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Works by Miss Catherine Sinclair. MODERN ACCOMPLISHMENTS; or, the March of

. . MODERN SOCIETY ; the Conclusion of Modern Accom

plishments. Ninth Thousand. Price 78. HILL and VALLEY; or, Wales and the Welsh. Fourth

. . HOLIDAY HOUSE; a Series of Tales for Young Persons,

3 Eighth Thousand. Price 5s. 6d. ; with Colored Plates, 6s. 6d. "We find in this volume, as in all Miss Sinclair's other productions, the same lively intellect, the same buoyant good humor, the same easy and vigorous style, the same happy talent for observation and description, the same warfare against the fashionable follies of the day, and the same assiduity in inculcating the lessons of morality and religion.' Edinburgh Advertiser. JANE BOUVERIE; and How She Became an Old Maid.

Third Thousand. Price 5s. Or in One Volume (Run and Read Library), Is. 6d:

. There is so much good sense, so much real philosophy, so much wit, and such sound religious principles, infused throughout its pages, that a perusal of it is most refreshing.'-- Church and State Gazette. SCOTLAND and the SCOTCH; or, The Western Circuit. THE MYSTERIOUS MARRIAGE; or,

Sir Edward Graham. One Vol. (Run and Read Library), ls. 6d.

Second Thousand. Three Vols. Price 12s. Or in One Volume
(Run and Read Library), 1s. 6d. 30,000 copies sold in America.
CHARLIE SEYMOUR; or, The Good Lady and the Bad

Lady. Third Edition. Price 25.
JOURNEY OF LIFE. Fourth Thousand. Price 5s.
BUSINESS OF LIFE. Two Vols. Price 10s.

Price 1s. Railway POPISH LEGENDS, or BIBLE TRUTHS. Price 5s.

A great amount of useful information will be found in this handsome volume: and, from its animated style, it is likely to be very acceptable and useful to the class for whom it is specially designed.'- Christian Times, March 26th, 1852. Recommended from the Pulpit by several Clergymen in the United States. BEATRICE ; or, The Unknown Relatives. Three Vols.

Or in One Volume (Run and Read Library), 2s. 25,000 copies sold in one month in America.

: Gay: The Murder Hole; The Drowning Dragoon ; Lady Mary Pierrepoint : Vansittart; an Homes of London, High and Low. M LEMOIR OF SIR JOHN SINCLAIR.

Price id. London: W. & R. Chambers. THE CABMAN’S HOLIDAY: a Tale. Price id.

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