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Oaths, Roman Catholic, 694

Old Sarum, an Hour at, 699

Poetry, the Origin and Progress of,


Protestant Church, Unprotestantizing

of the, 73

Pusey's, Dr., Preface to his Sermon,

617, 702, 745
Records, Rural, 11, 98, 170, 229, 572

640, 713
Sabbath, on the Profanation of the,

Suutbey, the Poet, 289

Star, the Guiding, 29

Tee-Totalism, 82

Temple Church, the, 234

" There's plenty of room for you and

Times, Homilies for the, 150, 224
Transubstantiation and the Oxford

Controversy, 444, 517
What the Church needs-what the

Church desires-what the Church

will have, 361.

Architecture, 18

Architecture, Cathedral, 322, 633

Articles, on Subscription to the, 553

Children, Stories for, 568

China, 145

Church in the Colonies, the, 626
Church of England, to the Bishops of

the, 780
Church of Ireland, the Present State

of the, 785
Church, on the Present State of the,


Clergyman's, a, Engagements to Ob.

serve the Rubrics of his Church and

the Vows of his Ordination, 311

Country, State of the, 630
Dead, Some Observations on the

State of the, 38
Death, the Philosophy of, 681
Dewberry, Robert, the Life and Death

of, 646

Dissenters, Prayer for the, 451

Due Appreciation of the Church of

England, a Short Lecture on the

Subject of the, 249

East, Rambles in the, 85

Education, National, 661

Egypt, the Magicians of, 163

Every Man a Priest in his own Fa.

mily, 398

Evil Habits, our, 430

Evils, Social, 501, 561

India, the Claims of, to Religious In-

struction, 372
Irish Church, the, 489
Leper, the, 317
Man-worship of Dissent, an Ilustra-

tion of the, 525

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin; or,

Tractarianism weighed in the Ba-

lances, and found wanting, 425

Montrose, a Memoir of James Mar-

quis of, 31, 108, 242

Moral Precepts of the New and Old

Testament, the Relation in which

the, stand to each other, 217, 297,

654, 718

Nonconformity, the Self-sufficiency

of, 1, 89, 253, 380, 435, 507

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