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In this day, when so much labour is expended in producing almost innumerable books for the young, there is danger of our neglecting the aged ones who are about to pass off the stage of life. Yet there is a host of men and women in the decline of life who will be glad to receive a few words of instruction, of sympathy and of kindly cheer. For such this book has been prepared. May God bless it and make it a blessing to all such readers!

It will be seen that the materials for the volume have been gathered from a great variety of sources. Special acknowledgment is due to a volume entitled "Life's Evening Hour," published by the Religious Tract Society of London, from which several of the excellent anonymous pieces have been taken.

W. E. S.



Would you be Young Again?*


WOULD you be young again?
So would not I;-

One tear to memory given,

Onward I'll hie;

Life's dark wave forded o'er,

All but at rest on shore,

Say, would you plunge once more,
With home so nigh?

If you might, would you now
Retrace your way?

Wander through stormy wilds,

Faint and astray?
Night's gloomy watches fled,

Morning all beaming red,
Hope's smiles around us shed,
Heavenward, away!

* Written in the author's seventy-sixth year.

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