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Aire, m. aire, f.

French Words, which are the fame in Sound and Orthography, but different in their Signification.

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neft (of Hawks.) floor (of a barn.) alder, a tree.

ell, a measure. a beard.

a Barbary horse.

été, m.

été, v. exemple, m. exemple, f.

Dragon, m. dragoon, a foldier. dragon m. a dragon, a ferpent.


exempt, a, m. exempt, f. m.


a foldier. a neck-cloth.

an officer.

Enfeigne, m. enfeigne f. fign, of a house.

Jummer, a feafon. been, (auxii. v.) an example. a copy. free from. an officer.

Feu, m. feu, m. fin, m. fin, f. foudre, m. foudre, f.

Jeune, m jeune, a. c. Livre, m. livre, f.

fire. deceafed, late. chief point. end of things.

a poker.

fourgon, m. fourgon, m. Garde, m.

a waggon.

guard, a foldier. garde, f. nurse, to a fick perfon. greffe, m. greffe, f.

registry. a graft.



a book.

a pound.


feeve. a bill.

Manche, m. manche, f. mémoire, m. mémoire, f. mode, m., mode, f. moule, m. moale, f.

fort of a veffel. thunder-bolt.

the memory.

a mood of a verb. way or fashion.

a mould.

a fhell fifh.


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pique, m. pique, f.

parallèle, m. parallèle, f. pendule, m. pendule, f.

pivoine, m. pivoine, f. plane, m. plane, f.

palme, m.

palme, f. a branch of a tree.

comparifon. a parallel line. a pendulum. a clock.

période, m

a fpace of time.

période,f. period of a difcourfe.

Spade at cards.
pike (a lance.)
piony, a plant.
plane, a tree.
plane, a tool.

nine. pofte, m.
poste, f.


duty, bufinefs
an office.

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ombre, a game.
where. Réclame, m.


a page (at court.)
a page (of a book.
a peer.
a hand's breadth.

pourpre, m.
pourpre, f.

réclame, f.

régale, m.
regale, f.
Satire, m.

a flove. frying-pan. place, employ. post-office.

Quartier, m.

part of a town.

quartier, m. quarters (at war.).

fatire, f. fomme, m. fomme, f. fouris, m. fouris, f.

Spotted fever. royal dignity.

Temple, m.
temple*, f.
tour, m.
tour, f.
Vase, m.
vase, f.
voile, m.
voile, f.

found to call a hawk.

catchword of a

page. repast or feast. a king's perquifite. heathen-god.

Satire or farcafm. nap, fleep. a fum of money.

a fmile. a mouse.

place of worship. temple of the head.

turn or trick. tower or fpire.

veffel or urn. flime or mud. veil or cloth.

fail of a fhip.

The Dictionary of the French Academy has la tempe, on account, I fuppofe, of its being derived from the latin word tempus; that of Trevoux has la temple or tempe; but those of Danet and Furetiére, la temple only.



Pour donner un Abregé des differentes claffes de mots que l'on vient de parcourir, je vais conclure ce Syllabaire, par un Recueil de ceux qui y peuvent parcítre les plus difficiles à prononcer; savoir:

In order to give a Summary of the different claffes of words which have been perufed, I will conclude this Spelling-book with a Collection of thofe which may: appear the most difficult to be pronounced in it*; v z

Abeille, aigreur, aiguille, aiguillon, anguille, anchois, arbre, arrhes, avoir, avois, affaillir, ambiguité, antiquaille. Balayé, beau, baillement, béquilles, borgneffe, bouteille, bouche, bouilloire, brillante, brandiller, bredouilleur. Chataigne, choix, chercher, choeur, cœur, corps, cucilleufe. Dieu, deux, dépouillé, douceur, douze, douillettement. Eventail, effroyable, ennuyeufement, enfeigne, écaille. Feuillage, fructueux, foible, françois, faon, fiel, flageolet. Gai, gaillardement, geai, gueux, grenouillère, guillerette. Hache, haïffent, heureux, huitre, humble, hypocrite. Ignorance, infaillible, inguériffable, inquifition, ivoire. Jnive, joyau, joyeuse, jeu, jaugé, jonquille, Juillet, Juin. Laïque, loyauté, longueur, luifant, lorgnette, louange. Magnifique, manchon, meublé, muet, merveilleux, muraille. National, nom, nétoyé, noueux, noyau, nuifible, neutralité. Oifcau, œuvres, œillade, oreille, ofeille, orthographe, orgue. Partial, partition, peigne, peux, pointilleufe, philofophique. Quai, quoi, quafi, quelque, quenouille, quiconque, queftioné, Réchaud, recueillir, racaille, rigueur, rayonnant, rouillure. Séditieux, fphérique, foigneux, fecret, fommeiller, fongeois. Taon, taureau, tourbillon, travailler, tortillé, témoignage. Un, ufurpant, uniquement, univoque, uftenfile, unanime. Vainqueur, vaillamment, vieux, vieilliffant, voyageur, vuider.

• The fignification of the following French words, may be found in the preceding Chapters, according to their respective Syllables, and Initial Letters.


LESSONS of Words containing different Sorts of SYLLA



The FABLE of the BIRD-CATCHER and the STORK.

JN oifeleur prit un jour,
dans fes filets, plufieurs
Grues, et plufieurs Oies; par-
mi lesquelles il s'y rencontra
une Cicogne.

Bird-catcher took one day, in his nets, feveral Cranes, and feveral Geefe; among ft which there happened to be a Stork,

Ce pauvre Oifeau le pria avec inftance de lui fauver la vie, et de lui rendre la liberté; d'autant qu'elle n'étoit ni Oîe, ni Grue, ét qu'elle ne fefoit de tort à perfonne.

This unfortunate Bird intreated him earnestly to spare her life, and to fet her at li berty; as she was neither a Goofe nor a Crane, and did no barm to any body.

Befides, faidhe, I take great care of my old mother, and feed her with all the attention I am capable of.

The unmerciful bird-catcher anfwered her, with an angry tone, what is all that to me? fince thou art now taken with others that have done me harm, thou shalt alfo die with them. MORA L.

De plus, dit-elle, j'ai grand foin de ma vieille mere, et la nourris avec toute l'attention dont je fuis capable.

L'oifeleur impitoyable lui répondit, avec aigreur, qu'eftce que cela m'importe ? puifque te voilà prife avec les autres qui m'ont fait du tort, tu

mourras avec eux.

Il ne faut jamais fréquenter que des gens de bien; car ceux qui s'affocient avec les méchans, périront avec eux; quoiqu'ils foient innocens,

We must never afsociate with any others but good people; for those who keep company with the wicked, will fuffer with them; though they may be innocent.



The FABLE of the FLY and the HORSE.

[blocks in formation]

A Fly fitting upon the pole of a carriage, called to Horfe that was drawing it; how flowly you creep along! won't you mend your pace, and go fafter? Take care, or I fall twinge your neck with the weapon I have

The Horfe, with an air of contempt, replied; your commands and threats are not worth my notice; I only dread the man, who, with his long and pliant whip, drives the burden which I bear: therefore, leave off Speaking to me in that faucy and impertinent manner:

Cette Fable fert à expofer l'impudente hardieffe, et le ridicule déportement de ces gens qui fans avoir ni force ni pouvoir, ne laffent pourtant pas de faire de vaines


For I know better than you can tell me, when to halt, and when to mend my pace.


This Fable ferves to expofe the impudent boldness and ridicutous behaviour of those people, who, having neither abilities nor power, dare neverthelefs utter vain and difdainful threats.

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