Voyage to South America, Volume 2

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Page 244 - Westward the course of empire takes its way ; The four first acts already past, A fifth shall close the drama with the day : Time's noblest offspring is the last.
Page 271 - Bourbon preceded all the acts of the government, and headed its public documents. The Spanish flag waved on our vessels, and served to animate our soldiers. The provinces seeing themselves reduced to a kind of orphanage by the dispersion of the national government, by the want of another of a legitimate character, and capable of commanding respect, and by the conquest of nearly the whole of the...
Page 39 - But this can now scarcely be the case. The winter, however, may mature the project, and an effectual co-operation by the United States may take place. In this case I shall be happy, in my official station, to be an instrument of so good a work.
Page 227 - Tis liberty alone that gives the flower Of fleeting life its lustre and perfume ; And we are weeds without it. All constraint, Except what wisdom lays on evil men, Is evil...
Page 276 - ... his temples with a crown? If these men, to whom he owed so much, thus received death, were doomed to perpetual imprisonment or to base slavery, for no other crime than that of having framed a constitution, what might we not expect to be reserved for us? To hope for a benign treatment from him and from his bloody Ministers would have been to seek among tigers for the mildness of the dove. Then, indeed, would have been repeated towards us the ensanguined scenes of...
Page 271 - ... lost fifteen hundred men. Memory is horror-struck in recalling the abominable cruelties then perpetrated by Goyeneche in Cochabamba. Would to God it were possible to forget this ungrateful American, who, on the day of his entrance into the city, ordered the respectable...
Page 276 - Gamar£O in the same manner, cut off his head, and sent it as a present to General Pezuela, informing him that it was a miracle of the Virgen del Carmen. It has been by a torrent of evils and bitter afflictions such as these that we have been compelled to take the only course that remained to us. We reflected deeply on our situation and future fate, and. turning our eyes to every quarter, we were unable to see anything but the three elements of which it must necessarily be composed — oppro:>rium.
Page 52 - Art thou, too, fallen, Iberia ? Do we see The robber and the murderer weak as we ? Thou ! that has wasted earth and dared despise Alike the wrath and mercy of the skies, Thy pomp is in the grave ; thy glory laid Low in the pit thine avarice has made.
Page 276 - ... afflictions, such as these, that we have been compelled to take the only course that remained to us. We reflected deeply on our situation, and future fate, and turning our eyes to every quarter, we were unable to see any thing but the three elements, of which it must necessarily be composed, opprobrium, ruin, and abject submission.
Page 38 - The sentiments I entertain with regard to that object, have been long since in your knowledge, but I could personally have no participation in it, unless patronized by the government of this country. It was my wish that matters had been ripened for a co-operation in the course of this fall on the part of this country. But this can now scarcely be the case.

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