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“ This pillar was erected in the year 1656, by

Ann Countess Dowager of Pembroke, &c. for a

memorial of her last parting, in this place, with her

good and pious mother, Margaret, Countess Dow

ager of Cumberland, on the 2d of April, 1616: in

memory whereof she hath left an annuity of 41. to

be distributed to the poor of the parish of Brougham,

every 2d day of April for ever, upon the stone-table

placed hard by. Laus Deo!"

The Eden is the principal river of Cumberland,

and has its source in the wildest part of Westmore


Note a.

P. 51, l. .

Thus, with the manly glow of honest pride,

D'er his dead son old Ormond nobly sigh’d, &c.

Ormond bore the loss with patience and dig

nity: though he ever retained a pleasing, however

melancholy, sense of the signal merit of Ossory.

I would not exchange my dead son,” said he,

[blocks in formation]

High on exulting wing the heath-cock rose.

This bird, according to Mr. Pennant, is remark

able for his exultation during the spring; when he voice, and is so inattentive to his safety as to be

calls the hen to his haunts with a loud and shrill

[blocks in formation]

When lo! a sudden llast the vessel llew.

In a lake, surrounded with mountains, the agita

tions are often violent and momentary. The winds blow in gusts and eddies; and the water no sooner

swells, than it subsides.

See Bourn's Hist. of Westmoreland.

Note f. P. 63, I. 3.

To what pure beings, in a nobler sphere,

She yields delight but faintly imag'd here.

The several degrees of angels may probably

have larger views, and some of them be endowed

with capacities able to retain together, and con

stantly set before them, as in one picture, all their

past knowledge at once.

Locke on Human Understanding, book ii.

chap. x. 9




Villula, . et pauper agelle,
Me tibi, et hos unà mecum, quos semper amavi,

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