I wçen him and Mademoiselle de Vari. of crayons of paste of Sanguine, used it
court, 532.

drawing, 555
Vorrigern, a laie dramatic performance so Zonomia, the celebrated work of Dr.

envilled, a gross imposition on the Darwin, criticised, 151. 264.

public, 445. Specimen it, 446. 2ouch, Ms. his account of the Rev. Jobs
Upsal, in Sweden, described, 537.

Clarke, 476.


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