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ward as far as our colonies of Rhode Iand, Connecs tient, and the Narrowganset country; and also that part and portion of Main land beginning at the entrance of Piscataway harbour, and fo palling up the same into the river of Newickewannocke, and through the same into the furthest head thereof, and from thence North-westward till one hundred and twenty miles be finished, and from Piscataway harbour mouth aforesaid, Northcastward along the sea.coast to Sagadehock, and from the period of one hundred and twenty miles aforesaid, to cross over land to the one hundred and twenty-miles before reckoned-up into the lands from Piscataway harbour through Newickarnocke river; and also the North half of the Iles of Shoals, together with the Iles of Chappawock and Nantuckett, near Cape Cod aforefaid ; and also the lands and hereditaments lying and being in the Country or Territory commonly called Accadia or Nova-Scotia ; and all those lands and hereditaments lying and extending between the said Country or Territory of Nova-Scotia and the said river of Sagadahock, or any part thereof; and all lands, grounds, places, foils, woods and wood-grounds, havens, ports, rivers, waters, and other bereditaments and premises whatsoever, lying within the said bounds and limits aforesaid, and every part and parcel thereof; and also all INands and I Nets lying within ten leagues directly opposite to the main land within the said bounds, and all Mines and Mineralls, as well Royal Mines of gold and silver, as other Mines and Minerals

whatsoever, in the said lands and premises, or any part Habendum.

thereof; to have and to hold the said Territories, tracts, countries, lands, hereditaments, and all and fingular other the premises, with their and every of their appurtenances, to our faid subjects, the inhabitants of our



under the

of the for

faid province of the Massachusetts Bay in New-England, and their successors, to their only proper use and behoof for evermore; to be holden of us, our heirs and fucceffors, as of our manor of East Greenwich in the County of Kent, by fealty only, in free and common soccage, yielding and paying therefore yearly, to us, our heirs and succeffors, the fifth part of all gold and silver ore and precious stones, which mall from time to time, and at all times hereafter, happen to be found, gotten, had and obtained, in any of the said lands and pre- Provisce in

favour of mises, or within any part thereof: Provided neverthe-grants niace less, and we do for us, our heirs and successors, grant autherity and ordain, that all and every such lands, tenements, mer Cez. hereditaments, and other estates, which any person or ter of king

Charles the persons, or bodies politick or corporate, towns, villages, First. colleges, or schools, do hold and enjoy, or ought to have, hold and enjoy, within the bounds aforesaid, by or under any grant or estate duly made or granted by any General Court formerly held, or by virtue of the letters patents herein before-recited, or by any other lawful right or litle whatsoever shall be by such person and persons, bodies politick and corporate, towns, villages, colleges, or schools, their respective Heirs, Succeffors and Assigns, for ever hereafter held and enjoyed according to the purport and intent of such respective grant, under and subject neverthelels to the rents and services thereby reserved or made payable; any matter or thing whatsoever to the contrary notwithstanding. And provided also, that nothing herein contained shall extend, or be understood or taken, to impeach or prejudice any right, title, interest, or demand, which Samuel Allen, of London, Merchant, claiming from and under John Mafon, Esquire, deceased, or any other perlon, or persons, hath, or have, or claimeth or claim, to

A Gover

have, hold or enjov, of in to or out of any part or parts of the premises situate within the limits above-mentioned; but that the said Samuel Allen, and all and every such person and persons, may and shall have, hold and enjoy the same, in such manner (and no other than) as if these presents had not been bad or made; it being our further will and pleasure, that no grants or conveyances of any lands, tenements or hereditaments to any towns, colleges, schools of learning, or to any private person or perfons, shall be judged, or taken, to be avoided, or prejudiced, for, or by reason of, any want, or defect, of form, but that the fame stand and remain of force, and be maintained, adjudged, and have effect in such manner as the same should,or ought, before the time of the said recited judgement, according to the laws and rules then and there usually practised and allowed.

And we do further, for us, our heirs and succeffors, nour, Lieu. will, establish, and ordain, that from henceforth for ever vernour and there shall be one Governour, one Lieutenant, or Deputy, Secretary of the Province Governour, and one Secretary, of our said Province or to be appointed by Territory, to be from time to time appointed and comthe king. missionated by us, our heirs and successors, and eight

and-twenty-Asistants or Councillors, 10 be advising and affisting to the Governour of our faid Province or Territory for the time being, as by these presents is hereafter directed and appointed, which said Couucil and AMifiants are to be constituted, elected and chosen, in such form and manner as hereafter in these presents

is expreffed. Twenty- And for the better execution of our royal pleasure eight Counsellors. and grant in this behalf, We do, by these presents, for

us, our Heirs and Successors, nominate, ordain, make and constitute, our trusty and well beloved Simon Broadstreet, John Richards, Nathaniel Saltenstall, Wait



Winthrop, John Philips, James Ruffell, Samuel Sewall, Samuel Apleton, Bartholomew Gedney, John Hawthorne, Elisha Hutchins, Robert Pike, Jonathan Curwin, John Jolliffe, Adam Winthrop, Richard Middle. cot, John Foster, Peter Serjeant, Joseph Lynd, Samuel Heyman, Stephen Mason, Thomas Hinkely, William Bradford, John Walley, Barnabas Lowthrop, Job Alcot, Samuel Daniel, and Silvanus Davies, Esquires, the first and present Counsellors or Affitants of our said Province, to continue in their faid respective offices or rusts of Counsellors or Affisants until the last Wed. nesday in May, which shall be in the year of our Lord One thousand Six hundred Ninety-three, and until other Counsellors or Asistants (all be chosen and appointed in their stead, in such manner as in these presents is expressed.

And We do further, by these presents, constitute and appoint our trusty and well-beloved Isaac Addington, Esquire, to be our first and present Secretary of our faid province during our pleasure. And our will and pleasure is, that the Governour of the Gover

nour to have our faid province, for the time being, shall have authority from time to time, at his discretion, to assemble semble the and call-together the Counsellors, or Alistants, of our his discresaid province, for the time being; and that the said Governour, with the said Allifants, or Counsellors, or fe- Counsel

lors at least, ven of them at least, shall and may, from time to time, must be hold and keep a Council for the ordering and directing

present at

every meet. the affairs of our said province.

ing of the

Council. And further, we will, and, by these presents, for Us, A General Our heirs and successors, do ordain and grant, that Courrone there shall and may be convened, held, and kept, by the to be held Governour for the time being, nipon every last Wednesday in the month of May every year for eyer, and at all

power to as

Council at



every year.

to this As

be chosen

the pro


such other times as the Governor of our said province

thall think fit and appoint, a Great and General Court Deputies or Assembly; which said Great and General Court, or sembly to Affembly, shall consist of the Governour and Council, or by the free. Asistants, for the time being, and of such frecholders holders of of uur said province, or territory, as shall be from time

to time elected, or deputed, by the major part of the freeholders, and other inhabitants of the respective towns and places, who fall be p:csent at such ele&tions; each of the said towns and places being hereby impowered to elect and depute two persons, and no more, to serve for and represent them refpe&tively in the said Great aud General Court or Affembly, to which Great and General Court or Assembly, 10 be held as aforefaid, We do heredy for Us, Our heirs and succeffors, give and grant full power and authority, from time 10 time, to dire&, appoint and declare, what numberof each

county, town, and place, Thall elect and depute to serve Qualifica- for and represent them respectively in the said Great tion of the electors.

and General Court or Affembly, provided always, that no freeholder, or other person, shall have a vote in the election of Members to serve in any Great and General Court or Affembly, to be held as aforesaid, who, at the time of such election, Dall not have an cltate of free

hold in land, within our faid province or territory, of Oaths to be the value of forty shillings per annum at least, or other taken by the estate to the value of fifty pounds sterling; and that persons cleciel.

every person who shall be fo clected, shall, before he fit or act in the said Great and General Court or Affembly, take the oath mentioned in the act of parliament made in the first year of Our reign, intituled, “ An act for the abrogating of the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy, and appointing other Oaths," and thereby appointed to be taken instead of the Oaths of Allegi


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