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The Mifer Act 1 Scen:4.

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New done into ENGLISH from the


By Mr. OZEL L.
With the Original French opposite to the

English; and Both more Correctly Printed

than any that have yet appear'd.
Highly Useful and Entertaining for the LEARNERS

of either LANGUAGE.

inted for B. LINTOT: And Sold by H. LINTOT,

the Cross-Keys, against St. Dunftan's Church in
uleet-street. M.DCC. XXXII.

(Price One Shilling:)

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Mr. OZELL's PREFACE: Containing Useful REMARKS on the French Tongue, arising from the


MISTAKES committed by the other Translators of MOLIERE'S MISER, &c.

N order to promote the Sale of the following Translation of MOLIERE'S PLAYS, the Proprietor of the old Translation, which was done by me, almost twenty Years ago, with too much Freedom, and from no good Edition,

would have had me taken the same Course as the other Gentlemen do; that is, dedicate each Play to the Jame Great Names They have done. If I had prefum'd to have follow'd them in that flep, I wou'd not have complimented His Royal Highness the Duke on his great Skill in HOUSHOLD AFFAIRS, as those Gentlemen do ; for That's the meaning of the word ménage, as they erroneously spell it in their Pedication to the Duke. They mean manége, I fuppofe ; for That's the Word for managing the Great Horle. The other, viz. ménage, is the Management of a Family.

I did not think at first to have taken notice of this Blunder Here, because it belongs to the Examen of another Play, viz. le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, to which that Dedica. tion is prefix'd: My Design at present being only to make an Intuition into those Gentlemens Translation of their first Play, namely, The Miser; and, instead of dedicating it to any particular Perfon, I will present the Publick with What I'm Ture will be infinitely more useful, and that is, Remarks on fuch Pbrajes, &c. of the French Tongue, as I think those Gentlemen bave miftaken the Sense of; and this I do, in order to prevent the Learners of either the French or Englifh Tongues from being mis-led thereby. А


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