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When by the greenwood side, at summer eve,

Poetic visions charm my closing eye;

And fairy-scenes, that Fancy loves to weave,

Shift to wild notes of sweetest Minstrelsy;


'Tis thine to range in busy quest of prey,

Thy feathery antlers quivering with delight,

Brush from


lids the hues of heav'n away,

And all is Solitude, and all is Night!

-Ah now thy barbed shaft, relentless fly,

Unsheaths its terrors in the sultry air!

No guardian sylph, in golden panoply,

Lifts the broad shield, and points the sparkling spear.

Now near and nearer rush thy whirring wings,

Thy dragon-scales still wet with human gore.

Hark, thy shrill horn its fearful larum flings!

I wake in horror, and dare sleep no more!'


ONCE more, enchanting girl, adieu!

I must be gone, while yet I may.

[blocks in formation]

Yet give me, give me, ere I go,

One little lock of those so blest,

That lend your cheek a warmer glow,

And on your white neck love to rest.

-Say, when to kindle soft delight,

That hand has chanc'd with mine to meet,

How could its thrilling touch excite

A sigh so short, and yet so sweet?

O say—but no, it must not be.

Adieu, enchanting girl, adieu!

-Yet still, methinks, you frown on me;

Or never could I fly from


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