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6. IP ==be prove that
ab bc

ау 7. 8 is the sum of a geometrical progression and R is the sum

of the reciprocals of the terms of the progression. Prove that the product of the first and last terms of the

given progression. 8. How many words can be formed from the 21 consonants and

5 vowels of the alphabet, each of which contains 4 con

sonants and 2 vowels? 9. If a, b, c be three consecutive coefficients in the expansion of

2ae+b(a+c) a power of (1+x), prove that the index is

6?-ac 10. Prove that logab x log.c=log.c.

Given log9=a, log;5=b, log57=e, find the logarithms to

base 10 of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

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GEOMETRY. 1. Describe a parallelogram that shall be equal in area to a

given triangle, and have one of its angles equal to a given

angle. 2. The side AB of a triangle ABC is greater than the side AC;

shew that the median AX makes a smaller angle with

AB than it does with AC. 3. Enunciate and prove a proposition of the second book equiva

lent to the algebraical equation a2 +22=2ab+(ab)?? 4. A, B and C are three fixed points in a straight line, and P is any other point in this line; prove that

PA.BC+PB.CA+PC.AB=0, due regard being had to the representation of opposite

directions by the signs + and —. 5. A straight line is drawn from one angular point of a triangle

to bisect the opposite side; prove that the sum of the squares on the sides containing this angle is equal to twice the sum of the squares on this bisector and on half

the side bisected. Prove also that in a triangle the shortest median bisects

the longest side.


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6. The diameter is the greatest chord in a circle, and of others

that which is nearer the centre is greater than one more

remote. 7. If iwo chords of a circle cut one another, the rectangle con

tained by the segments of the one is equal to the rectangle

contained by the segments of the other. 8. The bisector of the vertical angle A of a triangle ABC meets

the circumscribing circle in D, and DK is drawn perpendicular to AB; shew that AK is equal to half the sum of

the two sides containing the angle A. 9. AB, CD are two parallel straight lines cut by two transversals

OAD, OBC; shew that the circles circumscribing OAB,

OCD will touch one another at 0. 10. Circumscribe a circle about a given triangle.


1. What is meant by a radian?

A circular cylinder is found by measurement to be 1.94

inches in diameter and 6:09 inches in circumference. Assuming these estimates to be correct, find in degrees,

correct to one decimal place, the value of a radian. 2. Prove the following formulae,

cos(A+B)=cos A cos B-sin A sin B,

cos A +cos B=2cos }(A+B) cos }(A-B). 3. Assuming the values of the sine and cosine of 30° and 45°,

find those of 15°. Also find the value of cos 973°, explaining the reason for the


4. Prove that a=? +0—2bc cos A.

ADEB and AFC are a square and equilateral triangle

respectively, described externally on the sides BA, AC, of any triangle ABC. Prove thať DF’=+c+bcí v 3cos A + sin A).

5. In any triangle prove

b-C (i.) tan }(B-C)=

)= cot A,



x tan(+B+A)=(a−b)(a+bc) tan(\C+B).

6. Discuss the ambiguous case in the solution of triangles.

If b, c, B are given and a, and an are the two values of a,

prove that


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qj3+4,3=2c(cocos 3B+36 cos B). 7. If m=cosec 0—sin 0, n=sec 0cos O show that

m3+n}=(mn) – 3. 8. Prove (i.) r=4,

.) =

1 1 1 1 (ii.) +

P P2 Po where P1, P2, P3 are the perpendiculars from the angular

points on the opposite sides. 9. A person standing on the bank of a river observes the eleva

tion of the top of a tree on the opposite bank to be 51°,
and when he retires 30 feet from the edge he finds the
elevation to be 46°. Find the breadth of the river, having

log 1.55823=.192631, L sin 46°=9.856934,
log 3
=.477121, L sin 39°=9.798872,

L sin 5°=8.940296.




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