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We shall not dwell any longer in by Mrs M'Killop, he had written detail upon the remainder of Ber- a cordial note of congratulation on trand's and Pigott's stay at Cairn- the news conveyed to him by Mr arvoch.

Cameron," and M'Killop beamed For the former, the time passed upon the young couple, and seemed all too quickly, every day unfold- to await as impatiently as they ing new charms in the object of his the arrival of Sir Roland's fiat. love, every hour increasing his en- Mrs M'Killop could not, from her chantment, till even the ideal of his very nature, remain long in cold early worship looked, in the cold abstraction, and ere long her noisy distance of the past, but a dim, im- tongue clattered with all its wonted perfect shadow, compared with the energy: her secret sorrows and disbright reality now flooding his life appointments were, no doubt, aswith sunshine. As for the others, suaged by the prospect of excitePigott's temper, which, as a rule, ment in store-a trousseau to superwas eminently equable, soon re- intend — the éclat of a marriage, gained its tone; the weather was and all the bustle, movement, noise, glorious, the sport good-for him and display therewith connected : two grand consolations ; so that he altogether, the latter weeks of the even recovered some of his original Cairnarvoch campaign passed blesssemi-enthusiasm for the place and edly for some, tranquilly for others, its amusements.

and tolerably at least for all. But The cloud soon passed from Mr the most liberal “ leave ” must have M'Killop's brow. Tainsh had shown an end, and with the second week no malice; so far from carrying the of October that of Bertrand and fiery cross of denunciation and slan- Pigott came to a close ; and the der about the country, as predicted lover had to turn his back upon his



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