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Stern joy which warriors feel, 655.

Ruin's ploughshare, 463.
Sternest good-night, gives the, 882.
Sterte, out of his slepe to, 492.
Sticking place, screw courage to the, 802.
Stilf in opinions always in wrong, 909.
Stiften the sinews, 503.
Still achieving still pursuing.770.

an angel appear to each lover, 185.
beginning never ending.779
destroying lighting still, 772.
the wonder grew, 688.

to be neat, still to be drost, 713.
Stile, sitting on the, Mary, 292.
Stillness and the night.775.

modest, and humility, 503.
Sting, death where is thy, 36).
Stings of falschood. 899.
Stinks well-defined and several, 954.
Stir as life where in't, 900.

fretful, unprofitable, 104.

of tho great Babel, see the, 810.
Stirred his courage with the steel, 671.
Stirring, not a creature was, 06.
Stirs the feeling intlnite, 813.
Stoies, let's be no, nor stocks, S04.
Stoicism, the Romans call it, 799.
Stolen, the heart of a maiden is, 205.
Stomach, my, is not good, 946.
Stone to beauty grow, conscious, 736.

set in the silver sea, 603.
tell where I lie, not a. 9%.
underneath this, doth lie, 907.
unhewn and cold, 809.
violet by a mossy, 105.

walls do not a prison make, 147.
Stones of Rome to rise in mutiny, 877.
Stones piled, labor of an ago in, 906.

prate of my whereabout. 82
sermons in good in everything, 489.

the ename led, music with, 493.
Stools, push us from our, 868.
Stoops to folly, when lovely woman, 336.
Stop, to sound what, she please, 112.
Store, increase his, constant caro to, 650.
Stores, prepare thy slender watery, 672.
Storied urn or animated bust, 306.

windows richly disht, 787.
Stories of the death of kings, 310.
Storm, directs the, 539.

hollow pauses of the, 632.
polting of this pitiles: 191.
pilot that weathered the, 632.

rides upon the, 632.
Storme-beft vessell safely ryde, 311.
Storms of fate, brave man in the, 602.

of life, rainbow to the, 121.
of state, broken with the, 346.

unwonted, 6.32
Story March has come, 492

winds do blow, when the, 629.
Story being done, my, 11).

God bless you I've none to tell, 953,
of Cabusan bold. 787.
of her birth, repeats the, 376.
of any life, questioned me the, 145.
of our days, shuts up the. 745.

teach him how to tell my, 115.
Stout Cortez, when with eagle eyes, E05.
Strain of strutting chanticleer, $69.

prophetic, something like, 787.
soft is the, when zephyr blows, 806.
that, again it had a dying fall, 808.
to read among the hills, 910.

unpremeditated, 910.
Strains and heaves, after many, 071.
Strand, pass to the, American, 395.

India's coral, 395,

wandering on a foreign, 563.
Strange, but this is wondrous, S08.

but true, truth is always strange, 805.
Cozonage, 703.
eventful history, ends this, 711.
'twas passing strange, 145.

something, sea-change into, 869.
Stranger than fiction, truth is, 805.

yet to pain, 108,
Stratagems and spoils, treason's, 776.
Stratford-atte-bowe, scole of, 696.
Straw, tickled with a, 107.
Stream, summer eves by haunted, 786.

in smoother numbers flows, 806.
thy, my great example, 723.

which overflowed the soul, 801.
Streaming to the wind, like meteor, 725.
Streans from little fountains flow, 107.

more pellucid, 399.

shallow, run dimpling, 910.
Strength, excellent to have a giant's, 813.

king'y name is a tower of, 7.
lovely in your, as in the light, 680.
of nerve or sinew, 203,

our castle's, will laugh to scorn, 540.
Stretched on the rack, 7:21.

upon the plain, the struck eaglo, 800.
Strife, no, to heal, 203,
Strike, afraid t, wi.ling to wound, 910.

Strike for your altars and your fires, 582. Sun, logs of the, tears for the, 491.
mine eyes but not my heart, 713.

low descending day whose, 398.
themselves must, the blow, 681.

of the stately day, 804.
Stringy, harp of a thousand, 794.

of York, this, 011.
Striving to better oft we mar, 802.

pay no worship to the garish, 134.
Stroke a nettle tender handed, 800.

pleasant the, 490.
speak of some distressful, 143.

shadow in the, see my, 938.
Strokes, many, with a little axe, 802.

shine sweetly on my krave, 493.
Strong as flesh and blood, 805.

snatchey from the, the moon, 489.
stablishes the, restores the weak, 809. upon an Easter-day, no. 211.
in death, ruling passion, 780.

upon the upland lawn, to meet, 906.
nor'wester's blowink Bill, 630.

warms in the', 489.
suffer and be, how sublime to, 348.

weary of the, 'gin to be a, 310.
without rage, 723.

world without a, man a, 195.
Stronger by weakness, 754.

Sunbeams, motes that people the, 786.
Struck eagle, so the, stretched, 800. Sunday from weck does not divide, 509.
Struck'n deer go weep, let the, 671. Sunilower turns to her god, 171.
Struggling in the storms of fate, 602. Sung to call forth paramours, 492.
Struts and fruits his hour, 792.

Sunium's marble teep. place me on, 581.
Stubble land at harvest home, 506. Sunless land, sunshine to the, 309.
Studied in his death, 309.

treasuries, 632.
Studioris let me sit, 806.

Sunlight, as, drinketh new. 205.
Study of imagination, creep into his, 801. Sunneshine, flies of estate and, 191.

of mankind is man, the proper, 792. Sunny ay her skies, 721.
of revenge immortal hate, 610.

Suny, dwelling in the light of setting, 404.
what you most affect, 801.

widened with the process of, 237.
Stuff as dreams are made on, 867.

Sunset, blacke:t night at, 720.
made of sterner, ambition, 875.

of life gives mystical lore, 574.
O proper, $68.

Sunshine broken in therill, 348.
perilous, cleanse bosom of that, 347. in the shady place, 828.
Stuffs out his vacant garinents, 101.

of the breast, 793.
Stufft noting books, 80%.

settles on its head, eternal 688.
Stupid starers and loud huzzas, 781.

soul's calm, and heatselt joy, 796.
Style of man, Christian the highest, 399. to the sunless land, 309.
refines, how the, 812.

Superfluous laps the veteran, 804.
struck more men dumb, 938.

Supped full with horrors, 900.
Subdued to what it works in, 792.

Support, raise and, what is low, 395.
Subdues mankind, who surpasses or, $12. Surcease, catch with his, success, 900.
Subject of all verxe, lies the, 907.

Sure and firm-set earth. thou. 882.
such duty as the, owes the prince, 215. assurance doubly, I'll make, 793,
Sublime a thing it is to suffer, 348. Surge may sweep, where'er the 631.
tobacco, 814.

most swoln that met him, 67%.
Submission, yielded with coy, 711.

whoso liquid, resolves the morn, 489.
Substance of ten thousand soldiers, 868. Surges lash the sounding shore, 806.
Substantial things, glories are shadows Surpasses or subdues mankind, 312.
not, 301.

Surrender, to make a foe, 602.
Suburb of the life elysian, 272.

Survey, I am monarch of all I, 738.
Success, not in mortals to command, 802. our empire and behold our home, 626.
with his surcease, catch, 900.

Suspects yet strongly loves, 207.
Successive rise, fall successive and, 792. Suspnded oar, light drip of the, 685,
Succour dawns from heaven, 318.

Suspicion haunts the guilty mind, 795.
us that succour want, 373.

Swain, frugal, whose constant cares, 650.
Suck the sweets of philosophy, 804. Swallow, that come before the', 195.
Suckle fools, chronicle small beer, 723. Swallow's wings, hope ties with. 800.
Suckled in a creed outworn, 403.

Swan and shadow, itoat double, 493.
Suffer a sea-change, 868.

of Avon, sweet, 906.
and be strong, how sublime to, 348. on still St. Mary's lake, 193.

wet damnation run through 'em, 538. Swan-like let me sing and die, 581.
Sufferance, in corporal, find pang, 310. Swashing and a martial outside, 722.

is the badge of all our tribe, 316. Sway, mercy is above this sceptered, 793,
Suffering, child of, 317.

of magic potent over sun and star.
learn in, what they teach, 806.

sad humanity. 315.

prevailed with double, 688.
Suficiency, an elegant, 211.

required with gentle, 711.
Sugar o'er the devil himsell, 396.

the willing mind, who refuse thy,
Suits of woe, trappings and. 25.

'scape thy anger. 72.
Sullen dame, where sits our sulky, 847. Swear not by the inconstant moon, 207.
Summer day, eternal, 131, 580.

Swears a prayer or two and sleeps, 838.
even, stiliness of a, 867.

if he, he'll certainly deceive, 222.
friends, like, 121.

with so much grace, 201.
friendship, 120.

Sweat, a cold, thrills my limbs, 725.
Indian, fades too soon, 719.

grunt and, under a weary life, 297.
last rose of, left blooming alone, 465. Swelling of the voiceful sta, 802.
made glorious, by sun of York, 511. Sweeping whirlwind'y away, 108,
pastime of a drowsy, 70.

Sweet and bitter fancy, cud of, 813.
sea, calm and unruffled a3 a, 631,

and vertuous soul, only a 20%.
since, first was leafy, 271.

and voluble his discourse, 793.
sweet as, 723.

are the uses of adversity, 948.
thy eternal, shall not fade, 134.

as English air could make, 721.
then came the jolly, 192.

as summer, 723.
Summer's day, all way to henven, 721. as the primrose peeps, 690.
fanta-tic heat, thinking on, 316.

attractive grace, soitness and, 711.
noontide air, still as, 492.

belly jangled out of tune, 808.
ripening breath, 192.

childish days that were as long, 108.
Summer-blooms, all the prouder, 495.

day so cool so calm, 301.
Summers, this many, 321.

dayes and roses, full of, 302.
Summon up remembrance of things discourse, showers of, 193.
past, 115.

how passing, is solitude, 120.
up the blood, 503.

is pleasure after pain, 771.
Summons thee to heaven or to hell, 882. is revenge to women, 167.

upon a fearful, like guilty thing, 868. is the breath of morn, 490.
when thy, comes, 307.

little cherub sits up aloft.614.
Sun, and shule, fled fast through, 721. moonlight sleeps upon this bank,775.
and summer gale, 939.

nothing hall so, in life, 262.
as a dial to the, 796.

Phosphor bring the day, 189.
benighted walks under midday, 796. reluctant amorous delay, ill.
burnished livery of the, 722.

repast and calın repose, 23%.
clouds round the setting, 759.

shndy side of l'all Sall. 814.
common, the air, the skies, 489.

silent thought, sessions of, 115.
doubt that the, doth move, 206.

south, came o'er my ear like, 508.
early, has not attained his noon, 464. swan of Avon, 906.
goes round, the rest the, 125.

sway allow obedience, 794,
grow dim with age, 759.

will, river glideth at his own, 678.
hold glimmering tapers to the, 805. Sweet-and-twenty, kiss me, 12.
impearls on leaf and flower, 192. Sweete smels al around, 491.
in the lap of Thetis taken his nap, 190. perfections, caught with his, 904.
is a thief, 189.

Sweeten present joy, sorrows, 316.

Sweeter for thee despairing, 134.

pains of love be, 145.
Sweetest garland tó sweetest maid, 134,
Sweeting, al my sweet, 123,
Sweetly she bade me adieu, 241.
Sweet'ner of life, 120.

of hut and of hall, 604.
Sweetness linked, long drawn out, 786.

loathe the taste of, 815.
winton, witchingly instill a, 831.

waste its, on the desert air, 306.
Sweets compacted lie, box where, 302.

lost in the, fly that sips treacle, 205.
of Burn-mill meadow, 493.
of forgetfulness prove, 737.
the years best, 910.

to the sweet, 311.
Swell, music with its voluptuous, 511.
Swelling and limitless billows, 631.

of the voiceful sea, rise to the. 822.
Swells from the vale, tall cliff, 688.

pealing anthem, note of praise, 306.

the gale, simplest note that, 189.
Swift, too, tardy as too slow, 815.

true hope is, 800.
Swift-winged arrows of light, 739.
Swim to yonder point, 670.
Swimmer in his agony, strong, 632.
Swiins with ins of lead, 813.
Swoop, at one fell, 309.
Sword, famous by my, 150.

glued to my scabbard, 541.
his good, is runt, 9.
may pierce the beaver, 602.
penis mightier than the, 805.
Slander's edge sharper than the, 811.

take away the, 541.
Swords old friends like old, 121.

sheith their, 503.
Sydneian showers, 193,
Syllable man's names, tongues that, 830.

of recorded time, tho' last, 792.
Sylvia, except I be by, 134.
Sympathetic tear, the social smile, 232.

tiar, sacred source of, 939.
Syınpathy, secret, 203,
Symtom of a mind in health, 232.
Syrops, lucent, 179.
Table of my memory, 801.
Tables, my tables, 722.
Tackle trim, travery on and, 631.
Tail and mane used instead of rein, 671.
Tailor's news, swallowing a, 702
Taint of earth the odor of the skies, 204.
Tainted wether of the flock, 348.
Take away the sword, 511.

each man's Cunsure, 815.
her up tenderly, 135.
him for all in all, 721.
o boatinan thrice thy fee, 292.
( take those lips away, 263.
physic pomp, 102.
the go the gods provide, 772.

ye cacha shell, 810.
Takin' notes, a chiol amanx ye, 805.
Tule, a forn a, point a moral or, 909.

an honest er best X03.
every shepherd tells his 785.
hope tells a flattering, 271.
lest men suspect your, untrue, 805.
of Troy divine, 787.
round wuvarnish'd, deliver, 145.
school-boys, wonder of un hour, 792.
that I relate, Mizes thee, 215,
th rely hangs a, 791.
told by an idiot, full of sound, 792.
told his soft a thriving wroer, 204.
twice-told, tedious asa, 799.
unfold, I could a, 72.5.

wondrous, takes up the, 376.
Talent, his single, well-employed, 395.
Tales, and ears play truant at his, 723.

wave still tells its bub:linis, 720.
Talk only to coneal the mind, men, 801.

spent an hour's, withal, 721.
who never think, they always, 803.

with, witty to, 131.
Talking age and whispering lovers, 686.
Tull oaks from little acorns grow, 107.

the wise the reverend head, 308.
Tam was glorious, 813.
Tuner of the human breact, 315.
Tangies of Neera's hair. 223.
Tapers, hold thir, to the suin, 805.
Tara's halls, harp that through, 577.
Truk, delightful, 107, 214.
Tisk-master's eye, in my great. 395.
Taste of sweetness, loathe the, $15.

they never, who always drink, 803.

whose mrtal. 395.
Taste of men, various are, 814.
Tattered clothes, vices through, 802.

envirn down, tear her, 620.
Taught, by that power that pities, 139.

us how to die, 911.
us how to live, 911.

Taughte, afterward he, 697.

Theirs but to do and die, 517.
Tawny lion, now half appeared the, 496. not to make reply, 517.
Tea, counsel take and sometimes, 814.

not to reason why, 617.
Teach in song, what they, 806.

Theme, fools are my, satire my song, 80%.
me to feel another's woe, 370.

my great example as it is my.
souls to souls can never, 731.

Themes, our wonted, transcend, 274.
the rest to sneer, 910.

There is reaper whose llame is leath,276
the young idea how to shoot, 214.

is no death, 272.
Team ot littk atomies, 836.

There's nae sorrow there, John, 29.
heavenly-harnessed, 816.

the rub. 297.
Tear, betwixt smile and, pendulum, 792. Thereby hangs a tale, 791.
each others' eyes, 107.

These are thy glorious works, 363.
every woe a, can claim, 267.

Thetis, lap oi, sun in the, 490.
for pity, he hath a, 721.

Thick and thin, throukh,671.
forgot as soon as shed, 793.

as autumnal le ivet. 494.
her tuttered ensign down, 620.

inlaid with patines of gold, 775.
in her eye, 170, 201,

Thief doth fear each bush an uitlcer, 725.
lids unsullied with a. 816.

each thing's a 489.
mock the, it forced to flow, 899.

in either eye, 146.
small orb of one particular, 201.

of time, procrastination is the, 748
sympathetic, 232

the mon's an arrant, 189.
that is wiped with address, 464.

the sea's a, 489.
to misery all he had a, 307.

the sun's a, 489.
Tears, beguile her of her, 143.

Thierery, I'll example you with, 189.
big round, in piteous chase, 496. Thieves, beauty provoketh. 133,
choke me with joy, 225.

Thighs, his cuisses on his, 671.
crimson, will follow yet, 602.

Thing, acting of a dreadul, 900.
flattered to, 176.

ench, of sin and guilt, 796.
from some divine despair, 315.

fearful, to see soul take wing, 705.
idle tears, 315.

highest, truth is the, 93.
if you have, prepare to shed, 876.

how divine a, woman, 723
iron, down Pluto's cheek, 787.

how poor a, is man, S03.
like Niobe all. 723.

never say a foolish, 940.
love is loveliest embalmed in, 204. of beauty is a joy forever, 675.
moon into salt, resolves, 489.

simple fireside. 213.
must stop for every drop, 338.

sorrow of the meanest, feels, 662
nothing is here for, 794.

started like a guilty, 865.
of boyhood's years, 318.

the play's the, 14.
of the sky for loss of the sun, 491.

to one, constant nerer, 271.
of woe, the smiles of joy, 399.

trembled like guilty, surprised, 752.
some natural, they shed, 321.

undisputed, thou sayit ani, 485.
source of sympathetic, 939.

we like, we ligure to ourselves, 867.
such as angels weep, 346.

winsome wee, he is a, 210.
that speak, 804.

Things are not what they item, 169.
their own disgrace bewail, 494.

bitternest of, thought that springs
thoughts that lie too deep for, 759.

from, 348.
vale of, beyond this, 399.

contests rise from trivial, 815
wronged orphans', 541,

done at the Neimaid, 9:39.
Teche, and gladly, 697.

evil, some goodies in, 802.
Tedious as a twice-tuld tale, 799.

great lord of all, 792.
Teeth, drunkard clasp his.558.

Nighed and looked unutterable, 2014
of time, give lettered pomp to, 915. Things, loveliest of lovely, are they, 300.
Temper, bles ed with. 239.

man's best, are nenethim, 241.
justice with mercy, 391.

more, in heaven and earth, Su8.
whose unclouded ray, 232.

of sale seller's praise belongs to, 510.
Temperance, health consists with, 815. revolves the sad vicistides of, 569.
Temperate will, 128.

three, a wise man will not trust, 271.
Tempest of debate, 215.

tidings of invisible, 631.
Tempest's brenth prevail, 631.

unattempted in prose or rhyme, 987.
Tempests, glasses itself in, 607.

without all remedy, 792.
roar, nor, 309.

Think and not disclone her mind, 723.
Tempestuous petticoat, 713.

dares one thing, and another tell. 797
Temple, broke ope Lord's anointed, 900. bin so because I dunk, 12
can dwell in such a, 133,

may sigh to, he still has found, 121.
the groves were Gu's first, 452.

naught a trifle tho it small appear,
Temples, for the, of his gods, 567.
the solemn, 867.

of it dissolute man 395.
Tempted her with word too large, 204. they talk who never, 803.
Tempts by making rich, 803.

those that, must govern. $12
Ten winters more, freshly ran on, 300. Thinking an idle waste of thought. $03.
Tenable in your silence, 615.

nothing good or bad but, makes it so,
Tendance, touched by her fair, 205.

Tenderly, take her up. 335.

of the days that are no more, 315.
Tendrils strong as flesh and blood, 805. too much, to have common tho't, 804.
Tenement of clay, 908.

Thinks most lives nuost, who, it
Tenets, faith in some nice, 398.

too much, he, 722.
with books, principles with times, Thin-spun life, Fury slits the, 812.

Thorn, milk-white, beneath the, 385.
Tenor of his way. 794.

withering on the 196.
of their way, 306.

Thorns, set with little wilful, 721.
Tent, pitch my moving, 389.

thot in her bosom lodge, 345.
Tented field, action in the, 145.

which I have reaped. 800.
Tenth transmitter of a foolish face, 812. Those evening bells how many tale, 716.
Tents, fold their, like the Arabs, 816.

graceful acts, 795.
Terror, no, in your treats, 797.

that think must govern, $12.
shadows have struck more, 868. Thou canst not say I did it, 868.
Testament of bleeding war, 511.

Though deep yet clear, 723.
ope the purple, come to, 541.

last not least in love, 120.
Tetchy and wayward,

Thought, as a sare, he felt as a man. 73.
Text, God takey a, 361.

could wed it clf with spech, ere, SUA
many a holy, around she strews, 306. flunk forward is the prophecy, 652.
Thais sits beside thee,772.

I thought he thought I slept, 156.
Thames, most loved of Ocean's sons, 720. is deeper than all peech, 731
with no allaying. 147.

is speech and speech is truth, 108.
Thank thee Jew, 804.

is the slave of life,
whom none can. 797.

is tired of wandering, 867,
Thanked enough, when I'm not, 797.

leaped out to Wed with thought, 862
Thankless child, to have a, 318.

like a passing, she fed, 209
Thanks and use, both, 797.

like a peauunt, meet thee. 425.
of millions yet to be, are heard, 583. noon of, this dead of midnight, 4L
untraced to lips unknown, 807.

of our past yenrs doth bril
That is the question, 297.

pale cast of, sieklied wer with, 297.
Thaw and resolve itself into a dew, 311. pleasink dreadful, eternity thu, 738
Theatre, the world's a, 792.

power of, inagic of the mind, $12.
Thebes or Pelops' line, tragedy present- rear the tender. 214.
ing, 787.

sessions,of, sweet silent, 115.
Thee, no living with, nor without, 744. sho pined in, %51.




Thought so once and now I know it, 792. Time kept the, with falling oars they, 626. 'Tco solid flesh vould melt, 311.
strength of some diffusive, 603.

kill the, their only labor, 816, Tools, nothing but to name his. 803.
sweetly solemın, onc, 375,

Inid hand gently on my heart, 794. of working out salvation, 30.
thinking andle waste of, 808.

last llable of recorded, 792.

Tooth of time razure of blivion, 811.
thou wert a beautiful, so9.
of scorn to point at, 725.

sharper than a serpent 11,318.
thy wish was father to that, 800.

old, is still a-flying, 754.

Top, round and, of sovereignty, 75.
to have common, 801.
oll, makes these decay, 141.

totce, 107.
two souls with but a single, 205.

panting, toil'd after him in vain, 905. Tops of the eastern pines, fires the, 719.
vain or shallow.mot from a,735.

procrastination is the thief of, 748. Torrent and the whirivind runt, C02.
what oft was her well exprest, 807. rich with the spoils of, 306.

is licard on the hill, paught but the,
whose armor is his honest, 733.
rolls his ceaseless course, 791.

would destroy their paradise, 108.

Fages of ancient. 806.

Torrent's smoothnessero it dash, 494.
Thoughts as boundless, son ay free, 620. Eent before Iny, 938.

Torrent, motionless, 377.
calm, love light and, 7:39.
shall think to robus, 215.

solid, 404.
downwari lent, were always, 803.

shall throw dart at the, 907.

Torture of the mind to lic, 311.
dwelling of his, 809.

so hallowed and so gracious, 297. Torturing hour, scourg and, 345, 390.
great, great feelings came, 740.

stretched forefingor of all, 807. Toss him to my breast, 39).
in, more elevate, 809.

taught by, 316.

Touch, feel tenderest, sp der-like, 203.
of men are widened, 257.

teeth of, give lettered pomp to, 013. hath saved her boy, 296.
on hospitable, intent. 232.
to mourn, he that lacks, 3-18.

of a vanished hand, for the, 315.
pleasant, bring sal, 402
transported, with anvy, 215.

of love, the inly, 203.
river of his, she was ocean to the, 765. uponi hii bank and shoal of, 900.

of nature makes the world kin, 811.
slaughterous, 900.
what will not, suldue. 949.

that dares not put it to the, 19.
strange, transcend wonted themes, we should count, by heart-throbs,742. wound with a, Ecaratly felt, 800.

we take no noto of, 717.

Torch the highest point, 316.
that breathe and words that burn, 867. whips and scorns of, bear the, 297. Touches of sweet Larmony, 775.
that lie too deep for tenrs. 759.

with thee conversing I forget, 206. Touchstone, calamity is man's true, 348.
that shall live in general mind!, 70. writs no wrinkle on thy brow, 607. Touchy testy pleasant follow, 721.
that shall not die precious, 801. Time's deformed land, 799.

Tower of strength, king's name is a, 722.
that voluntary move, 407.

fool, life, 799

Towered cities please us then, 736.
that wander iliro'eternity, 791.

noblest offspring is the last, 587. Towering pussi: n, into a, 7:35.
whose very sweetness, 809.
Tiines have been, 868.

Towers along the stcop, no, 629.
Thousand blushing apparitions. 723.

of old, jolly pince said he in, 661.

and battlements it sees, 783.
decencies that daily ilow, 795.

principles with, tenets with books, cloud-capped, gorgeous palaces, 867.
fragrant posies, 157.


Town, man made the, 672
innocent shames in angel whiteness, Timothy learnt sin to fly, young. 397. Toy, a fooli-h thing was but a, 491.

Tinct with cinnamon, lucent wytops, 179. Toyle, troubleus, 311.
lines, dry desert of a, 807.

Tipple in the deep, fishes that, 147. Tragedy. sometime let, 787.
liveried angels lacky her, 790.
Tiptoe, jocund day stands, 490.

Trail of the serpent, 396.
melodies unheard before, 213,

religion stands on, 395.

Trailing clouds of glory, 758.
Thousands, slave to, 'tis his has been, 811. Tired nature's Sweet restorer, sleep, $16. Train of night, last in the, 103.
Threal, feels at cach, 196.

Title, who gained no, lost no friend, 120. starry, kems of heaven her, 391.
Threatbare sail, set every, 620,
Titles, high though his, 503.

Traitors, our doubts are, 900.
Threats, no terror in your, 797.

To all to vach a fair good night, 816. Trammel up the consequence. 900,
Three poets in three ages, 007.

be or not to be, 207.

Trample on my days, light dith, 274.
treasures love and light 739.

see her was to love her, 33.

Tranquillity, heaven was all, 201.
yeary'ch ld, listens ike a, 108.
Toad, ugly and venomous, 318.

Transient chaste as morning dew, 106.
Threescore, beneath the burden of, 232. Toast paes, let the, drink to the las, Transition, what seems so is, 272.
Thrice he ay-ayel, 316.

them together, let us e'on, 11, Translucent wave, glassy cool,869.
he routed all his foes, 771.

Tobacco, sublime. which cheers, 814. Transmitter of a foolishi face, 812.
he slew the slain, 771.

thuy think and smoke, 811.

Transmutes, bercaves of influence, 539.
is hearmedl. 796.

To-day I have livedl, do thy worst. 703. Transports, thy, niederate, 206.
my pea 'e was slain, 491.

to-morrow already walks in, 800. Trappings and the suits of woe, 205.
thy Shaft flew and thrice, 491.
Toc, on the light fantastic, 783.

Travel on life's common way, 907.
Thrift may follow fawning, 111.

top to, 107.

Travelled life's dull round, 121.
Throat, Amnen stuck in my, 883.

Toil and trouble, war he sung is, 772 Traveller leaping o'er those bounds, 805.
lofty and shrill-sounding, 868.

became the solace of his woes, 059. spurs the lated, apace, 491.
Throne, here my, bid kings come bow,315. from, he wins his spirit: light, 65). Travel's history, portance in my, 145.
living, the sapphire blaze, 939.

govern those that, those that think, Tray, Blanch, and Sweetheart, 346.
night from her ebon, 491,


Treacle, the 1ly that rips, 203.
no brother nar the, 910.

mern of, nor night of waking, 530. Tread each other's heel, woes, 345.
of rocks in a robe of clouds, 493.

of cathering energies, 807.

Treason can but peep, to what it would,
of royal state, high on a, 722.

o'er books consumed midnight oil,
Throng, a tlu't ring smiling jilting, 971.


doth never prosper, 812.
lowest of your, 812.

verse sweetens, howcrer rude, 559. harborx, in luis simple show, 724,
Thumping on your back, proves by, 121. winding up days with, 559.

has done his worst, 311.
Thunder, could grat men, 813,
Toils are sweet wiih thee, 206.

here luks no, 311.
leaps live, rattling crags among, 686. Toiled, all forgot for which he, 510.

none dare call it, if it prosper, 812.
Thunder-harp of pines, smote his, 493. Toledo trusty, trench nt blade, 607. Treasons, is fit for, 776.
Thius let me live, unseen, unknown, 225. Toll for the brave, 612.

Treasure, rich the, 771.
Thyme, where the wild, blows, 495. Tomb, beauty awakes from tho, 737. Treasures of the deep, 619.
Tickled with a straw, 107.

nature cries from the, 300.

sea-Dom, fetched my, 4c6.
Tide in the alairs of men, 802.

nearer to thee, cradles rock us, 303. up a wrong. 209.
of love, pity swells the 791.

threefold fourfold, 939.

Trensuries, sunless, 63.
Tidings as they roll, contirm the, 376. Tombs, hark from the, 310.

Trentise, rouse and stir at a dirmal, 900.
dismal, when he frowned, 688. To-morrow already walks in to-day, 800. Treble, turning toward childish, 221.
of invisible things. 631.

and to-morrow, 792.

Tree, fruit of that forbidden, 395.
Tie, linked in one heavenly, 293.

cheerful as to-day, 232.

hale green, 454.
love endures no, 207.
defer not till, to be wise, 793.

of deepest root is found, 756.
silver link the silken, 203.

do thy worst I have lived to-day, 793. thorns of the, I planted. 800.
up the knocker, say I'm sick, 805.
is falser than the former day, 793.

under the greenwood, 638.
Tiger, imitato the action of the, 503.

live till the darkest day, 793.

woodman spare that, 101.
rouse the, for the fallow-deer, 724. tints, with prophetic ray, 131.

Trees inclined, as twik is bent, 804.
Tight little island, 60%.

to be put back, to speed to-day, 204. Trees, blossons in the, 489.
Tiles and chimney-pots. 630.

will be dying, 734.

bosomed high in tutted, 785.
Tilt at all I meet, too discreet to, 806.

will repay, trust on and think, 793, drop tears fast as Arabian, 125.
Timber, like seasoned, never gives, 302. Tomorrow's sun may never rise, 792.

just hid with, 489.
Time 'gainst the tooth of, 811.
Tomorrows, man of confident. 793.

tongue in, books in brooks, 480.
and the hour runs, 791.

Tone of languid nature, restore the, 493. venerable brotherhood of. 494.
and Thought, daughters of, 601. Tongue, braskart with my, 316.

Tremble, a slave to, when I wake, 594.
bid, retuun, 792.

dropped manna, though his, 724. Tremblers, boding. learned to trace, 688.
brings increase to her truth, 215.

in every wound of Caesar, 877.

Trenchant blade Toledo trusty, 107.
even such is, 715.

let the candied, lick pump, 111. Tribe, a pearl richer than all his, 721.
flies, death urgey, knells call, 395.
man that hath a, 133.

the badge of all our, sufferance, 346.
fieth and never claps her wings, 791. music's golden, flattered to tears, 176. Triles that sumber in it becom, 207.
flight of. beyond the, 114,

nor haut conceive nor name, 900. Tribute, the passing of a sigh, 306.
footprints on the sands of, 770.
of fire and heart of steel, 721.

vain, of a smile', 811.
foster-hild of silence and slow, 718. that Shakespeare spake, 602.

Trick of his frown, 107.
hath a wallet at his bark, 792.

though it have no, murder, 900. Tricks in plain and simple faith, 206.
he that lacks to mourn. 318.
understanding but no, 815

plays such fantastic, 813
he was not of an ag but for all, 905. win a woman with his, 133.

that are vain. 987.
how noiseless falls the foot of, 117, Tongues, uiry, that syllable names, 830. Tride without consent bin, 232.
how small a part of, they share. 195. in tries, books in running brooks, Tried each art, reproved delay, 688.
inaudible and noiseless foot of, 791. live upon their, be their talk, 811.

to blame who has been, 391.
is fleetinx. 770).
of dying men, 310.

to live without him, 312.
is like a fashionable hout, 792.

silence prvious, Lantle peaceto, 822. Trifle, as 't were a careless, 309.
I was promised on a, 938.

Too late I stayed, forgive the crimo, 117. think naughta, $15.

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Trifles, light as air, 207.

Unblemished let me live or die, 811. Value, being lost, we rack the. 801.
snapper-up of unconsidered, 724. Unborn ages crowd not in my soul, 868. Vanished hand, touch of 2,315.
win us with honest, 396.

Unborriwed from the eye, interest, 404. Vanities of earth, fuming, 491.
Tripping, catch him, 7:24.

Uncertain glory of an April day. 492. Vanity, man's heart by, drawn in, 709.
Triton blow his wreathed horn, 403. Inconquered steam. soon thy arm, 802. of worldly stuff, 814.
Triumph, pursue the, 911.

l'nconsidered tritles, snapper-up of, 794. Vanquished, e'en though, 688.
Triumphal arch that fill'st the sky, 494. Under the greenwood tree, 638

Fantare, coigne of. 7:20.
Trivial fond records, 801.

the hawthorn in the dale. 785.

Vaporx, congregation of, 114.
Trod the water, 67%.

the yaller-pines I house. 193.

melt into mom, 490.
Troop, farewell the plumed, 722.

which king Bezonian, 510.

Varied God, these are but the, 417.
Troops of friends, 794.

Underlings, fault is that we are, 793. Variety's custom stale her intinite, 712.
Trope, out there flew a, 804.
Underneath this sable hearse, 907.

order in, we see, 813.
Trouble, joyfu', 559.

this stone doth lye, 907.

the very spice of life. 815.
Troubles or the brain, the written, 347. Understanding give it, but notongue,815. Vase, you may shatter the. 240.
take arms against a Hea of, 297. Undevout utronomer is mad, 492.

Fastness which grows to harmonize, 7 26.
Troy divine, the tale of, 787.
Indiscovered country, that, 297.

Vault, long drawn ausle and iretud, 300
iired another, another Helen, 772. Undisputed thing, thou say'st an, 485.

mere lees is left this, 316.
Truant, aged ears play, 793.

Undone, love again and be again, 796. Vaulting ambition o'erleaps itself,798.
hus and whould return, 215.

widow pon mine arı, 511.

Vehemence of youth, flery.670.
True as the diul to the sun, 795.
Undreamed Shores, 802.

Venerate himself as man, 63
as the needle to the pole, 796.

Uneasy lies the head that wears, 762. Vengeance, with an immortal's, 720
hope is swift, 800.
Uneffectual fire, pale his, 490.

to God alone belongs, X99.
I have married her, 145.
Unexpressive she, fair cha te, 131.

Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs, 720.
love, the course of, 250.
Unfaltering trust, soothed by an, 308.

ate in state, throned, i.
perfection, seasoned to, 496.

Unfed idey, houseless heads and, 494. Vents in mangled forms, 803.
to thin own self be, 797.

Unfinished window, must remain, 940. Venture life and limb. 602.
Truly loved never forgets, 174.
Unfortunate, one more, 335.

Venus sets ere Mercury can rise. 805.
Trump, Shrill, farewell the, 7:22.
Ungalled play, the hart, 671.

Verge of heaven, quite in the. 31.
Trump dry, with all their, 397.
Ungracious pastors, as some, do, 809.

of the churchyard mould, 802.
Trumpet, to the morn, cock that is, 868. Unhappy folks on shore now, 60. Vernal bloom, sisht 01, 107.
Trumpet-tongued, angels, 900.

none could be but the great, 347. Verse, cheered himself with ends of, 347.
Trust, somehow good the goal of ill, 392. Unheeded flew the hours, 117.

cursd be the, 781.
soothed by an unfaltering, 30S. Unhonored and unsung, unwept. 563

hoare rough, should roar, 806.
take the strongest praise on, 810. Unhousele disappointed unaneled, 310. lies the subject of all,si.
Trusted, let no such man be, 776.

Unintelligible world, weight of this, 404. love first invented, 204.
Truth beauty is, truth beauty, 719.
Union here of hearts, there is no, 114.

Lydinn airs narried to, 786. 806.
crushed to earth, 531.

mysterious, with its native sea, 631. manhood better than his, 58.
denies all eloquence, 318.
Unkincest cut of all, the most, 876.

may find him who sermon fties, 364.
doubt, to be a liar, 206.
Lukindness, hard, 899.

one, for sensene for rhyme, 801.
from his lips prevailed. 688.

Unknell'd uncoffin'd and unknown. 607. one, for the other's sake, 807.
from pole to pole, spread the, 376. Unknown and silent shore, kone, 285.

sweatens toil, however rude, 559.
has such a face and mien, 398.

argues yourselves, not to know me, wanting the accomplishment of, 766.
heirs of, 42.


Verses, rhyme the sudder is (1.807.
held it, with him who sings, 399.

let me live unseen unknown, 225. Vertu of necessite, maken, 8112.
highest thins man may keep, 398. she lived, and few could know, 105. the fint, if thou wilt lere, 308.
in every shepherd's tongue, 168. Unlamented let me die, thus, 25.

Vesture of decay, this muddy, 775.
is beauty, bauty truth. 718.

Unlineal hand, wrenched with an, 345. Veteran, superfluous lagsthe, 504.
light of, let me live in the, 797.
Unlooked for if at all, she comes, 811.

whose lart act on the stage, 804.
made sinner of memory unto, 797. Unlovely as thou seem'st, 492.

Vex not his ghost, 346.
makes free, freeman whom, 600. Unpathed waters, undreamed shores, not then the poet's mind, 806.
simple, miscalled simplicity, 398.


Vexing duilear of a drowsy man, 799.
sole judge of, in error hurled. 792, Inperceived decay, melts with, 794. Vibrates in the memory, 776.
speech is, thought is speech, 108. Umpitied and unknown, 812.

Vicar of the almightie Lni, 459
statesman, yet friend to, 120.
Unpleasing sadness mixed, S67.

Vice a monster of so frightful mien, 345.
stranger than fiction, 805.
l'npremeditated strain, 940.

of fools, pride the, 799.
teachers doctrine sanctified by, 959. l'nprofitable, stale, flat and, 346.

prevails, when, 601.
tell, and shame the devil, 398.
Unreal mockery hence, 868.

Vices, frame a ladder of our, 399.
the poet sings, 235.
Unrelenting foe to love. 205.

small, do appear, 80%
they breathe that breathe in pain, Unremembered aets, little nameless, 404. Vicissitudes, circlink joys of dear, 659.

Unreturning brave, krieving over, 512. of things, rad. 439.
time brings increase to her, 215. Unseen, walk the earth, 868.

Victor, great world victor's, 940.
well known to most, 80%.
Unscurht be won, not, 209.

Victories, after a thousand, 30.
Truth's majestic march, 602.

is better, love fiven, 205.

peace hath her, 909.
Truths retined as Athens heard, so9. Untaught knaves, called them, 506. Victorious o'or the the ills o' life, 848.
that wake to perish never, 759. Untimely rare, 309.

Victory, () grave where is thy, 365,
Try me with affliction, 725.

Unto dying eyes casement grows, 315. it was a famous, 533
Tufted grove, 191

Untrodden ways, she dwelt umung, 104. · View, landscape tire the, 444.
Tug of war, then was the. 541.
Untwisting all the chains, 786.

dont, me with a critic's eye, 107.
Tulips, ladies like variegated, 723.
Unused to the melting mood, 725.

Vigils, poets painful, keep, siri.
Tully's gollen tongue, 938.
Unuttérable things, looked. 204.

Vile, and only man is, 395.
Tumult, aerial, 631.
Unvarnished tale, around, 14).

guns, but for these, 506.
of the soul, 206.
Unveiled her peerless light, 413.

in durance, 346.
Tune, stilet bells jangled out of, 808. Unwashed artiticer, another lean, 722.

in, man that mourns, 394.
Turi beneath their feet, 513.
Unwedgable and gnarled oak, 813.

that was your guland, $13.
bles the, that wraps their clay, 563. Unwept unhonored and unsung, 563. Village bells, some llamjen, 306.
green bethe, above thte, 937.
Unwilling ploughshare, 495.

Villai, a hungry Jean-faced, 722.
green grassy, is all I crave, 193. Up and doing, let us be, 770.

one murder made a, 541.
Turk, bear like the, no rival, 910.

rose the sonne up rose Einelie, 490.

one may smile and be a, 722
Tumyle, wearisome, 311.
Upon this hint I spake, 146.

with a smiling cheek. 797.
Turn the smallest worm will, 798.
Urania govern thou my song. 807.

Villanous salt petre digged, 26.
Turtle, love of the, 151.

Urres sweet return, retirement, $14. Villany, clothe my nakrd, 296.
Tutaless of arts and sciences, 108.

Urn, storied, or animated bust, 306. Vindicate the ways of Godto man, 807.
Twelve, apo tles, Cristes lore and, 697. from her pictured, scattere, 867. Vine, gadding, o er gruwm, 495.
honest men have decidedl, 810.

loud hissing, bubbling and, 810. Violence, alle tions. 348.
Twenty mortal murders on their crowns, mouldering, spring visit the, 737. Violent delights have violent ends, 815.
Urs, those dreadful, 803.

Violet by a messy stone, 105.
Twice-told tale, tedions as a, 799.
Une', beyond all, 899.

bank where the nodding, grows, 496.
Twig is bent, just a the, 801
Uxeless to excel, 133.

glouing. 494
Twilight gray, in her sober livery,413. Uses of adversity, sweet are the, 348.

of his native land, 311.
"Twixt two boundless seas, 793.

of this world, 316.

the forward. 122.
Two eternities, the past the future, 793.
Uttered or unexpressed, 398.

throw a perfume on the, 726.
hands upon the breast. 295.

Violets, bank of, breathes upon, 195.
paradises are in one, $13.

Vacant mind, laugh that spoke the, 688. din but sweeter", 495.
souls with but a single thought, 205. Vacation, conscience have 59.

plucked, 138, 946.
voices are there, 493.
Vain as the leaf upon the stream,

odors when sweet, sicken, 776.
Twofold inace, we saw, 494.

pomp and glory of this world, 321. spring from her fair flesh, 311.
Type of the wise', who soar, 474.

wisdom all and false philosophy, 808. Virgil's verse and Tully's truth. 791.
Tyrant, custom inade the flinty, 539. Vale, meanest floweret of the, 489. Virgin thorn, rose withering on thd, 445
Tyrant, fantastic, of the amorous heart, of tears, beyond this, 399.

Virxins are soft as the roses, 431.

sequestered. 306, 794.

Virtue alone is happiness below, OR
plea, necessity the, 601.
Vales, pyramids in, 298.

alone outbuilds the pyramids, 308
Valeria, dear, 193.

ambition, wars that make. 7.
Unadorned, adorned the most when, 795. Valiant taste of death but once, 310.

assume a, if you have it not, $6.
Unaneled, unhouseled, disappointed, 310. that dares die, he's not, 900,

filled the space between, 797.
Unassuming commonplace of nature, Valleys low on whose fresh lap, 494.

her own, be her counsel, 193.

Valor, contemplation and, formed, 711. in her shape how lovely. 398.
Unattempted yet in prose or rhyme, 347. shows but a bastard, 900.

is to gold as gold to silver, som


Virtue, let, follow if she will. 803.

Wandering on loath to die, lingering
lives when bxauty diex, 125.

and, 800.
more, than doth live, 907.

steps and slow, hand in hand.321.
no man's, $45.

voice, call the bird or but a, 472.
only makes our bliss below, 398. Wanton sweetness, instila, 81.
possession would not show us, 801. wiles, quips and cranks and. 785.
she finds too painful an endeavor, Wantoned with thy breakers, 607.

Wantonness kindles in clothes a, 713.
Virtuc's land, Fortuno's ice prefers to, Wantons with the love ick air, 133.

Wants, all thy, are well upplied, 76.
side, failings lean to, 688,

that pinch the poor, 815.
Virtues did not go forth of us. 797. War, blast of, blows in our ears, 503.
nearest to heaven of the. 723.

circumstance of glorious, 722.
will plend like angels. 900,

even to the knife, 539.
Virtuous actions are but born, 811.

ez fer, I call it murder, 541.
Virtuouset, discreetest, best, 20).

fery, sparks that kindle, 539.
Viage, devotion's, sugar oer. 336.

fluiv and steel couch of, 539.
on his bold, middle age, 670.

furious elemental, 494.
Vision and the faculty di in, 766.

game kings would not play at, 541.
boveless fabric of this, 867.

prim-visaged, hath smoothe 1.541.
beatit, 803.

he sung is toil and trouble, 772.
I took it for a faery, 869.

is still the cry, 511.
sensible to feeling as to sight, 883.

ity thousands slays, 539.
Visions of glory spare my sight, 680.

let slip the dogs of, 599.
Visit her face too roughly, 21.

my sentence is for open, 539.
Days where fortune smiles. 816.

my voice is still for, 670.
Visitations, xudden, daze the world, 812. of elements, unhurt amidst the, 759.
Visitings of nature, compunctious, 900. right form of, squadrons and, 899.
Visits like an
317, 398.

testament of bleeding, 11.
Voice, big manly, 711.

through adventurous, 539.
cry sleep no more, 883.

tug of, then was the, bil.
dear woinan's chieftes charm, 795. War's gloriulls at, 511.
each a mighty, 493.

red tochstone, rang true metal on,
In my dreaming ear melted, 529.

more safe I sing with mortal, 318. Warble his native wood-notes wild, 786.
my is still for war, 570.

Warbled to the string, such notes, 787.
of the sluggard, 815.

Warlike numbers heroieke sound, 938.
of nature cries from the tomb, 306. Warmest welcome at an inn, 121.
soft like solitude's, 317.

Warms in the sun, 489.
sounds like a prophet's word, 533. Warmth, dear as vit. 1. that feeds, 206.
that is still, sound of a, 315.

Warning expected, school-boys at. 108.
wandering. 472.

Warrior dead, home they brought, 292.
was ever sintlo and low, 723.

famoused for fight, $10.
you cannot hearthe, I henr, 311.

taking his rest, lay like a, 330.
Voices, and tral, prophesying war, 834. Warriors, flere flery, fought, 899.
earth with her thousand, 377.

Wars, more panga and fears than, 321.
two), are there, 493.

plumed troup and the big, 799
Voiceful sea, swelling of the, 892.

Wash her guilt away, what ait can, 336.
Voluble in his discourse, so sweet is, 723. Washed with morning dew, 204.
Volume of my brain, books and, 801. Washing his hands, seemed, 721.
within that awful, lies, 397.

Waste op feelings unemployed. 816.
Votarist, like sadi, in palmer's weed, 830. of thought, thinking an idle, sos.
Volares, imperial, passed on, 830. Wasteful and ridiculous excess, 726.
Vote that shikes the turrets, 589.

Wastes and wildls of man, 808.
Vows, much in our, 331.

Westing in despair, shall I. 193.
with so much passion, 201.

Watch, idler is a, that wants hands, 721.
wreck of sober, 538.

some must, some must sleep, 671.
Voyare, reinainder biscuit after a, 803. the hour, if we do but, 899.
of their life, 802.

Watch-dog's honest bark, 166.
Vulyar by no means, 121.

voice that bayed the wind, 688.
Vulture, rage of the, 451.

Watcher of the skies, felt like some, 803.

Watches, with judgments as our; 799.
Wad some power the giftie gie us, 486. Watchful night, the day of woe tho, 309.
Wule through slaughter, 306

weary tedious nights, 201.
Waft me from distraction, 685.

Water, conscience, saw its God and
thy name beyond the sky, 238.

blushed, 362.
Waz. could not, without a fee, 809.

drops, women's weapons, 316.
Wazers use arguments for, 803.

everywhere nor any drop to drink,
Wars, how the world, 791.

Wailing winds and naked woods, 466.

imperceptible, washing hands in,724.
Waist, rounIthe slight, 814.

in the rough rude sea, 72.
Wait, sr:e who only stand and, 366.

nectar and the rocks pure gold, 215.
Wake and call me early, 397.

smooth runs the, whero brook is
Wake m't soon, you have, 815.

deep, 724.
Wakeful nichtingale, 413.

to give a cup of, little thing, 770.
Waken the slumbering ages, 812.

trod the. 672.
Wukes the bitter memory, 395.

Waters blue, fades o'er the, 238.
Waking bliss, certainty of, 208.

gurgle longingly, 631.
no such matter, 240.

hell of, wh're they howl, 720.
Walesit portion with judicious care, 385. meet, vale in whose borom the, 116.

ninble-footed madcap Prince of.793. once more upon the.631.
Walk, by moon or glittering star, 206. o'er the glad, of the blue sea, 626.
far as the solar, ur milky way, 399.

roar of, 720.
in silk attire, 155.

unpathed, undreamed shores, 802.
privill beyond the common, 309. wild went o'er his child, 339.
ihe earth unseen, 868.

world of, dark and deep, 407.
with, she is pretty to, 134.

Wave and whirlwind, wrestle with, 631.
Walkinz in an air of glory, 274.

glassy cool translucent, 869.
shadow, life's but a, 702.

long may it. 593.
Walks abroa1, whene'er I take my, 398. ocean, a life on the, 630.
studios, and whadex, 720.

o'th' sea, I wish you a, 134.
these ha py, and hades, 321.

winning, a deserving note, 713.
tomorrow in to-day alreauly, 800. Waved her lily hand, 235.
Wall, sirves it in the oilice of a, 603. Waves, battering im lacable, 948.

whit-washed, the sanded floor, 689. bound beneath me, 631,
Walls, bnrers on the outwarci, 510.

of ebbing day, 719.
stone, do not a prison make, 147.

the breaking, dashed high, 587.
Wainuts and the wine, 814.

who trusts himself to, 271.
Walton's heavenly memory, 908.

Way, dim and perilous, 808.
Wand, brigit gold ring on her, 721.

God moves in a mysterious, 632.
Wan ler everywhere, I'd, 869.

I see them on their winding. 491.
solitary there, 843.

kept the noiseless tenor of their, 306.
through eternity, thoughts that, 794. led the, to heaven, 910.
Wandere least, wandered west, 212.

life's common, so didst travel, 907.
Wanderer, r claims the, 809.

marshall'st me the, I was going, 682.
Wanderers o'er eternity, there are, 307. milky, solar walk or, 399.
Wandering mazes lost, in, 803.

O shu dances such a, 211.

Way, pretty Fanny's, we call it only, 134.

step and thorny,to haven, 809.
tenor of his guildless heid the, 794.
that, madneslies, 318.
that out of hell leuls to light, 395.
through Eden took their, 321.
the breakinz, dances such n, 211
to dusty denth, lighted tools the, 792
to heaven, all the, 724.

to parish church, plain as, 803.
Ways, cheerful, of men, cut oir, 407.

dwelt among the untrodda, 104.
nawext kind of, oldest sins the, 395.
of glory, Wolsey that trulthe, 3.2.
of Geltoman, vindicate the, 807.
of God toinen, justify the, 395.
of men, far from the, 499.
that are dark, tricks that are vain,

Weak, fine by degrees delicately, 723,
Weakness, moulds anothers, 812.

perfect in, 642.

stronger by, wiser men become, 754.
Weal, fondust prayer frothers, 236.
Wealth accumulates, where, 687.

by any means get, 803.
commerce, laus and learning, 812.
and place, get, 803.
loss of, is loss of dirt, 347.
of Ormus and of Ind, 722
partake but never waste thy. 231.
rich from the very want of, NO.

that sinews bought have earned, 504,
Wealthy curleel darlings, 722.
Weapon, satire's my, 800.

still as showtiakes on the sod, 601.
Weapons, women's, water drops, 346.
Weara golden sorrow, 317,

motley in the only, 810.

not much the worse for, 961.
Weariness can snore upon pillow, 816.

may toss him to my breast, 395.
Wears a precious jewel in his head, 318.
Weary and old with service, 321.

are at reast. 339.
of breath, 333,
of conjectures, 759.
of the sun, I'gin to be a', 346.
stale, flat, unprofitable, 316

tedious nights, watchful, 204.
Weathered, through cloudy. 304.
Weathered the sturm, pilot that. 632.
Web, from their own entrails spin, 203.

like the stained, 120.

of our life is of a mingled yarn, 792
Wed itself with speech, 803.

with thought. 803.
Wedding, never, ever wooing. 144.
Wedlock compared to fent, 21.
Weed ilung from the rock, 631.

pernicious, whose scent annoys, 558.
Weeds, of glorious feature, 489.

wiped away the, and foam, 406.
Week, divide the Sunday from the, 559.

of all the days that's in the, 198.
Weep a people inurned, 561.

away the life of care. 317.
night is the time to, 116.
no inore lady, 138.
smile while all around thcc, 78.
such tricks as make the angels, 813.
there is a calm for those who, 794.
to record, and blush, 30.5.

who would not, if Atticus, 910.
Weeping thou sat'st, 78.

upon his bed has sate, 313.
Welconne, bay deep-mouthed, 166.

ever smiles, 792.
peaceful evening in, 810.
pure-eyed Faith, white-handed IIope,

shade, fairer spirit or more, 910.
the coming guest, to our house, 121.

the warmest, at an inn, 121.
Welkin dome, stars have lit the, 592.
Well, of English undefyled, 933.

last drop in the. 920.
loved not wisely but too, 724.
paid that is well natitled, 802.

to know her own. 209.
Well-bred man, moral sensible, 780.
Well-dissembled fly. 672.
Well-spring of pleashre, babe in a house,

Well-trod stage, 786.
Weltering in his blood, 771.
Wench's black eye, stabbed with 2.721.
Wept o'er his wounds, 698.
Western flower, feil upon a little, 836.

star, lovers love the, 491.
Westminster, we thrive at, on fools, 810.
Westward the course of empire 587.
West-wind purr contented, 193.
West-wind's summer sighs, 719.
Wet damnation, 558.

sheet and a flowing sea, 626.
Wether of the flock, tainted, 318.

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