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Of our LORD's Employment with the saved

Ones in Heaven, and of his Triumph 0. ver the Hearts of Sinners upon Earth,

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Of the new song of praise ; with the Father's put

ting it into the mouth of Christ, as Man-Media. for.

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new is

fiah, in the passare under confideration, faid to be our God. By the object of any song we are to understand the person to whom it is ad. dressed, about whom it is converiant, whether compiled, modulated and peiformed, in way of commendation, thanksgiving or worship in any, whatever view. Thus we know how the archievements of the great and enterprifing have been cen lebrated in songs, hoth by the ancicots and moderos. But of this forg Jehovah the father is more, particularly the object, as he is the fountain of the Deity, the original of all good, thc fun and centre of all perfection; to whom, from all the creatures, worship is unquestionably due : wkenco the creation, animate and inanimate, rational and irracional, angelic and human, are often called ro

join join in songs of praise to God. The cxlviii. praln is a beautiful instance and example of this, where all his angels, and all his faints; the sun, the moon and the stars of light; the heaven of heavens, and the waters above the heavens; the earth, the dra. guns and all deeps ; fire, hail, snow, vapour, stormy winds; mountains and all hills; fruitful trees, and all cedars; beasts, and all cattle ; creeping things, and Aying fowls; kings of the earth, and all people ; princes, and all judges of the earth; young men and maidens, old men and children ; are called to celebrate God, in continual songs of praise.

The glorious object, however, of this fong, is represented by the Messiah, in a peculiar relative point of light, when he calls him our God: intimaring that, as Mediator, he is the representative of all those whom the Father gave him; that they and he are one in a mystical view; that as the Fa. ther is his God, so he is theirs ; that, in this song, they will, to eternity, be partakers with him ; that though none of them accompanied, or could accompany him in the deeps of his humiliation, all of them shall reap the fruits of his victory and triumph, in tbe enjoyment and in the praises of Jehovah, as his God and their God, his Father and their Father : so that as the object of this song, Jehovah, must be considered as a God of grace, a God in Christ, a God united and related to elect men, through the glorious and triumphant Man. Besides, this relative view of God intimates, that although the Mediator be himself the object of all

heavenly worship, considered in his divine nature, Entients and considered even as God-Man ; yet, in another

point of light, he is a worshipper, and a worshipper of the Father, namely, as the head and elder brother of ranfomed sinners; they in him and he



in them, offer up one tribute, agree in one fong, and sing in heaven, as one and the same person, Whence that fong pointed at here is elsewhere called, " the song of Moses the servant of God, and " the song of the Lamb,” Rev. xv. 3. in other words, the fong of the redeemed and the Redeemer, the mystical members, and the mystical Head.

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This is a song of praise to our God, in which the glorified Head, with his glorified members, will be employed through eternity. Angels, indeed, and the spirits of just men made perfect, will not cease to praise the worthy Lamb, as well as the eternal Father and Spirit: but, in this mystical view, the Head himself will join the members in the high praises of God: they will praife him for what he is as God; for the independence, perfection and excellence of his nature ; for the eternity and unchangeableness of his existence; in which respects, none of the creatures, the Man Christ himself not excepted, can compare with him,-be equalled unto him; he being, in these, removed at an infinite di- : stance from all

his votaries and worshippers. Praising God because he is what he is, will never be rightly understood by even his true and spiritual worshippers, as long as they are on this fide hea. ven : but then, and there, led on, animated and inspired, by the presence and example of the glorious Man, their elder brother; this mode of worfhip will, at once, be learned and performed by the lowest and feeblest of them all.

The Redeemer and the redeemed will praise God for his ancient everlasting good will to sinners ; for entertaining thoughts of love, peace and grace, to any of the forefcen rebel family of Adain. This


cannot fail to make a leading, essential part of the Mediator's fong; because the Father's love was the source whence every thing respecting his mediatory character, office and glory, flowed: nor can it fail of entering into the long of a ranfomed world, fince to that original their whole blessedness, as the members of Chrift, is radically owing.

They will praile God for the lovercignty of that love, for his pitching upon elect finners, and, without any creature cause, distinguishing them from the rest of mankind. Of his our Lord

gavc a beautiful specimen when he said, "I thank thee, “ O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, becuuse “ thou haft hid these things from the wife and “ prudent, and halt revealed them unto babes, * Even fo Father, for fo it feemed good in thy

fight,” Matth. xi. 25, 26.

"hey will praise God for his giving that selected company of finners to the Mediator, and, by the covenant, fubftituting him in their room and stead. Of this donation our Lord made frequent mention when on earth; and there is no reason to think it will be neglected and overlooked by him when in heaven.

They will praise God for the whole clauses, condicions, promiles and provisions, contained in the everlasting covenant. The Father will, to eternity, be acknowleged, as the bleft contriver and author of that wonderful plan. If the Redeemer agreed to it, it was in consequence of the Father's proposal of it, who made the covenant with his * cholen.” Plal. lxxxix. 3. or put it unto him, for his approhation and acceptance, as fome understand that phrase.

Finally, The glorious Man, with his glorified members, will praise God, (ven the Father, for all he has done, is doing, and will do, in confe


quence of his obligations by the covenant, whether to the Mediator himself, or to those whom his geDerous mediation respected.

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This is a new song. It is now, in respect of the bleft longster, the Man Chrift. For though he was God from eternity, and, as such, the object of worship. how foon there were creatures to admire and adore him; yet, in his human nature, as ManMediator, he never actually trode the courts of the Jerufalem above, until he was taken out of the horrible pir and miry clay; and of confequence, until then, Jehovah the Father was never celebrated by him in perion within the vail : fo that the long was Dew to him, and the worshipper new to the Fa. ther. It is a new fong, as the Mediator, along with his mystical members, make up a new confort of heavenly music, minimitable melody. Long before any of that raniomed company had a being, or their Redeemer was manifested in the flesh, “the " morning ftars (ot angels and archangels) fang to

gether, and all the tons of God shouted for joy," Job xxxviii. 7. which, doubtless, made a most delightful harmony; and long before our Lord's incarnation, many of the faved ones were joined in the sweetest confort before the throne above : but upon the Man Christ's emerging out of the depths of dea'h and wiath, and taking his place at the "Farher's right hand, the divine consort was joided, or rather led, by him in perfon; which, as it must give lite and add lustre to the whole, fo, without impropriety, it makes it, on the matter, a new-long.

a bew song, as her ircumítances in the burden of it, that had oot-could not have


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