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tions of household economy and etiquette.... There is nothing omitted with which it behooves a lady to be acquainted."

New Monthly Magazine.

“ We consider • Domestic Duties' a very valuable work, and well calculated to promote the object for which it was intended. It is one that we most cheerfully recommend to all young housewives, and to all who intend becoming so. There are very few whose education has been so complete as that they will not find much both novel and useful in this volume, written in a clear and agreeable style, and luminously arranged. It ought to occupy a place in every lady's library.”—The Critic.

“ This book contains an amount of useful and interesting information rarely to be met with.... It ought to be included in the marriage portion of every lady.”Chronicle of the Times.

Among the many intellectual treats which have recently been spread before the public, there has been none combining so many useful lessons as the present work contains. It is the ladies' vade mecum, in which every department of domestic duties, of manners, temper, accomplishments, deportment, the culinary art, visiting, dress, treatment of children, &c. &c. are embodied in the most pleasing manner, and in the most familiar style.”—Enquirer.

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To these notics migat be added many mo...qually flattering; but, for reasons already stated, they are deemed superfluous. To the present edition is added a copious Index, which materially enchances the value of the work.

J. & J. H. New-York, January, 1829.

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