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For my feeding is the leaft expence I am at. In what you spent thofe eight-pence, said the king: I spend only, replied be, two-pence to nourish me and my wife; I pay my debts with two others: I put two others in the flocks, and the two remaining I throw away. How is this done? faid the king; explain me this. Willingly, faid the labourer; Ispend twopence for the nourishment of me and my wife, and for fo little money, we can but live like the brute creation, and fomething worse. With the other two-pence I pay my debts, that is to fay, I have ftill my father and mother, which are fo old, that they are no more. able to labour, and as they have kept me when ↑ was young, I keep them now in their old age; thefe means, I pay what I owe them. The two other pence, which I laid out in the flocks, are for the nourishment of my children, which are yet fo young that they cannot labour; I lend them now, in hopes that they will render it to me, when broken by old age, and unable to work for myself. The twopence which I throw away, are for the keep of two girls, which my wife had in a former marriage, for 1 never hope to have that money returned.

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Tot eenen Vriend,


GY zegt my dat gy zyt vol zugten Dat teer volk myn' digt mag dugten,

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Voorzigtig ook gy denkt myn rymatig wi Zoud nooit zien fcheel op hofschen schyngwoc2 Want fchoon nog dit nog dat is meend,

Weet gy wat hun gedagt verleent?

Gy vraagd my heeft ooit zulks behaagd Word hap of keuvel dus gevraagd.. 'k middel niet met kap of keuvel


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Vley-digers reiken den heuvel.ot porg I atac to
Zy weeten heeren zyn zeer vies,ng grond qud E
Zeggen nooit waar hunn' weekheid is sh
'Kwil dien kruip-pad niet betreffen;

Ik yvere niet om te verheffen;

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Zoud ik onteer de zang-goddin?ls
Neen 'k weigere al eer en gewin, lay
'K wil nog vleyen nog veragten; raftom I
Ondeugd schaamen, 'k zal betragten., ng


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YOU tell me that you apprehend
My verfe may touchy folks offend.
In prudence too you think my rhimes
Should never fquint at courtiers crimes;
For though not this or that is meant,
Can we another's thoughts prevent?
You ask me if I ever knew
Court chaplains thus the lawn pursue.
I meddle not with gown or lawn:
Poets, I grant to rife must fawn.
They know great ears are over-nice,
And never fhock their patron's vice.
But I this hackney path despise ;
'Tis my ambition not to rife:
If I must prostitute the mufe,
The bafe conditions I refufe.
I neither flatter or defame;

Yet own I would bring guilt to fhame.

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Zoo 'k het kwaad zal vooren leezen, elewach I L
Elk fchurk zal myn' vyand weezénacarron vápn20
Wat dan hun gantfch geflagt ik haat

Laat my de deugd; en hun het kwaad sanos nã
Schoon ik begeere niemands goed o
Minifter's geld is duivels broed;
Waar omkoop uit gebruik gebragt,
T'waar zegen voor 't arm geflagt,

'T zoud kwellen staatkundig gefpuis,unge!" wood },
Gebonden zynde tot dat kruis:ion tiet geeft swol
Paalen hun magt en rykdommen, with Maroon5
En hun gedrag heel ontmominen, da se ba30
Waar hun werktuig dus afgeflaan? (ask godt wro
Waar zouden hun fchuimloopers gaan as H.
Was dat de zaak, laat ons eens zien, it 979
'Tongeval dat 'er zoud geschien. lafiterend tod Ve
Schoon 't mogt vergrooten onzen ftaat, 15 Agwod P
Kanpragtb ftaan op zilver plaat ? simuing abo
Vorft mogt zyn gunfteling vergelden,
Wat zouden dan minifters melden,

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Zyn' agterloopers en zyn' fpien, note
Konden geen jaar's in komft voorzien,

zo 40
Miffchien neemt ook weg dit gewin, o samodin I
Iet anders mogt dan koomen in. ^ net dudan nh
Byzyds om penfioen te weig ren,haec 15 „zabíjac
Zoud hoovaardy de borft op fteig reny hisch
'T mogt verwarren's minifters ftaat, sc idgu
Maar t land bevrien van voorder kwaad, ba
Ik geef niet of men my bevroeded for 5700 I
Myn doelwit is't gemeine goed om yine I
Laat die wilt myn vrydom blaamen, odor tal bed
k zal d'hofjonker's wel doen fchasmendis 50
Hun inkoomen moet zyn gefchroedd
'k wenfch 't land uit fchuld en 't volk uit nood, I
heb geen wangunft voor hovelingen, on I
'k wil hun geluk niet bedingen boy older d

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If I corruption's band expofe, its borwa
I make corrupted men my foes, "
What then? I hate the paltry tribo
Be virtue mine: Be theirs the bribe.
I no man's property invade : 24
Corruption's yet no lawful trade;
Nor would it mighty ills produce,

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Could I fhame brib'ry out of ufe. Burns, Low P I know 'twould cramp moft politicians, owa bubs T Were they ty'd down to thefe conditions

'Twould fint their power, their riches boundass And make their parts feem lefs profound. Were they deny'd their proper tools,

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How could they lead their knaves and fools 25 VV Were this the cafe, let's take a view, oh teles W What dreadful mifchiefs would ensue, abo Though it might aggrandize the ftate,joma' noɔɖɔë Could private luxury dine on plate Crni qasd

Kings might indeed their friends reward, you shoV But minifters find less regard.

Informer's, fycophants and fpies,

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Would not augment our year's fupplies gay gabno do
Perhaps too, take away this prop, Juɔon nɔbishiM
An annual job or two might drop.
Befides, if penfions were deny'd,
Could avarice fupport its pride?
It might ev'n minifters confound,
And yet the fate be fafe and found.
I care not thoughts underflood
I only mean my country's good
And let who will my freedom blameņu tine sib 128 I,
I wish all courtiers did the fame. 13oftorL les 50
Nay, though fome folks the left might get

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I wish the nation out of debt. 13 haal new
I put no private man's ambitiongnew nesz doda
With public good in competition


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