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An introduction, pp. 8–21.

CHAP. I.-Of eternal life in general, p. 25; which our Saviour calls God :

explained in seven particulars, pp. 31–44. Meditation, p. 44.

CHAP. II.-A more particular discourse of this life, p. 45 ; wherein the hap-

piness of the soul is described ; in regard of its increase in the knowledge of

God, p. 47; and in its love to God, p. 55 ; and joy in God, p. 59. A meditation

out of St. Augustine, p. 66.

CHAP. III.-A further explication of the happiness of this life, p.67. In per-

petual praises of God, p. 67. And in free uniform obedience to him, p.71. There

the happiness of the body also is briefly touched, p. 73. A meditation out of

Macarius and others, p. 77.

CHAP. IV.-0f the eternity of this life, p. 78; being without intermixture of

misery, p. 79; and without intermission, p. 80; and without end, p. 83. Repre-

sented by the Sabbath, p. 85. Particular expressions chosen to signify that it

never dies, p. 87. A meditation, p. 88.

CAAP. V.–Of the certainty of this eternal life, p. 91 ; whose excellence is

further represented from Rev. xxi. 7. in five particulars, pp. 98-101. Two

observations about this record, pp. 101-103. A meditation, p. 104.

CHAP. VI.—The testimony of the Father concerning this eternal life, p. 105.

The first testimony illustrated, p. 108. The second testimony at large con-

sidered from thence, p. 120. The third testimony, p. 124. A meditation, p. 125.

CHAP. VII.- The testimony of the Word to it, p. 126. The first testimony,

p. 127; the second, p. 132 ; the third, p. 137. A meditation out of St. Gregory

Nazianzen, p. 144.

CHAP. VIII.—The testimony of the Holy Ghost, p. 146. The first testimony,

p.147; the second, p.151 ; the third testimony, p. 157. The sense of the Church

about the Holy Trinity, p. 162. The use we should make of this record, p. 165.

A meditation, p. 169.

CHAP. IX.—The testimony of the Water concerning eternal life, p. 170;

where, first, the purity of our Saviour's doctrine is considered in many par-
ticulars, p. 171 ; secondly, the purity of his life, p. 177; thirdly, the baptism of
John, p. 179 ; lastly, his own baptism, p. 181. A meditation, p. 186.

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