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398, et seq.; importance of the sub-
ject, $98; inaccurate statements of
the author, 399; on the term elder,
400; deacon and elder convertible terms,
ib.; the fathers inadmissible testimony,
·401; argument from 1 Tim. v. 17, ib. ;
remarks on author's reasoning, ib. ;
epistle to Heron, 403; author's as-
persion on the strict independents,
403; elders have some kind of authority,
404; obscurity of the author's phra-
seology, ib.; attempt at defining the
authority of elders, 405; on the mutual
relation of churches, 405'; hypothetical
journey of St. Paul to Galatia, 407;
remarks on the apostolic council at
Jerusalem, Acts xv., ib.; exceptionable
statement relative to the inspired nature
of their decree, 408; objects of the asso-
ciation of churches, 409; futility of the
project, ib.; misquotation of Dr.
Wardlaw, 410; evils inseparable
from interfering with the concerns of
churches, 411; legitimate means of
promoting union, ib.

Union, congregational, remarks on, 409,

et seq.

Unitarians, why not Christians, 264;
unjust and impolitic treatment of,

War, details of, 421, et seq.
Ward's farewell letters, 356, et seq.;
astonishing labours of the Baptist
Inissionaries, 356; effects of the distri-
bution of the N. Test. 357; progress of
the mission and schools, ib.; simultane-
ous success of other missions, 358;
unsuitableness of the feelings expressed at
religious anniversaries, 359; contents
of the work, ib.; baneful effect of nar-
row and exclusive views of the Divine so-
vereignly, 360; symptoms of spiri-
tual plethory, ib.; antinomian ob-
jections to missions, 361; the doc-
trine of the Divine decrees not
chargeable with such a tendency,'


362; facts the true source of doctri-
nal difficulties, 363; misinterpreta-
tion of Rom. ix. 3., ib.

Ward's sermon on the design of the
death of Christ, 382, 3; awful conse-
quences of a life of selfishness, 382.
Wallace, apocryphal legend of, 429;
feat of at the barns of Ayr, 432.
Wealth, definitions of, 71.

Welsh language, remarks on the, 326,
et seq.

Welsh nonconformists, memoirs of, 475;
see Richards.

Whistlecraft school of poetry, remarks
on, 373.

Wiclif, account of, 8, et seq.
Williams's daily bread,' 367-9; me-

rits of the compilation, 367; medita-
tion on Deut. vii. 2. by A. Fuller, 368.
Wilson's sermons on the death of Scott,
86, et seq.; eminence of Mr. Scott
as a commentator, 86; value of his
commentary, ib.; notice of Mr. Scott's
other works, 87; biographical notice,
88; on the reproach of Calvinism,
ib.; author's testimony to Calvin's merits
us a commentator, 89; unguarded ex-
pressions relative to the doctrines of
grace, 90; on the apostolic use of the
doctrines of election, &c. ib.; hints
for promoting a revival of religion by
Mr. Scott, 91.

Witherby's hints to commentators, 462;
exceptionable character of works on
the prophecies, ib.; author's princi-
ple, ib.; recommendation of arch-
deacon Woodhouse's work, ib.
Wrangham's lyrics of Horace, 502, et
seq.; amusements of clergymen, 502;
no adequate translation of Horace,
ib.; character of his genius, 503;
merits of the present trauslation, ib. ;
ode I. 2, 504; ode I. 4, 505; ode 1. 7,
506; ode I. 12, 507; exceptionable
renderings, ib.; ode I. 24, 508;
Wrangham compared with Francis.
ib. et seq.; ode II. 20, 510; ode III.3,
511; ode III. 11, 512; ode IV. 2, 513.



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