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No night distils

Its chilling dews upon the tender frame;

No morn is needed there,-the light which fills That land of glory from its Maker came.

No parted friends

O'er mournful recollections have to weep;-
No bed of death enduring love attends,
To watch the coming of a pulseless sleep.

No blasted flower

Or withered bud celestial gardens know;

No scorching blast or fierce descending shower Scatters destruction like a ruthless foe.

No battle word

Startles the sacred host with fear and dread:
The song of peace creation's morning knew
Is sung wherever angel minstrels tread.

Let us depart,

If home like this await the weary soul:

Look up, then, stricken one,-thy wounded heart Shall bleed no more at sorrow's stern control.

With Faith our guide,

White-robed and innocent, to lead the way,

Why fear to plunge in sorrow's rolling tide, And find the Ocean of Eternal Day?

Light at Eventide.


THE chequer'd day of life is past,
Its varied joys, its varied cares;
The clear blue sky is overcast,

And night a solemn aspect wears;

O thou whose smile makest all things bright, At evening time let there be light.

Darkness has often marked our way,
And sorrow on our souls has press'd;
But thou canst all our fears allay,

And cheer the closing hours of rest;
Thy love is boundless as thy might:
At evening time let there be light.

Oh, shine within our hearts; reveal
Thyself in Christ, the God of love;
Nor let one earthly cloud conceal
The glory of the land above;
Our faith increase-our hope excite:
At evening time let there be light.

Like radiant stars that chase the gloom,
And guide the traveller to repose,
So let thy promises illume

The shadow which death's coming throws; And ere our spirit takes her flight,

At evening time let there be light.

"Let there be light." One word from thee
Will every passing shade dispel;
Until thy face unveil'd we see,

And in thy cloudless presence dwell.
Soon shall our faith be changed to sight:
In heaven there will be perfect light!




"My times are in thy hand.”

YET will I trust! in all my fears,
Thy mercy, gracious Lord, appears,
To guide me through this vale of tears,

And be my strength.

Thy mercy guides my ebb and flow
Of health and joy, or pain and woe,
To wean my heart from all below,

To thee at length.

Yes! welcome pain which thou hast sent, Yes! farewell blessing thou hast lent;

With thee alone I rest content,

For thou art heaven.

My trust reposes safe and still
On the wise goodness of thy will,
Grateful for earthly good or ill,

Which thou hast given.

O blessed Friend! O blissful thought!
With happiest consolation fraught—
Trust thee I may, I will, I ought-

To doubt were sin.

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