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Or some great Caravan, from well to well
Winding as darkness on the desert fell,

In their long march, such as the Prophet bids,
To Mecca from the Land of Pyramids,

And in an instant lost-a hollow wave
Of burning sand their everlasting grave!-


Now the scene shifts to Venice--to a square
Glittering with light, all nations masking there,
With light reflected on the tremulous tide,
Where gondolas in gay confusion glide,
Answering the jest, the song on every side;

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To Naples next-and at the crowded gate,
Where Grief and Fear and wild Amazement wait,
Lo, on his back a Son brings in his Sire,
Vesuvius blazing like a World on fire!—
Then, at a sign that never was forgot,

A strain breaks forth (who hears and loves it not?)
From harp or organ! 'Tis at parting given,
That in their slumbers they may dream of Heaven;
Young voices mingling, as it floats along,

In Tuscan air or Handel's sacred song!

And She inspires, whose beauty shines in all;
So soon to weave a daughter's coronal,

And at the nuptial rite smile through her tears;-
So soon to hover round her full of fears,
And with assurance sweet her soul revive
In child-birth-when a mother's love is most alive!
No, 'tis not here that Solitude is known.
Through the wide world he only is alone
Who lives not for another. Come what will,
The generous man has his companion still;
The cricket on his hearth; the buzzing fly,
That skims his roof, or, be his roof the sky,
Still with its note of gladness passes by:
And, in an iron cage condemned to dwell,
The cage that stands within the dungeon-cell,
He feeds his spider-happier at the worst
Than he at large who in himself is curst!

O thou all-eloquent, whose mighty mind
Streams from the depth of ages on mankind,

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