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solations. "Oh, there is, there can be no mercy for


Such a sinner, such a sinner!"

"But I thought you didn't understand what sin is-that you had never sinned? What have

doing so bad of late ?"

you been

"Oh, do not talk so; I have committed the greatest

sin that any one can commit."

[blocks in formation]

"Oh, it's rejecting Christ's mercy all these years. Surely he will not save me now."

Jesus was preached to her as "able to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him." Heb. vii. 25. It was, however, many days before she could rest upon Christ alone, and believe that he would have anything to do with such a sinner. Prayer was daily made for her and with her. The old elder, her neighbor, whose visits and prayers were once unwelcome, was urged by her to come as often as he could, and all other Christian friends were entreated

to pray.

"The worst is," said she, "I have been sinning on and on, and opposing everything good so long; and now I am shut up in this corner, where I can do nothing but come to Christ; and can it be possible that he will receive me when I can do nothing else?" "Yes, he has promised to save to the uttermost.

He ever liveth, he will be your Saviour eternally. He is willing to begin to be your Jesus now. Though aged, you are blessed with clear reason. You can hear and understand his message: 'Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved."" Acts xvi. 31.

At last light broke in upon her soul. She saw the compassion of Jesus. She received him into her heart, and found all his promises true. Then her prayers were mingled with praises. She called upon all about her to sing the praises of her Saviour. In the night she would awake and request this, and on more than one occasion succeeded in having her friends sing "songs in the night." Old hymns long forgotten came back to her memory, and must be searched up and sung. The burden of those she loved most was the power of Christ to cleanse and save the vilest sinners. Jesus had discovered to her her sinfulness; Jesus had made her whole. The language of her heart was,

"A guilty, weak, and helpless worm,

On thy kind arms I fall:

Be thou my strength and righteousness,
My Jesus and my all.”

Here are important lessons.

1. There is hope even for those whose case seems most

hopeless. Never despair of such. Use all the means of grace for them. Do not argue with them. Read or repeat to them God's word, converse with them tenderly, and pray for them earnestly. Every true prayer will be answered, and every portion of truth become at last effectual.

2. Let parents train their children for Christ, and in faith commit them to his care. Teach them his word, set before them a godly example, and if you are taken from them, trust in God to make them his own. "I believe," said a dying Christian mother, "that all my children will be converted." And the event was in accordance with her faith.

3. Do not delay accepting Jesus as your Saviour. By so doing you rob God of that service which it is your privilege to render him now, and heap up sorrows for the future. Oh may you never know the pangs of remorse that follow a life of sin! If you are now convinced of your duty, and fail to do it, God may leave you to your chosen course, to sink into eternal death.

4. The greatest sin is rejection of Christ's love. Such is the testimony of a conscience enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Ah, sinner, beware! Are you slighting the infinite love of Jesus? Remember it was to bless you that he died; to make you for ever happy

he bowed his head in unutterable anguish. And his power is as mighty as his love. If you believe on him, he can, he will save you. HE IS ABLE TO SAVE THEM TO THE UTTERMOST THAT COME UNTO GOD BY HIM.

A Little Mbile.


BEYOND the smiling and the weeping I shall be soon;

Beyond the waking and the sleeping, Beyond the sowing and the reaping, I shall be soon.

Love, rest and home!

Sweet home!

Lord, tarry not, but come!

Beyond the blooming and the fading I shall be soon;

Beyond the shining and the shading, Beyond the hoping and the dreading, I shall be soon.

Love, rest, and home!

Sweet home!

Lord, tarry not, but come!

Beyond the rising and the setting
I shall be soon;

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