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The Berkshire Hills

The only institution in the world where cancer and
tumors that are accessible) are permanently cured.
Describe your case and we will mail the most com-
plete information ever published on the subject of
cancer, and will give an opinion as to what we can
accomplish for you. Ask your family physician to
investigate. He will be entertained as our guest.
Drs. W. E. Brown & Son, North Adams, Mass.

Nov. 13th, 1904.


MR. HERBERT D. SHIVERS, Philadelphia, Pa.

Dear Sir:-For the past two years I have been hunting for the brand of cigars that was distinctively my smoke, but failed to find it. Last winter I did find a cigar that suited me perfectly in every particular except the price, which for me was prohibitive. Now I do not

know how your Panetela is going to wear, but it starts
in with a rush, and each cigar that I smoke tastes better
than the one before. It is lucky for me that the price
is so moderate or I should certainly have to go to the
poorhouse. Every one I have met so far accuses me of
getting reckless and smoking 15c. cigars.
Yours truly,

The above letter is from a professor
in a prominent New England College,
and whilst I am aware that testimonials
published without their signatures are
open to suspicion, it would be mani-
festly not generous for me to give the
professor's name and address to the

I am sure, however, that he would consent to my giving his name confidentially to any "doubting Thomas" who questions the authenticity of this letter. The best of it is he continues to order my cigars, and I haven't the slightest doubt in the world that he will continue to do so for years to come.

It is not easy to convince smokers that I am selling cigars by the hundred at strictly wholesale prices, but fortunately I do not have to convince men a second time. It is only a question of getting men to try the cigars.

I repeat that no other cigar in the world so good as mine is sold to the consumer at less than nearly double its price.

To convince, I make an offer so broad and liberal, that I fail to see how any reasonable man can fail to take advantage of it.

MY OFFER IS: I will, upon request, send one hundred Shivers' Panetela cigars on approval to a reader of THE BOOKMAN, express prepaid. He may smoke ten cigars and return the remaining ninety at my expense, if he is not pleased; but if he keeps them he is to remit the price, $5.00, within ten days.

In ordering, please use business letterhead, or enclose business card, and state whether strong, medium or mild cigars are preferred.


Shivers' Panetelas


Think a moment what this offer
means you get the cigars without ad-
vancing a penny. You are at liberty to
give them a thorough trial, smoking ten
(one a day it you so please), comparing them with your
favorite cigar, and then if not satisfied, you are at lib-
erty to return the remaining cigars at my expense.
The only possible risk that you run, is that you may
smoke ten cigars that possibly may not altogether
please you-if they don't we have no quarrel whatever.
If they do, you are getting a much better cigar than
you have ever bought before for the same money and
I have made a customer, so we are both benefited.
Manufacturer of Cigars,

Please mention THE BOOKMAN in writing to advertisers.


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