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She turns, and thinks; and, lost in wild amaze,
Gazes again, and could for ever gaze!

Nor can thy flute, ALONSO, now excite,
As in VALENCIA, when, with fond delight,
FRANCISCA, waking, to the lattice flew,
So soon to love and to be wretched too!
Hers thro' a convent-grate to send her last adieu.
-Yet who now comes uncalled; and round and round,
And near and nearer flutters to the sound;
Then stirs not, breathes not-on enchanted ground?
Who now lets fall the flowers she culled to wear
When he, who promised, should at eve be there;
And faintly smiles, and hangs her head aside
The tear that glistens on her cheek to hide?
Ah, who but Cora?-till inspired, possessed,
At once she springs, and clasps it to her breast !

Soon from the bay the mingling crowd ascends, Kindred first met! by sacred instinct Friends! Thro' citron-groves, and fields of yellow maize, Thro' plantain-walks where not a sun-beam plays. Here blue savannas fade into the sky. There forests frown in midnight majesty; Ceiba, and Indian fig, and plane sublime, Nature's first-born, and reverenced by Time! There sits the bird that speaks! there, quivering, rise Wings that reflect the glow of evening skies! Half bird, half fly, the fairy king of flowers Reigns there, and revels thro' the fragrant hours ;

Gem full of life, and joy, and song divine,
Soon in the virgin's graceful ear to shine.

'Twas he that sung, if ancient Fame speaks truth, “Come! follow, follow to the Fount of Youth! I quaff the ambrosial mists that round it rise, Dissolved and lost in dreams of Paradise !" For there called forth, to bless a happier hour, It met the sun in many a rainbow-shower! Murmuring delight, its living waters rolled 'Mid branching palms and amaranths of gold !

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Eveninga banquet-the ghost of Cazziva. The tamarind closed her leaves; the marmoset Dreamed on his bough, and played the mimic yet. Fresh from the lake the breeze of twilight blew, And vast and deep the mountain-shadows grew; When many a fire-fly, shooting thro' the glade, Spangled the locks of many a lovely maid,


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