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IT has been the general complaint of all those who have paid attention to modern systems of Female Education, that utility has been sacrificed at the shrine of external accomplishments; and that, from the confined manner in which Females are taught many of its most useful branches, they merely obtain a smattering of knowledge, which, like the seed sown in barren soil, becomes unproductive and soon withers and decays.

The Compiler of the present Work, to remove this complaint, as far as his Female Instructor may be concerned, has endeavoured to present the Fair Sex with a volume at once

simple, instructive, and pleasing; and he has the more readily undertaken the important task of Preceptor, as no publications of a similar nature have appeared, but what are defective in several most essential articles of Education, being improperly arranged, and the rudiments of knowledge not sufficiently simplified for the young and tender minds. of those, whom they profess to instruct.

From the arrangement and contents of this Work, the young Female may be led on from step to step in the easiest manner possible, through all the various stages of useful knowledge; and even those who have before received some education may here find considerable instruction and amusement.

The peculiar advantage of this Work therefore is, that it contains many necessary branches of knowledge, accompanied by useful tables, &c. omitted in others of the same nature, such as Arithmetic, Geography, General

History, Chronology, &c. which a reference to the following table of contents will shew. And, in the English Grammar and other essential articles, the Compiler has given the lessons in so concise, simple, and pleasing a manner as cannot fail to afford instruction and delight. His selection, he flatters himself, will also be considered, upon examination, superior to every similar compilation; and the whole, he trusts, will be found fully to verify the title; that it is in truth" a sure "and complete Guide to every necessary



acquirement, essential in forming a pleasing Companion, a respectable Mother, or useful "Member of Society."


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