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tant consequences of that trial to you. Be concerned to have provision for the time to come. Delay not, in a matter of such everlasting moment. The door of mercy is open; this Jefus stretcheth out his arms of grace in the gospel, to receive you : fly, fly, to him, as the ordinance of God for salvation. " Acquaint yourselves with him, and be at peace; " that so good may come unto you." But, " cause there is wrath, beware lest he take you " away, with a stroke, when a great ransom shall o not deliver you.”

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Of the Father's establishing the Medintor's goings. WITHOUT impropriety, this might be viewed

as a phrase intirely synonymoụs with the former : for, as a rock is a solid bottom; when one's feet are set upon it, his goings, at the same time, are established ; or, as fome read it, made firm. However, we shall, in the following sections, consider this part of our Lord's exaltation in a different point of light, as expressive of the sphere in which he now moves, the capacity ia which he dow acts.


C. T. 1.

In our Lord's goings, he acts a part in heaven, where his refidence, as the glorified Man, now is; and acts a part respecting the church militant below, and respecting the church triumphant above. As to the church, or churches, on earth, the part be acts in heaven, is as their Advocate and latercesur with the Father. “If any man fin (fays the apostle)


“ we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Chrift " the righteous," i John ii. 1. “who likeways “ (in the language of inspiration) ever liveth, to « make intercession for us,” Heb. vii. 25. When on earth, he purchased all his people's blessings ; and in heaven, he prays for the dispensation of them: when on earth, he wrought out a complete robe of rightousness for finners ; in heaven, he presents that righteousness to the Father : when on earth, he taught his people to pray; in heaven, he procures the acceptance of their performances, as well as persons. And, in the capacity of their Interceffor, our Lord manages the whole cause and interest of all his people, in such a manner as is fuited to their respective needs.

With regard to the church in heaven, our Lord acts a part, as he, in conjunction with the Father and the holy Ghost, is the light, life, love, and liberty of the ranfomed ones; through whom their happiness is more immediately communicated. Whence “the glory of God is said to lighten " that city, and the Lamb to be the light thereof," Rev, xxi. 23. and again, “ The Lamb, which is " in the midlt of the throne, is said to feed them, “ and lead them into living fountains of waters, Rev. vii. 17. So that heaven itfelt could be no heaven to them, were not the Mediator's goings known there. Besides, in his mediatory capacity, as exercised within the vail, our Lord is the bond of union between these respective bodies of militant and triumphant faints: through his goings there, the church below, and above, though different, in respect of place, are one and the fame, in respect of their relation to the Father, and among themfelves. God, being Chrill's Father, is their common Father; and they, being equally the children of God, are brethren one to another. The elder


Brother having taken up his residence in heaven, the wbole family, in heaven and earth, are one. His personal possession of glory, at once, secures their continuing in a state of triumph, who are already with him; and their being brought to the fame mansions of salvation, who are yet in the houle of their pilgrimage. Were it not, thus, for our Lord's goings in heaven, neither of these valuable, important ends could be reached ; and, confequently, neither the joy of the one, nor the other could be full. But this view of the Mediator is cqually big with confolation, to all on carth or in heaven, within the bond, under the influence of the covenant.


In our Lord's goings, he acts a part in the world; by which, as distinct from his goings in the chur. ches, to be afterwards viewed, we may understand the kingdom of providence, wherein saints and finners are equally and mutually concerned. In this respect our Lord, as Mediator, and consequently, in his human, as well as divine nature, holds the reins, and steers the helm. He fixes the bounds of mens habitation, orders their respective lots, and determines concerning each, as to him, in sovereign he wounds, or heals; kills, or makes alive. He

en Calts down ; visits with peace or war, plenty or poverty, safety or danger, sickness or health, prosperity or adverfity; without rendering, or being obliged to tender, an account of his matters to them. In way of permission, if not immediate dispensation, nothing falls out, in nations, provinces, cities, villaes, families, or to particular persons, without the Lord, as having the goverment upon his shoulders.

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Though, Though, from the present conduct, and circumstances of numbers in the world, it would, to an inattentive spectator, look as if Jesus Christ, had little or no say in the management of human affairs; especially, from the power of his enemies, and the oppression of his friends : yet these very providences are under his immediate direction, and keep that particular channel; because, upon the whole, most conducive towards the glorious ends, in which all are finally to terminate. Vice in prosperity, and virtue in adversity, are phaenomena too intricate for human wisdom to reconcile with our Lord's goings on earth. But none, who pretend to the faith of a divine revelation, will venture to argue from thence, that they are, indeed, irreconcileable. All these seeming paradoxes in our Lord's adminiftration are to himself plain, obvious and consistent; as they will, sooner or later, appear to have been, angels and men, themselves, being judges.

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In our Lord's goings, as Mediator, he acts a part in the churches on earth; by whom we understand the faithful, in a collective, ministerial, or personal capacity. Collectively, the churches are, all the members of Jesus Christ, scattered through the world; all renewed ones, pardoned sinners, of whatever nation or denomination. Ministerially, the churches are, all the office-bearers of the Lord's appointment, in their exertion of discipline and government, according to the pattern of the New Testament. And Personally, the churches con life of every individual faint, whether he be a churchofficer, or member ; whether amongst the pastors, or people; whether a ruler, or ruled; whether ad. mitted to the communion of particular churches, of excluded from it ; whether of neceffity, or choice, deprived of church privileges.

The Lord's goings in the churches compprehend every thing he does ia way of gathering, feeding, preserving, reviving, enlarging, comforting, chastising and beautifying them with his falvation. His presence is, to them, what the sun is to the Datural world; his influence to them, what the rain is to mown grass; his blessing to their spiritual prosperity, what the cause is to its effects. While, under the withdrawings of his grace; they languish and decay; when his stately goings appear, they " look forth as the morning, bright as the fun, is clear as the moon, and terrible as an army with

banners,” Söng vi. 10. His goings in the churches as Zion's God and King, strike finners with awe, fill faints with joy, and make all the assemblies, ordinances and institutions, peculiar to the churches, appear with uncommon folemnity, shine with distinguishing beauty, command singular veneration, and productive of the most surprising effects. Under the influence of his goings, darkness is dispelled, Formality banished, deadness removed, error dismilfed, defection ashamed, and all manner of fpiritual diseases cured. In proportion only as the Me. diator's goings are manifested, the churches appear and act in character as his spouse. How requisite, then, and how laudable, for them, to long for such exertion of his power, and displays of his glory, as have had place in times past.

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In our Lord's goings, as Mediator, he acts a part, likeways, in hell; acts a part, respecting devils and damned spirits in the chambers of darknels. As his presence in heaven diffuses strength, joy, and


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