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Some OCCASIONAL REMARKS on his Letter to the Rev.

Mr. Venn, and on Bp. Hopply's Plain Account.

Ει τις με ελεγξαι, και σαραςησαι, οτι εκ ορθως υπολαμβάνω
30 πρασσα, δυναται, χαιων μεταθησομαι ζητω γαρ την
αληθειαν υφ καις εσεις σωπoθε εβλας κ. Μ. Αψ8.

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Printed for the AUTHOR ; and sold by J. BUCKLAND,

No. 57. Paternoster. Row; and W, DAVENHILL, No. 8,
in Cornbille


[ Price One Shilling and Six-fence.)

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T might naturally have been expected, that A

Free Address to Protestant Dilsenters, and especially so free an one as Dr. Priestley's, on the subject of the Lord's Supper, in which they are charged, as a body, with entertaining many unfcriptural and superstitious notions concerning it, should have met with an answer from one of their own denomination, and it has been matter of furprise and concern to many, that they have hitherto suffered it to pass without animadversion. Some have accounted for this by supposing, that the Doctor's book was so little different from HOADLY'S plain account, and at the same time written in a manner so much inferior to it, as to render an anfwer alto gether unnecessary; while others, on the contrary, have ascribed it to its being unanswerable. What is the true reason, the author of the following work will not venture to say; but could not help thinking that it admitted of a very easy answer, and. deferved a serious one; as it seemed to him calculated to injure the reputation of the Diffenters in the esteem of others, and to do hurt to many among themselves, in abating their juft reverence for the Lord's Supper, and in promoting a spirit

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