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heires, and fucceffors, for the time being, be a fuffici ent warrant and difcharge in this behalfe.

Persons that

And further our will and pleafure is, and we doe born in the hereby for us, our heires, and fucceffors, ordain, declare,

shall be

lands here

shall be considered as natural born sub. jects.

by granted and grant to the faid Governour and Companie, and theire fucceffors, That all and every the fubjects of us, our heires, or fucceffors, which fhall goe to and inhabite within the faid lands and premiffes hereby mentioned to be granted, and every of their children which fhall happen to be borne there, or on the feas in going thither or returning from thence, fhall have and enjoy all liberties and immunities of free and naturall subjects within any of the dominions of us, our heires, or fucceffors, to all intents, conftructions, and purpofes whatfoever, as if they and every of them were borne within Power to the realine of England. And that the Governour and


the oaths of deputy-Governour of the faid Companie for the time allegiance and suprebeing, or either of them, and any two, or more, of fuch macy to the of the faid Affiftants as fhall be thereunto appointed by

persons who

shall here- the faid Governour and Companie at any of their courts,

after settle

in the lands or affemblies to be held as aforefaid, fhall and may, at hereby


all tymes, and from tyme to tyme, hereafter, have full power and authority to administer and give the oath and oathes of fupremacie and allegiance, or either of them, to all and every perfon or perfons which shall at any týme, or tymes, hereafter goe or paffe to the lands and premiffes hereby mentioned to be granted, to inhabite in the fame.

Power to

And wee do, of our further grace, certaine knowledge,

make laws

and ordi- and meere motion, give and grant to the faid Governances, not nour and Companie, and their fucceffors, that it fhall

contrary to

the laws of and may be lawfull to and for the Governour, or deputyEngland.

Governour, and fuch of the Affiftants and Freemen of the faid Companie for the tyme being as fhall be af


fembled in any of their generall courts aforefaid, or in any other courts to be fpecially fummoned and affembled for that purpofe, or the greater part of them (whereof the Governour, or deputy-Governour, and five of the Affiftants, to be always feven) from tyme to tyme to make, ordaine, and establish all manner of wholefome and reafonable orders, laws, ftatutes, and ordinances, directions and inftructions, not contrary to the lawes of this our realme of England, as well for the fettling of the formes and ceremonies of government and magiftracie fitt and neceffary for the faid plantation and the inhabitants there, and for nameing and ftyling of all forts of officers both fuperiour and inferiour, which they fhall find needful for that government and plantation, and the diftinguishing and fettingforth of the feverall duties, powers, and limits of every fuch office and place, and the formes of fuch oathes, warrantable by the lawes and ftatutes of this our realme of England, as shall be refpectively miniftred unto them, for the execution of the faid feveral offices and places; as alfo for the difpofing and ordering of the elections of fuch of the faid officers as fhall be annuall, and of fuch others as fhall be to fucceed in cafe of death or removal, and miniftring the faid oathes to the new-elected officers; and for impofition of lawful fines, mulets, imprifonment, or other lawful correction, according to the courfe of other corporations in this our realme of England; and for the directing, ruleing, and difpofeing-of all other matters and things whereby our faid people inhabiting there may be fo religiously, peaceably, and civilly governed, as their good life and orderly conversation winne and invite the natives of that country to the knowledge and obedience of the onely true God and Saviour of mankind, and the Chriftian faith,




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which in our royall intention and the adventurers free profeffion is the principal end of this plantation. Willing, commanding, and requiring, and by thefe prefents for us, our heires and fucceffors, ordaineing and appointing, that all fuch orders, lawes, ftatutes and orserved and dinances, inftructions and directions, as shall be made

shall be ob


All such laws, pub

lished in writing under the


seal of the


by the Governour or deputy-Governour of the faid Company, and fuch of the Affiftants and Freemen as aforefaid, and published in writing under theire common feale, fhall be carefully and duely obferved, kept, performed, and putt in execution, according to the true intent and meaneing of the fame. And these our letters patents, or the duplicate, or exemplification, thereof, shall be, to all and every fuch officers, fuperiour and inferiour, from tyme to tyme, for the putting of the fame orders, lawes, ftatutes and ordinances, inftructions and directions, in due execution, against us, our heires and fucceffors, a fufficient warrant and difcharge.

The Governous and

other offi

cers em

ployed by

the compa.

ny in New


the inhabi

to the said

And we do further, for us, our heirs, and fucceffors, give and grant to the faid Governour and Companie, and their fucceffors, by thefe prefents, That all and every fuch chiefe commanders, captains, governours, and other officers and minifters, as by the faid orders, shailgovern lawes, ftatutes, ordinances, inftructions, or directions, tants thereof of the faid Governour and Companie for the tyme being, fhall be from tyme to tyme hereafter employed either in the government of the faid inhabitants and plantation, or in the way by fea thither or from thence, according to the natures and limits of their offices and places refpectively, fhall from tyme to tyme hereafter forever within the precincts and parts of New-England hereby mentioned to be granted and confirmed, or in the way by fea thither, or from thence, have full and abfolute power and authority to correct, punish, par



don, governe and rule all fuch, the subjects of us, our heirs, and fucceffors, as fhall from tyme to tyme adven ture themselves in any voyage thither or from thence, or that shall at any tyme hereafter inhabite within the precincts and parts of New-England aforefaid, according to the orders, lawes, ordinances, inftructions and directions aforefaid, not being repugnant to the lawes and ftatutes of our realme of England as aforefaid.

Power to

of the said

resident in



to defend

arms against

And wee do further, for us, our heires, and fuccef fors, give and grant to the faid Governour and Com- the officers panie, and theire fucceffors, by these prefents, That it company fhall and may be lawful to and for the chief comman- the premisders, governours, and officers of the faid companie for ses hereby the tyme being, who shall be refident in the faid part to the other of New-England in America by these presents granted, of the same, and others there inhabiteing, by their appointment themselves and direction from tyme to tyme and at all tymes here- by force of after, for their fpeciall defence and fafety to encounter, invaders. repulfe, repell, and refift, by force of arms, as well by fea as by land, and by all fitting wayes and meanes whatfoever, all fuch perfon and perfons as fhall at any tyme hereafter attempt or enterprise the deftruction, invafion, detriment, or annoyance of the faid plantation or inhabitants: And to take and furprife by all wayes and meanes whatfoever all and every fuch person and perfons, with their fhipps, armour, munition, and other goods, as fhall in hoftile manner invade and attempt the defeatinge of the faid plantation, or the hurt of the faid companie and inhabitants. Neverthelefs, our will and pleasure is, and we do hereby declare for the case to all Chriftian Kings, Princes, and States, that, if of injuries any person or perfons which fhall hereafter be of the by the faid companie or plantation, or any other by lycenfe the said or appointment of the faid Governour and Companie against



members of



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the king's

of any other prince or state.

others of for the tyme being, fhall, at any time or times, heresubjects, or after, robb or fpoyle by fea or by land, or do any hurt, the subjects violence, or unlawful hoftility to any of the subjects of us, our heirs, or fucceffors, or any of the subjects of any Prince or State being then in league and amity with us, our heirs, and fucceffors, and that upon fuch injury done, and upon juft complaint of fuch Prince or State, or their fubjects, wee, our heires, or fucceffors, shall make open proclamation within any of the parts within our realme of England commodious for that purpose, that the perfon or perfons having committed any fuch robbery or fpoyle, fhall, within the terme limited by fuch a proclamation, make full reftitution or fatisfaction of all fuch injuries done, fo as the faid Princes or others fo complaining may hould themfelves fully fatisfied and contented. And that if the faid perfon or perfons having committed such robbery or fpoyle fhall not make, or caufe to be made, fatisfaction accordingly, within fuch tyme fo to be lymitted, that then it fhall be lawful for us, our heires, and fucceffors, to putt the faid perfon or perfons out of our allegiance and protection; and that it fhall be lawful and free for all Princes to prosecute with hostility the said offenders and every of them, their, and every of their, procurers, ayders, abettors, and comforters, in that behalfe.

Provisoe reserving to

Provided alfo, and our expreffe will and pleasure is,

other sub

the king's and wee do, by thefe prefents, for us, our heires and fucceffors, ordaine and appoint, that these presents shall

jects the

right of fish

ing on the not in any manner enure, or be taken, to abridge, barre,

coast of the

or hinder any of our loving fubjects whatfoever to use and exercife the trade of fifhing upon the coafts of New-England in America by thefe prefents mentioned to be granted: But that they, and every or any of them, fhall have full and free power and liberty to



hereby granted.

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