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Dodekanese Islands, transferred to
Greece, 409 note.

Dominion Statesmen, Two. I. Sir
Wilfrid Laurier, 21-35. II. General
Louis Botha, 36–50.

'Domostroi, or Book of the House,'

Dostoevsky, character of his books,

Drake, Sir Francis, death, 232.
Dreadnought, the, 225.

Druce, S. B. L., on the average
weekly rate of wages, 179.
Dunning, Charles A., scheme of co-
operative hail insurance, 88.


Eggleston, F. W., 'Imperial Unity
and the Peace Treaty,' 286.
Elizabeth, Empress of Austria,
estrangement with the Emperor,
65-death, 66.

Emerson, Harrington, Twelve Prin.
ciples of Efficiency,' 121 note.
Emmet, Rev. C. W., 'The Book of
Revelation,' 373.

England, refusal to co-operate in the
Bagdad Railway, 313.
English Agricultural Workers,

English Goethe Society, 339.

English Traditions in Art, 207–

Ernle, Lord, 'English Agricultural
Workers,' 256.
Europe, population, 238.

Europe, The Reorganisation of,

Expression, meaning of the word,

Eworth, Haunce, portraits, 213.


Farmers, British, individualism, 177.
Fisher, Lord, opposition to staff
organisation, 128.

Fonseca, Eleonora, and the Nea-
politan Revolution of 1799,

Fox, A. Wilson, on the average
weekly rate of wages, 179.

France, ratifies treaty with Germany,
2-share in the Bagdad Railway,
312, 314-lunetiers,' 431.
Franchise, extension of the, 178.
Francis Joseph, Emperor, 60–67.
Franco-Polish Agreement, 394.

Franz Ferdinand, Archduke, 67-


Geneva, programme of the Inter-
national Labour Office, 201.
Genoa, General Conference of the
International Labour Office, meet-
ing, 196, 206-federation of Ligurian
societies, 434.

George, Rt Hon. D. Lloyd, on the
independent representation of the
Dominions, 292.

German Constitution, The New,

Germany, ratification of treaty, 1—
counter-proposals, 9-provisions,
13-revolutions, 142-surrender of
the Fleet, 221-construction of the
Bagdad Railway, 310-history of
the negotiations, 316-agreement
with Turkey, ib.

Gheerardts, Marcus, portraits, 214.
Ginestra, The; or, The Desert
Flower, 51-59.

Godin, M., 'familistère,' 431.

Goethe, A New Life of, 339–352.

Gooch, G. P., 'A New Life of Goethe,'


Gordon, J. W., 'The New German
Constitution,' 137.

Gorki, 'Foma Gordeiev,' 115.

Graham, Stephen, The Children of
the Slaves,' 251.

Grain Growers' Grain Company,
88-90-' Guide' founded, 90, 99.
Grant, Madison, The Passing of the
Great Race,' 235.

Great Britain, ratifies treaty with
Germany, 2.

Greece, extension of territory, 409-
result of the election, 410.


Green, F. E., A History of the
English Agricultural Labourer,'
179, 256.

'Guardian,' the, spirit of the crew,


Guest, Dr Haden, on the C.E.C.,

Gunnery, School of, 127.


Habsburgs, The Last of the, I.
The Emperor Francis Joseph, 60-
67. II. Archduke Franz Ferdinand,
67-78. III, Karl the First and
Last, 78-83.

Haidar Pasha, Port of, destruction,

Haldane, Lord, 'Life of Goethe,' 340,
351-Committee on the Machinery
of Government, 421 et seq.
Hammond, J. L. and Barbara, 'The
Village Labourer,' 256.

Hasbach, Dr W., 'A History of the
English Agricultural Labourer,'


Hearn, L., on the Industry of the
Chinese, 245.

Heere, Lucas d', portraits, 213.

Henry VIII, King, system of naval
organisation, 125.

Hertling, Count, resignation, 139.
Hilliard, Nicholas, miniatures, 214-
treatise on the Art of Limning,'

Hopwood, Rear-Adm. Ronald A.,
The Saving Grace,' 221.
Hughes, W. M., opposition to League
of Nations, 292, 295.

Huguenin, M., Assistant-Director-
General of the Anatolian Railway,
312, 314.

Hungary, Treaty of Peace, 11-pro-
visions, 13.


Imperial Unity and the Peace
Treaty, 286-306.

Inge, Very Rev. W. R., The White
Man and his Rivals,' 234.
Instituto Nazionale di Credito per le
Co-operative, 437.

Intelligence Department, 129.
International Labour Office, The,

Ireland, National
founded, 440.

Land Bank

Italy, ratifies treaty with Germany, 2
-relations with Austria-Hungary,

Italy, Co-operative Labour in,


Jameson Raid, 38.

Japan, delegates at the General Con-
ference of the International
Labour Office, Washington, 198—
victories over Russia, 239-aggres-
sive imperialism, 240.

Jellicoe, Lord, Crisis of the Naval
War,' 131, 132 note-reforms, 132
-First Sea Lord, 135.

Johannesburg labour troubles, 47.
Jugo-Slavia, alliance with Czecho-
Slovakia, 393-area, 394.

Karamzin, 'History of Russia,' 108.
Karl the First and Last, 78-83.
Kautsky, Karl, The Dictatorship of
the Proletariat,' 169.

Kruger, President, repressive policy,

Labour Legislation, International
Association of, 191.

Labour Office, The International,

Land Enquiry Committee, report,


Laurier, Sir Wilfrid, 21-35.
League of Nations, 292.

Leicester, Co-operative Productive
Federation of, 431.

Lenin, M., Bolshevik policy, 160, 162,
168-pamphlets, 164-advocacy of
Soviets, 166.

Leopardi, Giacomo, 'The Ginestra,'
Lermontov, poem on the death of
Pushkin, 109-'The Demon,' 110—
'A Hero of our Times,' ib.

Lethaby, Mr, researches on art, 210,
Lewes, C. L., biography of Goethe,

Little, W. C., on the average weekly
rate of wages, 179.

Lomonosov, 'The Ode on the Capture
of Khotin,' 106.

Luzzatti, Signor, banche populari,


MacArthur, Mary, at the Washing-
ton Conference of the International
Labour Office, 199 note.

Macdonald, Sir John A., tariff for
the protection of Canadian in-
dustry, 25, 93.

Macedonia, repartition, 411.

Mahan, Admiral, on the Influence of
Sea Power, 221, 226, 232.


Martov, M., leader of the Russian
Mensheviks, 159.

Marx, Karl, doctrine, 157-on the
merits of the Paris Commune, 165.
Mensheviks, the, 170.

Milner, Lord, High Commissioner of
South Africa, 40-at Paris, 290.
Ministry, the
agencies, ib.-nature of the con-
necting mechanism, 418-head-
quarters, 420-result of segregation
of departments, 421-Internal
Councils, ib.-desire for efficiency,
422-the Staff, 423-relations with
the Public, ib.

Moffat, Mary Maxwell, 'Eleonora
Fonseca and the Neapolitan Re-
volution of 1799 '..355.
'Monitore Napoletano,' 363-369.
Montenegro, movement in favour of
union with Serbia, 396.
Moorhouse, Hopkins, 'Deep Fur-
rows,' 84.

Moreland, W. H., 'The Science of
Public Administration,' 413.
Moslem revival, 242.

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Railway administration, 415.
Rapallo, Treaty of, 395.

Ravenna, Co-operativa di Lavoro di,

Reorganisation of Europe, The,

Reorganisation of the Naval
Staff, The, 121-136.
Revelation, The Book of, 373-390.
Rew, Sir R. Henry, 'The Wages

Problem in Agriculture,' 175-
'Food Supplies in Peace and War,'
180 note.

Robinson, R., landscapes, 219.
Roumania, Treaty with, 19-new
territory, 399-area and popula-
tion, 400-administration, 401-
corruption, 402-relations with
Bulgaria, ib.-Hungary and Russia,

Rudolf, Archduke, relations with his
father, 66-death, 66, 68.

[blocks in formation]

Russian Literature, The Mean-
ing of, 102-120.

Ryléev, patriotic ballads, 108.

Saint Germain, Treaty of, 395, 399.
Saktouris, M., High Commissioner
of Thrace, 409.

Saltikov, 'Provincial Sketches,' 113
Satow, Rt Hon. Sir Ernest, 'The
Reorganisation of Europe,' 1.
Saving Grace, The, 221-233.
Schiller, J. C. F., friendship with
Goethe, 346.

Schratt, Frau K., relations with
Francis Joseph, 61, 65.

Science of Public Administra-
tion, The, 413-429.

Scott, Sir Percy, 'Fifty Years of
Naval Life,' 124-gunnery reform,

Sculpture, early, 211.

Sea Power, iufluence, 221, 225, 232-
spirit, 226-230.

Search for Self-Government, The,

Sefton, A. L., on the British Empire,

Selborne, Earl of, High Commissioner
of S. Africa, 43.

Self-Government, The Search for,

Serbia, movement in favour of union
with Montenegro, 396.

Serbia, Prince Alexander of, popu-
larity, 397.

Serbo-Croat-Slovene State, Treaty
with, 19.

'Service Questions,' 427.

Sèvres, Treaty of, 403, 406-409, 410

Shop Stewards' Movement, 337.
Smith, Constance, at the Washington
Conference of the International
Labour Office, 199 note.

Smith Gordon, L., 'Co-operative
Labour in Italy,' 430.

Smuts, General, tribute to General
Botha, 50-in favour of the League
of Nations, 292, 295.

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Sosnosky, Theodore von, The Last of
the Habsburgs,' 60.

Soviets, Congress of, 169-system,

Stambolisky, M., Peasant Govern-
ment, 404.

State, the modern, 334.

Statesmen, Two Dominion, 21-50.
Stein, Frau von, relations with
Goethe, 344.

Sterghiades, M., High Commissioner
at Smyrna, 409.

Stevens, Alfred, his genius, 207.

Stoddard, L., 'The Rising Tide of
Colour,' 240, 244, 245.

Stone, Nicholas, the Note Book of,

Syria-Cilicia Railway, 328.

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United States, refusal to ratify the
League of Nations Covenant, 299.
Uspenski, The Death of Ivan
Ilitch,' 117-' The Snowstorm,'
ib.-The Power of the Soil,' 118.


'Venerable,' the, spirit of the crew,

Vereeniging, Treaty of, 40.
Veresaev, 'Pathless,' 120.

Versailles Treaty, 153-translation,

Vertue, George, notes and documents
collected by, 209.

Vienna Congress, 6-Treaty of, 9.
Vulpius, Christiane, relations with
Goethe, 345-marriage, 346-death,


Wages Problem in Agriculture,

Wages of agricultural workers,
increase, 265.

Walpole, Horace, 'Anecdotes of
Painting in England,' 209.
'Walpole Society's Publications,'
208, 210.

War Cabinet, 426-College, 129-
Staff, instituted, 130, 132 note.
Washington, General Conference of
the International Labour Office,
meeting, 196–200.

Weimar, Karl August, Duke of,
friendship with Goethe, 342.
Wheeler, Seager, agricultural career,

White Man and his Rivals, The,

William II, ex-Emperor, personality,
62, 64-abdication, 137-visit to the
East, 310.

Wilson, President, principles of
peace, 2, 10.

Woods, H. Charles, 'The Truth about
the Balkans,' 391.

Wootton, Barbara, The Search for
Self-Government,' 330.

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