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Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the Press, will oblige the Conductors of the ECLECTIC REVIEW, by sending information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works; which they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if consistent with its plan.

In the press, a new edition of Neal's History of the Puritans, by Toulmin, in 5 vols. 8vo. Carefully revised, corrected, and enlarged, by W. Jones, author of the "History of the Christian Church."

Mrs. Schimmelpenninck, author of a Tour to Alet, Narrative of the Demolition of Port Royal, &c. has in the press, a work entitled "Biblical Fragments." The object of Mrs. S. is to encourage amongst her own sex a taste for Scriptural reading, and for bestowing a portion of that time, and that exercise and culture of the mind on the infallible Word of God, which, in this age of increased intellectual female cultivation, is so often lavished upon vain accomplishments. It will be comprised in one small volume, 8vo.

In the press, a new edition, corrected and improved, of Dr. Dick's Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles.

In the press, and speedily will be published, an Abridgement of a Voyage to Madagascar, by the Abbé Rochon, con- ́ taining a description of that Island; an account of the religion, customs, and manners of the inhabitants. To which is prefixed, a highly finished portrait of Prince Rataffe. By Thomas Towne.

In the press, the 8th and concluding volume of the Works of the Rev. John Howe.

Preparing for publication, the Miscellaneous Works of the late Robert Willan, M.D. F.R.S. F.A.S. Comprising, an Inquiry into the Antiquity of the Small pox, Measles, and Scarlet Fever, (now first published,) Reports on the Diseases in London, &c. &c. In 1 vol. 8vo. Edited by Ashley Smith, M.D.

We understand that Mr. Parkes is preparing for immediate publication, an Answer to the Accusations contained in a Letter addressed to him by Mr. Richard Phillips, and published in No. XXII. of the Journal of Science, Literature, and the Arts.

A New Translation of Faustus, from the

German of Goethe, will be speedily published, with a portrait of the author, in 8vo. and in 4to. with twenty-seven outlines to illustrate the above mentioned Tragedy. Engraved by Mr. Moses, after Retsch's designs.

A Series of twelve Illustrations for Crabbe's Poems, and another Series of six for Moore's Lalla Rookh, will be published in a few days. They are from de⚫ signs by Corbould, and were originally engraved for a periodical work. Only a few proof impressions on French paper were taken off for sale as distinct Illustrations of the Poems to which they refer.

Mr. W. M. Craig is printing a Course of Lectures on Drawing, Painting, and Engraving, delivered at the Royal Institution, in an octavo volume, with woodcuts and plates.

Mr. J. I. Wilson is preparing a History of Christ's Hospital, from its foundation to the present time, with memoirs of eminent men educated there.

Mr. Wm. Hutton, an officer in the African Company's service, has in the press, Voyages and Travels in Africa, in an octavo volume, with maps and plates.

The Pirate, by the author of Waverley, is printing in two small octavo volumes.

Dr. John Fleming has in the press, a View of the Structure, Functions, and Classification of Animals, in two octavo volumes, with plates and illustrations.

Mr. Edward Baldwin, author of "Fables Ancient and Modern, the Pantheon," &c. &c. has in the press, a compendious History of Greece, from the earliest records of that country to the period in which it was reduced into a Roman province; to be adorned with maps and authentic portraits of the most eminent Greeks, which he conceives to be well adapted to gratify general curiosity, at a time when recent transactions have particularly drawn the curiosity of the public to that part of the world.

Mr. I. H. Glover is preparing a Bio

graphical Dictionary of Literature, from the year 1700 to the end of 1820, containing the title, &c. of every principal work which has appeared during that period.

Mr. W. T. Ward will soon publish, in octavo, Practical Observations on Paralytic Affections, St. Vitus' Dance, &c. with cases.

Sir S. E. Brydges, bart. will soon publish in three volumes, the Hall of Hellingsley, a tale.

Mrs. Taylor, of Ongar, has in the press, Retrospection, a tale.

Prudence and Principle, a tale, by the author of Rachel, will soon appear.

Mr. D. Boileau has in the press, a Dictionary of French Homonymes, or a new guide to the peculiarities of the French language, particularly designed for those who are desirous of acquiring the language of social intercourse.

The Rev. J. Bosworth will soon publish, the Elements of Anglo-Saxon Grammar; with copious philological notes, illustrating the formation and structure of the English as well as the Anglo-Saxon language.

The Rev. G. Croly is printing, in an octavo volume, the Providence of God in the Latter Days, being a new interpretation of the Apocalypse.

Mr. Wm. Tennant, author of Anster Fair, is preparing for the press, the Thane of Fife, a poem.

Dr. Francis Hamilton has in the press, an account of the Fishes found in the Ganges, and its branches, in a quarto volume, with a royal quarto volume of plates.

A new volume of Sermons, selected from the manuscripts of the late Dr. James Lindsay, is preparing for the press by his son-in-law, the Rev. Dr. Barclay.

The Philosophical History of the Origin and Progress of the European Languages, by the late Dr. Alex. Murray,

with a memoir of his life, written by himself, is printing in two octavo tolumes.

A Selection from the Papers of the late J. M. Johnson, Esq. consul at Genos, which relate to the war in Italy, and the occupation of Sicily by the British, is preparing for publication.

Col. David Stewart has in the press, Historical Sketches of the Highlands of Scotland, with military annals of the Highland regiment, in two octavo volumes.

Mr. Richard Ryan will soon publish in two octavo volumes, Eight Ballads on the Fictions of the ancient Irish, and several miscellaneous poems. He is also preparing for publication, a Catalogue of Works, in various languages, relative to the history, antiquities, and language of the Irish; with remarks, critical and biographical.

Reflections on the Public Ministry of Christ, deduced from the records of the four Evangelists, by the late Mrs. Capper, will soon appear.

Nearly ready for publication, in an octavo volume, the Conveyancer's Guide, a burlesque poem, the second edition considerably enlarged, with numerous notes adapted for the young student in law. By a Conveyancer of Gray's Inn.

The Rev. H. Cotes, Vicar of Bedling ton, is about to publish, the Resurrection of Lazarus, in a course of sermons on the eleventh chapter of St. John's Gospel, from the French of Beausobre,

Mr. Mill's Elements of the Science of Political Economy will be published early in November.

The Synopsis of British Mollusca, by William Elford Leach, M.D. will be ready for publication on the 10th of November.

Speedily will be published, the Glories of Messiah, a poem in four cantos. By the Rev. Robert Moffat.



The History of George Destnond : founded on facts that occurred in the East Indies, and now published as a useful Caution to young men going out to that country. Post 8vo. 7s.


An Introduction to the Grammar of the Latin Tongue; principally taken

from the Eton Latin Grammar, but having the Syntax and Prosody in English. There are added throughout, questions calculated to ensure the attention and proficiency of the learner. 2s. 6d. bound. The Accidence or first part may be had separately, price 1s. 6d.

The Literary and Scientific Class Book; consisting of three hundred and sixty-five reading lessons; adapted to

the use of schools of both sexes, for every day in the year, with a thousand questions for examination. By the Rev. John Platts, Author of the Elements of Ecclesiastical History, &c. 12mo. 5s. 6d. bound.

The Young Reviewers ; or, the Poems dissected. With three engravings. 18mo. 1s. 6d, half-bound.

Familiar Dialogues on interesting Subjects, intended for the amusement and instruction of young ladies in their hours of leisure on Sundays. By a Lady. 18mo. Ss, half-bound.

The Reader's Guide; being a collection of pieces in prose and verse, designed to exemplify an entirely new system of notation, in which an attempt is made to reduce the art of reading to a simplicity bitherto unattained by any former work upon the subject. With an appendix explanatory of the system and comparing it with the various systems of notation already before the public. By William Andrew, Teacher of Elocu tion, Edinburgh. 12mo. Ss. 6d, boards, 48. bound.

Polar Scenes; exhibited in the Voy. ages of Heemskirk and Barenz to the Northern Regions, and in the Adventures of four Russian Sailors at the Island of Spitzbergen. Illustrated by 36 copper-plate engravings. 12mo. 5s, half-bound, plain, and 6s. 6d. coloured,

Theodo e, or the Crusaders, a Tale for Youth. By Mrs. Holland, Author of the Son of a Genius, &c. With 24 copper plate engravings. 12mo. 5s. 6d. half-bound, plain, and 6s. 6d. coloured.

The India Cabinet opened; in which many natural curiosities are rendered a source of amusement to young minds, by the explanations of a mother. 18mo, 2s. 6d. half-bound.


An Essay on the Study of Modern History. By James Shergold Boone, Student of Christ Church, Oxford. 8vo. Ss.

An Inquiry concerning the Primitive Inhabitants of Ireland; illustrated by Ptolemy's Map of Erin, corrected by the aid of Barbic history. By Thomas Wood, M.D. Author of the Prize Essay, published in the thirteenth volume of the transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, &c. 8vo. 10s. 6d.


A Series of Tables, exhibiting the Gain and Loss to the Fundholder, arising

from the fluctuations in the value of currency. From 1800 to 1821. By Robert Mushet, Esq. 8vo. 7s. boards.

The Universal Guager of Great Britain and Ireland, and general Spirit Calculator: being a practical System of Guaging by Pen, Sliding Rules, Tables, Callipers, and Logarithms, according to the measures hitherto legally adopted in the British dominions: and also according to the new imperial gallon, and containing upward of 40,000 original calculations on guaging, spirits, &c. By William Gutteridge. 8vo. 99. 6d. boards-10s. 6d. half-bound,

A Plea for the Nazarenes, in a Letter to the British Reviewer. By Servetus. 6s.

Cottage Dialogues. By the Author of Michael Kemp. 12mo. 5s.

Advice to the Young Mother in the Management of Herself and Infant. By a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. 12mo. 3s. 6d.


The Natural History of British Quadrupeds, with Figures, accompanied by scientific and general descriptions of all the species that are known to inhabit the British Isles; including as well those found in a wild as in the domesticated state; and also such as are clearly authenticated to have been originally indigenous, but are now extirpated or become extremely rare. The whole arranged in systematic order, after the manner of Linnæus. By E. Donovan, F. L.S. W.S. With coloured plates, 3 vols. royal 8vo. 51. 8s. or in 12 parts, at 9s. each.

Illustrations of the Linnæan Genera of Insects. By W. Wood, F.R.S. F.L.S. Author of Zoography, General Conchology, Index Testaceologicus, &c. &c. 2 vols. royal 18mo, 11. 10s. With 86 coloured plates.


The Village Minstrel, and other poems. By John Clare, the Northamptonshire peasant. 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. 12s.

The Lyrics of Horace; being the first four books of Odes. Translated by the Rev. Francis Wrangham, M.A. F. R.S. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

The Tour of the Dove, a poem; with occasional pieces. By John Edwards. 12mo. 7s. 6d.


An Exposition of the Relations of the British Government with the Sultaun

and State of Palembang, and the Designs of the Netherlands Government upon that country; with descriptive accounts of Palembang and of the Island of Banca. By Major W. H. Court, late resident at the court of Palembang, and resident and commandant of the Island of Banca. 8vo. 8s. 6d. boards.

An Apology for the Freedom of the Press. By the Rev. Robert Hall, A. M. a new edition.

The Christian and Civic Economy of Large Towns. By Thomas Chalmers, D.D. No. IX. being the first of a second volume. 1s.

Also Vol. I. complete. 8s. 6d.


A Summary of Orthodox Belief and Practice, according to the opinions and sentiments of the first Reformers; intended for young persons in the more educated classes of society: principally compiled from the celebrated work of Dean Nowell. By the Rev. John Prowett, A.M. late fellow of New College, Oxford, aud rector of Edburton, Sussex. 12mo. 3s. 6d.

The Peculiar Difficulties of the Clergy in India a sermon preached at the second visitation of the Lord Bishop of Calcutta, at St. Thomas' church, Bombay, on Monday, March 5th, 1821. By the Rev. Thomas Robinson, A.M. chaplain of Poona. 1s. 6d.

The Rights of Sovereignty in Christian States, defended in some chief Particulars: a charge delivered to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of London, May 24th, 1821; with dissertations and collections illustrating the same subject, with reference to the works of Mr. Hooker and Bishop Warburton, together with those of Grotius, De Marca, and others. By Joseph Holden Pott, A.M. vicar of St. Martin in the Fields, and archdeacon of London. 3vo. 9s.

Plain Discourses, Doctrinal and Practical, adapted to a Country Congrega tion. By the Rev. Charles Hardinge, A. M. vicar of Tunbridge. 12mo. 6s.

Thoughts on the Music and Words of Psalmody, as at present used among the Members of the Church of England.

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Notes relating to the Manners and Customs of the Crim Tartars. Written during a four years' residence among that people. By Mary Holderness. With coloured plates. 12mo. 3s. 6d.

A History of Brazil: comprising its geography, commerce, colonization, &c. &c. By James Henderson, recently from S. America. With 27 plates, and 2 maps. 4to. 31. 13s. 6d.

Pinnock's County Histories. Each County is published separately, and is therefore complete in itself; containing a compendious and accurate account of its history and topography, its antiquities, natural and artificial curiosities, local peculiarities, commerce, manufactures, &c. comprising also the biography of its most eminent persons, and much other useful information; and each county illustrated by a neat and correct travelling map. 1s. each.




Art. I. The History of Religious Liberty, from the first Propagation of Christianity in Britain, to the Death of George III., including its successive State, beneficial Influence, and powerful Interruptions. By Benjamin Brook. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. xvi, 1098. Price 11. 4s. London.


T is no serious disparagement of a good work, that it has a bad title. That which Mr. Brook has chosen in the present instance, amounts almost to a misnomer. It is not the history of religious liberty with which these volumes are occupied, but the history of ecclesiastical tyranny. Religious liberty, during the greater part of the period which they embrace, was a non-ens ; and its biography night be summed up in a few paragraphs. What, indeed, does the history of the Church ever since the age of Constantine exhibit, but one long bloody struggle for the recovery of the Christian's birth-right, the freedom with which Christ has made him free? Where have there been ecclesiastical rulers who have not manifested their affinity to Antichrist, by usurping a domination over the conscience? Or what is Antichrist, but human power enthroning itself in the temple of God? What Mr. Brook terms the doctrine of religious liberty,' has been denounced alike by prelate and presbyter, in every age, as the worst of all possible heresies; and even now, it is admitted as a necessary consequence of our civil liberties, rather than as a principle of Christianity. It is only because ecclesiastical power is chained by the constitution, that religious liberty has in this country an existence. Its history, properly speaking, goes no further back than the Act of Toleration; for, even during the Protectorate, it was far from being established. The Episcopalians, though visited with penalties, not, in reality, for their religious, but for their political opinions, were still exposed to persecution; and all the influence of Cromwell was necessary to prevent the Presbyterian clergy from putting their fingers on their brethren's consciences to pinch them.' In the reign of VOL. XVI. N.S. 2 R

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