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The following Volumes are Ready or in Preparation :Corneille. Le Cid. Edited by G. E. Fasnacht,

[Ready. 18mo, 1s. Molière. Les Femmes Savantes. Edited by G. E. FASNACHT.

[Ready. 18mo, Is. Molière's Le Misanthrope. Edited by G. E. Fas

[Just Ready. Selections from French Historians. I. Ancient

HISTORY. Edited by C. COLBECK, M.A., Assistant-Master at

[In Preparation. Molière. L'Avare. Edited by L. Moriarty, B.A., Assistant-Master at Rossall School.

[In the Press. Molière. Le Médicin Malgré Lui. By the same Editor.

[In Preparation. Voltaire. Charles XII. By the same Editor.

[In Preparation. Sand, George. La Mare au Diable. Edited by W. E. RUSSELL, M.A.

[In Preparation. A Grammar and Glossary of the French Language IN THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY. By G. E. FASNACHT.

[In Preparation. Goethe. Goetz von Berlichingen. Edited by W.

G. GUILLEMARD, M.A., Assistant-Master at Harrow, and H.
A. BULL, B.A., Assistant-Master at Wellington College.

[In Preparation. Schiller. Maid of Orleans. Edited by Joseph GOSTWICK.

[In Preparation. Heine. Selections from Prose Works. Edited by C. COLBECK, M.A.

[In Preparation. Uhland. Select Ballads. Edited by G. E. FasNACHT.

[In Preparation. Selections from German Historians. I. Ancient HISTORY. By the same Editor.

[In Preparation.

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Other Volumes, including RACINE'S "BRITANNICUS," LA FONTAINE'S

"FABLES,etc., will follow.

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