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HEAVENWARD doth our journey tend,
We are strangers here on earth;
Through the wilderness we wend
Towards the Canaan of our birth.

Here we roam a pilgrim band,

Yonder is our native land.

Heavenward stretch, my soul, thy wings,

Heavenly nature canst thou claim;
There is naught of earthly things
Worthy to be all thine aim;
Every soul whom God inspires
Back to him, its Source, aspires.

Heavenward! doth his Spirit cry,

When I hear him in his word, Showing thus the rest on high,

When I shall be with my Lord: When his word fills all my thought, Oft to heaven my soul is caught.

Heavenward ever would I haste,
When thy table, Lord, is spread;
Heavenly strength on earth I taste,
Feeding on the Living Bread.

Such is e'en on earth our fare
Who thy marriage feast shall share.

Heavenward! Faith discerns the prize
That is waiting us afar,

And my heart would swiftly rise,
High o'er sun and moon and star,
To that Light behind the veil
Where all earthly splendours pale.

Heavenward Death shall lead at last,
To the home where I would be;
All my sorrows overpast,

I shall triumph there with thee,
Jesus, who hast gone before,
That we too might heavenward soar.

Heavenward! Heavenward! Only this
Is my watchword on the earth;
For the love of heavenly bliss
Counting all things little worth.
Heavenward all my being tends,
Till in heaven my journey ends.

When wilt thou Die?


Not in the solemn night,

When dim and shadowy all things appear;

When thoughts are tinged with mournfulness and


And nature's fairest scenes are veiled from sight; For darkness only throws a deeper gloom

Around the opening tomb.

But let the gladsome day

Smile upon my departure; let the bright
And glorious sunshine image forth that light

Which soon shall beam with pure and fadeless ray

Upon my ransomed spirit; let no cloud

Life's closing scene enshroud.

Not in the hour of health,

Without one kind adieu or parting token,

When suddenly the chain of life is broken,

And our last messenger comes as by stealth;From quick transition to eternity,

Good Lord, deliver me.

Calm be my last farewell

To all the joys and cares and griefs of earth;
On themes of precious and immortal worth
In peaceful contemplation let me dwell;
As gradually fades the light of day,
So let me pass away.

Not in a distant land,

Or on the bosom of the lonely sea,

Where stranger forms would coldly bend o'er me;
Far, far from the loved and home-linked band;
Without one friend my dying hours to bless,
And soothe my weariness.

But gather round my bed

The loved ones who have gladdened life's past hours: Let cherished objects, fondly-tended flowers,

And well-known faces, comfort round me spread; And gentle words of counsel and of love

Point me to hopes above.

Saviour! thou wilt not chide

These simple wishes twined around the grave;
And yet 'tis better that on death's cold wave

My trembling vessel thou shouldst launch and guide, How, when, and where thou wilt: what should I fear With thee, my pilot, near?

Through all life's troublous way

Thou hast sustained me.

Thou wilt keep me still.

Veiled is the future, yet I fear no ill;

But ready stand thy summons to obey. It matters little what the path may be, So that it leads to thee.

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