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these annuals I admire the “Comic Offer- leon, to whom I fear Miss Sheridan has do ing:" what a sprightly yet elegant caricature aliection. The figure of Charles the Twelfth is the dance of the gigot sleeves : none but is very good. The story of the Fire Escapes the charming Editress could have imagined made me laugh heartily. I could not have so feminine a satire. Did you notice the entered into the fun if I had not seen some look of consternation with which the pretty experiments of fire escapes tried in Regentgirl, peeping in at the door, is regarding street when I was last in England. The the vagaries of her wardrobe ? “The Race of design is excellent, and the look of peniHeroes” is very clever; I wonder in your tential horror in the unhappy descenders last letter you did not particularly notice it. is truly laughable. The likenesses are admirably preserved : our I have nothing of the kind to send you in Napoleon leads the race: he is tripped up return. Our annuals ought not to be looked by Wellington. Alexander and Julius Cæsar at while the first freshness of yours is in come next to your great Duke, and Charles mind; perhaps some weeks hence I may the Twelfth and Fred. of Prussia are making give you an account of them. Till then reprodigious way. All the likenesses are ad member, with your usual affection, your mirably full of character, excepting Napo


Miscellanies of the Month. ATTEMPTED Assassination of Louis Philip.—Mademoiselle Adèle Boury, aged nineteen, daughter of the Postmaster of Bergues, in the Department du Nord, was on the descent of the Pont Royal when the cortège passed. She placed herself in front, on the edge of the causeway. Two ladies stood near. When the shouts of “ l'ive le Roi !” and “A bas les chapeaux !” announced the arrival of the King, a young man violently pushed back Mlle. de Boury, and placed bimself before her. The young lady remonstrated against his rudeness; but he made no reply, being intent upon his criminal design. As Mlle. Boury could not resist, she remained behind him, stood on tiptoe, and leaned on his shoulder to see the procession pass. The individual then raised his left arm, and drew from his pocket a small pistol. By this movement he struck the young lady's chin. He had apparently his finger on the trigger, and was taking his aim, when Mlle. Boury perceived the end of the barrel. She instantly seized the man's arm with both her hands, pulled him back towards her, and the pistol went off. The young lady still held his arm with so much force, that she tore his coat; but she was obliged to quit her hold, as another individual, who stood behind her, pushed her rudely off the causeway, and she fell on the ground. On seeing the assassin escape in the direction of the Tuileries, she exclaimed, “ Arrêtez, arrêtez!” She rose up with some difficulty, and went and leaned against the parapet of the bridge. Some persons among the crowd said to the Generals who were approaching, " That is the lady!” On being surrounded, she fainted, and was taken up by one of the carriages of the corrège. When she had somewhat recovered, she named M. Thiers, the minister. She was immediately conveyed to his house; and there, on recovering her senses, gave her name and residence. She was afterwards taken to the Procureur du Roi, to give her testimony, and from thence to the palace of the Tuileries. She entered the royal apartments led by two persons, amidst shouts of “Bravo!” from the Generals, Deputies, Peers of France, and others who were present. The Queen, affected to tears, threw herself round her neck, exclaiming, “ Is it you, then, my dear, who saved the life of my husband!” The shouts of “Bravo!” the place of the scene, the enthusiasm expressed by every one, made such an impression on Mlle. Boury, that she went into fits, which she had never experienced before. Immediate assistance was afforded her. The Procureur du Roi then offered to accompany her to her hotel, where she arrived in an agitated state at half-past six o'clock in the evening. The sight of persons of her acquaintance soon calmed her mind, and she is at this moment much better — Constitutionel.

PHENOMENON.—The Brighton Herald gives the following account of an extraordinary phenomenon which was visible from Brighton on Monday night last:—“ Thousands of falling stars and meteors were seen from midnight until half-past two o'clock on Tuesday morning. I counted 173, and they then appeared so rapidly that I gave up my calculation. Of these 173, 37 were of considerable magnitude; and many of them were accompanied by sounds like the rattling of a carriage, and others like the rushing into the air of a skyrocket. One in particular, which passed N. W. to S. W., was attended with a noise greater than that of the great meteor of the 18th August, 1783, which must still be remembered by many persons. This meteor lasted upwards of six minutes, during which period it assumed various forms. It was first like a ball of fire, afterwards it became blue, then it descended like the nucleus of a comet, and disappeared in a cloud of fiery sparks. It is remarkable that the same appearances should have happened on the 12th November in 1783. The same appearances were visible at Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.




Births, Marriages, and Deaths.

county of Surrey.-Nov. 14, at St. Clement On the 7th of November, in Whitehall- Danes, Lieut. Edmund H. F. Denman, of the place, Lady Henley, of a son. – Nov. 5, in Madras Artillery, to Miss Ann Hall, of FloraSackville-street, Viscountess Valletort, of a place, Plymouth. -Nov. 14, at Bloomsbury son and heir.-Nov. 1, at Letcombe, near Church, the Rev. Richard Bellamy, to Mary, Wantage, the Lady of the Rev. W. H. Wil. youngest daughter of Edward Vaux, Esq., of kinson, of a daughter.- Nov. 6, the Lady of Upper Montague-street, Russell-square. G. Lee, of Well Hall, Eltham, Kent. Esq., of Nov. 13, at St. Pancras New Church, J. W. 8 son.—Nov. 5, at Mereworth, the Hon. Deacon, Esq., eldest son of J. J. Deacon, Lady Stapleton, of twin daughters.- Nov.9, Esq., of Ulster-place, Regent's Park, to Esther at Walton Rectory, the Lady of the Rev. Elizabeth, eldest daughter of T. Greenwood, Lord John Thynne, of a son.--Nov. 11, in Esq., Cumberland-place, Regent's Park.Hamilton place, the Countess Gower, of a Nov. 17, at St. George's Church, Hanoverson. – Nov. 7, at Ludlow, Shropshire, the square, the Hon. G. L. Massey, third son of Lady of Allan J. Nightingale, Esq., Assistant the late Major-Gen. Lord Clarina, to Rebecca Commissary-General, of a son.-Nov. 5, at Anne, widow of the late J. Cann, Esq., of Geneva, the Lady of C. Vernet, Esq., of a Haverill House, Herefordshire.- Nov. 13, at Bon.-Nov. 13, in South Audley-street, the Clapham Church, E. Rogers, Esq., M.P., to Lady of Lieut.-Col Knollys, Scotch Fusileer Eliza Cassamajor Brown, daughter of the late Guards, of a son.-Nov. 12, at Wenvoe Cas- H. Brown, Esq., of the Madras Civil Service. tle, Glamorganshire, the Lady of R. F. Jen. - Nov. 20, at St. Marylebone Church, John ner, Esq., of a daughter.--Nov. 9, the Lady Donne, Esq., of Powis-place, Queen-square, of J. Dunlap, Esq., M.D., of Baker-street, to Sophia, fourth daughter of the late Rev. R. Portman-square, of a son, still-born.- Nov. Thompson, LL.D., of Long Howe Hall, Cam13, at Windsor Castle, Lady Sydney, of a bridgeshire. - Nov. 21, John Fitzgerald, Esq., still-born infant. - Nov. 21, the Viscountess eldest son of John Fitzgerald, Esq., M.P., Turnour, of a daughter.- Nov. 5, at Gadlys, of Wherstead Lodge, Suffolk, to Augusta near Beaumaris, the Lady of 0 Owens, Esq.,

March, only daughter of C. M. Phillips, Esq., of a son and heir.-Nov. 21, in Hertford- M.P., of Garendon Park. street, the Lady of Sir Culling E. Smith, of a daughter.- Nov. 20, at East Walton Vicarage, On the 4th of Nov. at his house, in Russellthe wife of the Rev. George Coldham, of a

square, in his 71st year, the Right Hon. Chas. daughter.- Nov. 18, at Walton-on-Thames, Lord Tenterden, Lord Chief Justice of his the Lady of the Rev. C. C. Barton, of a son. Majesty's Court of King's Bench.- Nov. 3, at -Nov. 17, at the Ray, Maidenhead, Lady Coates, Fifeshire, Sir J. Leslie, Professor of Phillimore, of a daughter. - Nov. 18, at Thurs

Natural Philosophy in the University of ton, Suffolk, the Lady of c. T. Oakes, Esq , Edinburgh.-Oct. 31, at Torquay, Devonof a daughter.-Nov. 19, in Gloucester-place, shire, in his 33d year, T. Keeling, t.sq.. of the Edinburgh, Mrs. C. Earle, of a son.-Nov. 17, Island of St. Bartholomew, and late of More in Park Crescent, Worthing, the Lady of the

nington Crescent, Hampstead Road.—Nov. Rev. Charles Griffith, M A., of a son.

13, at Ilfracombe, M. Bowman, Esq., Surgeon,

of Harley-street, Cavendish-square, aged 67. On the 1st of Nov., at the Palace, Valetta, - Nov. 13, at Belgrave-square, Letitia, wife Robert Anstruther, Esq., of Third part, Fife, of Vice-Admiral Sir C. Ogle, Bart.-Nov. 8, Major in the 73d Regt., to Louisa, youngest at Blenkinsopp, Northumberland, the seat of daughter of Sir H. Elphinstone, Bart., of Are Col. Coulson, Hannah, relict of the late Rev. Place, Sussex.-Oct. 29, at Itchen Abbas, E. Dawkins, of Portman-square.- Nov. 11, at Hants, Hugh, son of Archdeacon Berners, of Brighton, in his 48th year, H. A. Broughton, Wolverstone Park, Suffolk, to Alice, youngest Fsq., of Great Marlborough-street.-Nov. 9, daughter of the late John Ashton, Esq., of in Charlotte-street, Portland Place, in his 73d the Grange, Cheshire.-At St. James's Church, year, Lieut.-Col. R. Broughton, of the Hon. Bury, Mr. C. Newson, to Miss C. Murrell. East India Company's Service.-Nov. 16, at The bride and bridegroom belonged to an ex- Bishopsthorpe Palace, York, Lady Anne hibition in the fair, and the very singular spec- Vernon Harcourt, Lady of his Grace the tacle was presented of a bride who had nei. Archbishop of York, in her 71st year. - Nov. ther hands nor arnis ! The difficult ceremony 14, at Brighton, the Right Hon. Lady Stafof the ring was obviated by placing the magic ford. - Nov. 16, at Oak Bank, near Sevenoaks, gold upon the fourth toe of the left foot. - the Right Hon. Catherine Anne, Countess of Nov. 9, Mr. R.Pringle, late of Perth, to Miss Aboyne, in her 61st year.–Nov. 15, at his Anne Lemon, of London.- November 10, at house, in Exeter Buildings, Cheltenham, in Brighton, by the Rev. E. Repton, Chaplain his 67th year, Rear Admiral William Cumto the House of Commons, Charles C. Martyn, berland, youngest son of the late Richard Esq., to Maria Georginia, third daughter of Cumberland,- Nov. 10, the Rev. R. Berthothe late John Elliot, Esq., of Pimlico Lodge. mier, thirty-five years Professor of the French -Nov. 14, at St. George's, Hanover-square, Language at Eton, in his 75th year.- Nov. 18, the Hon. T. Fitz-Walter Butler, eldest son of of apoplexy, A. A. Miles, Esq., late Accountant Lord Dunboyne, to Julia, second daughter of of the London Assurance. the late W. Brander, Esq., of Morden Hall,

Vol. 1.- No. 6.


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land, 66

The articles marked thus (*) are poetry; those marked thus (+) are reviews.
Adventures of Barney Mahoney, by Crofton Fine Arts, 77, 123, 227
Croker, Esq.,+ 35

Fortune-telling, 131
Agnes Strickland, Sweet Lavender, by 117 Friendship's Offering, 169, 221
Album, lines from, 162

Galt, John, Esq., Communications by, 43, 140
Anecdotes of Animals,+ 218

Graphic and Historical Illustrator,t 123
Andrew Picken, Time's Changes, by, 3

Great Effects from Little Causes, by Mrs. Hof-
Annual, Prospectus of Missionary, 169; ditto

Landscape, 170; ditto Friendship's Offering, History of Charlemagne, The, by G. James, Esq.,

Appollonicon, or Musical Album,t 124

Howit, Mary, Communications by, 57, 48
Biography of Signor Manual Garcia, 181

July, 31
of Flowers, 70

I cannot bear to pass thce by,t 76
Bridal, The, by John Galt, Esq., 140

Illustrations of Female Intellect, Mrs. Hemans,
Brugnioli, Madame, Lines to, by F. W. N. Bay. 12
ley, Esq., 19

Interview between Marie Antoinette and Mira.
Bowring, Dr., Lines by, 23

heau, 1
Butler's Medicine Chest Directory, 220

Isle of Wight, The,+ 166
Byron Gallery, The,t 124

Landscape Annual, The,+ 225
Byron, Murray's,t 123

Landscape Illustrations of Sir Walter Scott, 170
Cabinet Encyclopedia,t 122

Letter from Mad. Leontine de C., 181, 279
Canzonet,t 124

Legal Examiner, The,+ 224
Captain's Daughter, 196

Lines, by Miss Jewsbury, 11
Cercle, Lent 169

by Dr. Bowring, 23
Characteristics of Women, by Mrs. Jameson, 113 by late Lord Erskine, 66
Chronicles of France, 262

from an Album, 162
Come to our Cottage,t 76

List to my Mandeline,t 76
Comic Magazine, 169

Literary Intelligence, 170, 225, 274
Comic Offering, The,+ 222

Lyric Leaves, by C. Webbe,t 273
Conversational Method of Teaching Languages, t Mario Cinci, Grand Master of the Carbonari, 85

Married for a Song, by the Author of the Village
Costume of Paris, 39, 78, 127, 174, 230, 278 Poor-house, 143
Crusader's Bride, Thet 76

Matrimony, On the present alarming stagnation.
Descriptive Sketches of Tunbridge, by J. Button, of, 243
Esq.,+ 74

Memoir of Sir Walter Scott (with a Portrait) 185
Doomed, The,t 73

of Lablache, by Castil Blaze, 216
Doomed One, The,t 76

of Signor Garcia, 181
Drama, 38, 77, 124, 171, 228, 275

Miscellanies of the Month, 81, 83, 129, 181, 233
Double Trial, The, 123

Edinburgh Cabinet Library, t 274

Modina, The Duchess of, by J. Galt, Esq., 235
Elgin Annual, The,+ 223

Mother's Monitor, The,t 74
Erskine, Lord, late, Lines by, 66

Murray's Byron,t 123
Evening Scene, An,* 212

Myrtle Slip, The, by Sheridan Knowles, Esq., 3.
Example, or Family Scenes,+ 220

My Sister Dear, * 104
Fashions, 39, 78, 127, 174, 230, 277

New Gil Blas,t 163
Fatal Trick, The, 93

New Music,+ 76, 124, 170, 228
Fete at Holly Lodge, 83

November,* by Bryant, 215

October,* by Bryant, 153
Old Man's Courtship, by Mrs. Hofland, 135
Old Saws for Young Ladies, by Andrew Picken,

51, 113
On Woman, by the Hermit in London, 60
Opera, The, By Don Trueba, 20, 64
Ovid Imitated, 162
Orphan, Theodore the, by the Hermit in Lon.

don, 98
Ormond and Brenda, 116
Parents' Cabinet,+ 169
Physiognomists, by Mrs. Hofland, 213
Preacher's Story, The, by Mary Howit, 48
Poems by W.C. Bryant, an American,t 271
Poetic Fragments,t 168
Prosers, by Don Trueba, 107
Rectory of Valehead,t 167
Remember Me, 123
Roman Generosity, by the Hermit in London,

Rose Maiden, The, by T. Roscoe, Esq., 23
Roscoe, T., Esq., Contributions by, 23, 30
Rudderless Ship, The, by J. Galt, Esq., 43
Sir W. Scott, On the Death of, by F. W. N.

Bayley, Esq., 260
Sketches of the Tête de Boule Indians, Canada,

River St. Maurice, by J. Adams, Esq., 254

Sketches from Life, by Mrs. Hofland, 213
Song, by T. Roscoe, 30
Song of the Arab Boy, 216
Staffa,* 240
Stanzas, * 142
Stanzas on Eton, 112, 200
Strickland, Miss Agnes, 117
Stella,t 76
Sweet Lavender, by Miss Agnes Strickland,* 117
Tales and Novels, by Maria Edgworth, t 74
The Remonstrance,. 258
The Old Cross, 259
Time's Changes, by Andrew Picken, Esq., 3
Trifling Mistake, The, by Edward Lancaster,

Trueba de Telesforo, Don, Contributions by,

20, 64
Two Passages in a Day's Journey, by Mary

Howit, 57
Unchanged, The,t 34
Which shall I Choose ; or, the Four Offers, .250
Widow's Request, The, by Andrew Picken, Esq.,

Winter Violet, To the, 195
Woman's Smile, by the Viscount Glentworth,

Young Crusoe, The,+ 169


Alexander, 184
Anderson, 42
Arnot, *234
Baird, Lady A., 234
Barton, 283
Beaumont, 130
Bell, 42
Binney, 234
Blackburn, 184
Blaikie, 184
Braham, 234
Byles, 42
Calcraft, Lady C.,

Cassilis, Countess of,

Cawdor, Countess of,

Clanwilliam, Lady,

Coldham, 283
Colville, 234
Corbet, 234
Currie, 130
Douie, 234

Dunlap, 283
Dunlop, 184
Earle, 283
Ennismore, Lady, 42
Erskine, 84
Forbes, 84
Fox, Lady, 84
Fraser, 42
Galloway, Lady, 234
Gower, Countess of,

Granville, 84
Griffith, 288
Guildford, Lady, 130
Hanson, 84
Harper, 42
Hart, 42
Hastings, Lady, 42
Henley, Lady, 283
Hobhouse, Lady, 42
Holmes, 42
Hopetown, Lady, 130
Howard, 12
Hyndman, 42

Jemmet, 184
Jenner, 283
King, Lady, 234
Knatchbull, 184
Knollys, 283
Lee, 283
Lloyd, 184
Lowther, Lady L.,

Lothian, Lady, 130
Lygon, Lady, 130
M'Neill, 234
Mannoch, 184
Medlycott, 234
Mirville, 184
Nightingale, 283
Norman, Lady de, 184
Oakes, 283
O'Connor, 184
Ogilvy, Lady,

Owens, 283
Pepys, 42
Phillimore, Lady, 283
Semple, 42

Shaw, 234
Sinclair, Lady, 184
Slater, Lady, 234
Smith, Lady, 283
Smith, 84
Stapleton, Lady, 283
Stephenson, Lady, 84
Sydney, Lady, 283
Thynne, Lady, 283
Timbs, 234
Therrold, 234
Tredcroft, 184
Trefusis, 184
Turnour, Viscountess,

Valletort, Viscountess,

Vernet, 283
Ward, 234
Welden, 84
Wilde, 184
Wilkinson, 283
White, 184
Wortley, Lady, 130


Acton, 84
Alison, 184
Allen, 184
Anstruther, 283
Arbuthnot, 42
Barrow, 84
Beauchamp, 130
Bellamy, 283
Bernard, 130
Berners, 283
Bowes, 42

Boyle, Lord, 42
Butler, 283
Cameron, 130
Campbell, 42
Castleman, 184
Chapman, 184
Chichester, 130
Clark, 184
Cock, 42
Cook, 181
Crawford, 130

Deacon, 283
Denman, 283
Denny, 130
Donne, 283
Douglas, 184
Duncan, 84
Dymoke, 84
Eden, 130
Ende, Baron, 234
Evans, 184
Fielding, 42

Fitzgerald, 283
Foley, 130
Gilbert, 184
Goring, 234
Gosset, 184
Hargreaves, 234
Harwood, 184
Hill, 42
Holroyd, 42
Horne, 42
Kerr, 180

Legget, 42
Macarthy, 42
Mansel, 84
Massey, Hon. G. L.,

Melville, 130

Molyneaux, 42
Monson, Lord, 42
Nepean, 184
Newson, 382
Norris, 184
Pringle, 283

Quintin, 184
Reid, 234
Robiliard, 234
Rogers, 283
Repton, 283
Scott, 184

Smith, 42
Talbot, 81
White, 184
White, 180
Wright, 234

Aboyne, Countess of,

Archbishop of York,

the Lady of, 283
Ashworth, Gen., 130
Amesbury, Lord, 84
Baden, Margravine,

Bagshawe, 84
Barrington, Sir F.,

Bentham, 42
Bowman, 283
Brandon, Lord, 42
Brice, Sir A., 234
Broughton, 283
Broughton, 283
Butler, 42
Cooke, 184

Cumberland, Admiral, Keeling, 283

Lambton, 42
Curtis, 130

Leslie, Sir J., 283
Cuvier, 42

M‘Cambridge, 84
Dawkins, 283

Mackintosh, 42
Dillon, Lord, 84 Mackintosh, 130
Dimsdale, 42

Manchester, Duchess,
Donoughmore, Lord, 42

Meason, 184
Ellice, Lady, 130 Milman, 42
Griffiths, 234

Miles, 283
Hales, Lady, 84 Murray, 42
Heald, 84

New, 130
Henniker, Lord, 84 Ogle, Lady, 283
Hesketh, 184

Powell, 234
Holmes, 180

Pellew, 81
Jenner, 130

Peach, 130
Joliffe, 184

Porter, 84

Praed, 42
Rendlesham, Lord, 84
Ridgway, 84
Roberts, 184
Ross, 184
Scarborough Lord, 42
Schroder, 234
Shee, Lady, 234
Smith, 234
Stafford, Lady, 283
Sullivan, 42
Symons, 234
Tenterden, Lord, 283
Townsend, 84
Ward, 184
West, 184
Williams, 42
Wooley, 184

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