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two particulars—entire trust in Christ for justification, and a sincere and universal love of holiness, with a dependence on the Holy Spirit for its existence, continuance and increase. If, my friend, you have these evidences now, you need not perplex yourself by a multitude of scruples. You may dismiss your doubts. God's word will never deceive any who rely upon its guidance. You may not know the day nor even the year when spiritual life commenced in your soul; and yet, if you now feel its warm pulsations-if you breathe its genuine aspirations-if your heart's treasures are in heaven, and if the cause of God is dearer to you than any other interest-if his people are dearer to you than any other people—if your most constant and supreme desire is to glorify God your Redeemer, whether by living or dying— then may you welcome death. He is no king of terrors to you. You may say, "Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly!"

Perhaps some of you are afraid of the pangs of death. You have heard of the convulsive strugglethe dying groans-the difficult breathing-and the ghastly countenance. Well, it must be confessed, the scene is appalling; but it is soon over, for ever. I am of opinion, however, that often there is the appearance of dreadful suffering where the patient is

unconscious of any very acute pain; and very frequently the departure of the immortal spirit is, at the last, like falling into a gentle sleep. And not unfrequently, while the body is racked with pain, or with what would produce pain in other circumstances, the soul is so supported and comforted by the sweet peace of God poured into it, that the disorders and convulsions of the body are scarcely thought of. And in many instances God takes his people away by a sudden stroke;-they know nothing about it until they awake in heaven. Oh what a transition! Or, if it be necessary to let in the light of glory gradually, God, who knows our constitution, will order all things well.

I would advise you to meditate much on death. Collect and have in memory a number of precious promises for the occasion. Put up many prayers for grace and strength for a dying hour. Beg an interest in the intercessions of your Christian friends. Keep your minds calm, and yield not to perturbing cares. Be found at your post when the summons comes, with your loins girded and lights burning.

Our Beloved have Departed.


OUR beloved have departed,
While we tarry broken-hearted
In the dreary, empty house;
They have ended life's brief story,
They have reached the home of glory,

Over death victorious!

Hush that sobbing, weep more lightly;
On we travel, daily, nightly,

To the rest that they have found:
Are we not upon the river,
Sailing fast, to meet for ever

On more holy, happy ground?

On we haste, to home invited,
There with friends to be united

In a surer bond than here;
Meeting soon, and met for ever!—
Glorious hope, forsake us never,
For thy glimmering light is dear.

Ah! the way is shining clearer,

As we journey ever nearer

To the everlasting home.

Comrades, who await our landing,

Friends, who round the throne are standing, We salute you, and we come.

Confidence in God.


BITTER anguish have I borne,
Keen regret my heart hath torn,
Sorrow dimmed my weeping eyes,
Satan blinded me with lies;

Yet at last am I set free;
Help, protection, love to me
Once more true companions be.

Ne'er was left a helpless prey,
Ne'er with shame was turned away,
He who gave himself to God,

And on him had cast his load.

Who in God his hope hath placed
Shall not life in pain outwaste;
Fullest joy he yet shall taste.

Though to-day may not fulfil
All thy hopes, have patience still;
For perchance to-morrow's sun
Sees thy happier days begun.

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