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very garments, and made à prey of his clothing. Ah ! is this naked, this wounded, this mangled and outcast piece of clay, the very Jesus of Nazaseth, so mighty once in word and deed! Yes, my brethren, there and thus he lies, but lies as the covenant representative of loft finners ; nor could it be otherways, fince he trode the wine-press of the Father's wrath alone. See, see, the victim falls ! the sacrifice slain! the scene of life, as to him, in a fuffering capacity, closed ! and to crows the whole, the curtain of the grave, by and by falls ! For as he died, so the evangelists assure us he was buried; was decently wrapped up in clean linen, conveyed to Jofeph of Arimathea's family tomb; laid in a new niche of the rock, never be fore stained with dead bodies; and shut in by a great stone rolled to the mouth of the fepulchre. But, do ye not see these daughters of Jerusalem following the folemn procession, clothed in fable weeds, and drenched in floods of tears? do ye not hear his mother fobbing out a grief, too big for utterance? while her companions in forrow, Mary Magdalene, and other great debtors to free grace, can only exprefs their tender feelings by sighs and groans. But hark! what meant that horrid crash, and what yonder univerfal gloom? The earth fhook, my brethren, the rocks rent, and the fun, for a time, hid his face ; all nature appeared in mourning robes, from the sixth to the ninth hour of the day; and no wonder, when he, who in his divine character, was, is, and continues the God of universal nature, fuffered, and suffered unto death.

S E C T. III. From the two preceeding sections, true Christians cannot do otherwise than infer the love and


grace of God their Saviour. You fee the price of your redemption; the value Jesus Christ put upon your salvation, paying to much for it; the wrath you were subjecled unto, are now delivered from together with the vastness of that mercy, by which you are secured from such vaft wrath. Since you were naturally the children of this wrath; fince you would still have been exposed to it, if not actually groaning under it, had not the Mediator feasonably interposed ; since being under no obligation, arising from finners themselves, to undertake this labour of love, he might have left the whole apoftate family to wander and perish for ever; and fince, while others are lying under the cloud of wrath, you are distinguished by his grace; does it not follow, by the most natural and neceffary consequence, that you are bound to view thefe things, into which angels themfelves desire to look, with wonder, joy and gratitude? to aim at expressing your high thoughts of redeeming love, by the exercise of humble praise, firm, believing and ftedlast obedience; and at exprefling them, by a generous concern for the fouls of others, expofed to wrath, and yet insensible of their danger, and unaffected with it. Help them therefore, by your prayers, advice and example; do every thing within your fphere, in a dependence on grace, to draw them from beneath the impending cloud of the wrath of God; or, in the words now under confideration, to draw them out of the horrible pit and miry clay. Nor cease to pray for those, whose province it is to labour in word and doctrine, that they may be endowed with holy skill, divine fagacity, and blessed success, in their ministerial endeavours, after the recovery of lost finners.

From what was the situation of the Man Christ Jesus, when acting in the room of sinners, the prefent situation of the unconverted and unholy may, with equal propriety, be inferred. You are in the horrible pit of unregenerate nature, and thence, under the hovering, swelling, and, for what you know, renting cloud of divine wrath. In such wretched state, there is no curse, threatening, or word of terror, in the whole book of God, but what are all pointed as arrows settled in the bended bow of Jehovah's justice, against your guilty, your devoted heads. As in this cloud, under which you now ly, there is nothing but wrath without mercy; so that wrath is daily dropping upon you, though you know it not, while in the pit of a natural state. It falls on your food and raiment, on your prosperity and adversity; it falls upon you in your outgoings and incomings: it is particularly dispensed, in that hardness, unbelief and impenitency of heart, with which you are bound under the means of grace; and dispensed, in that untenderness, unfruitfulness and unholiness, in your lives, which without remorse, at least with out reformation, is your habitual disgrace and reproach : and, if not delivered out of the horrible pit of an unregenerate state, this cloud will break, this wrath will fall, and, in falling, crush you foul and body, down, down, down, to the more horrible pit of anguish and despair. Did Jehovah, the Father, not so much as spare his own Son, when acting as a common person, but pour out his wrath to the uttermost on him; and can it be imagined, that living and dying in the practical contempt of the gospel way of recovery, he will spare you ? Awake, awake then, O sinners; read the nature of fin and wrath in the sufferings of Chrift; and look for freedom from the one, and exemption from the other, through hin, in whom only the Father is well plealed. Are your eyes fat as



to the views of your state, guilt and danger? so far from being a promising fymptom, you may consider that one circumstance as a pregnant evidence, the cloud of wrath is dropping, and dropping fast, upon your souls. Cry therefore to the Lord, that he may awaken and convince, wound and kill you, in order to your being effectually healed, and made alive; before the decree bring forth, and all possibility of it be cut off.

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HE Father's inclining unto the Man Christ seems, at first sight, to be an expression

of his love to him, and of his loving him with a love, in kind and degree, infinitely furpassing what angels or men are partakers of. " Then (said the “ Messiah, namely, when Jehovah appointed the " foundations of the earth) I 'was by him, as one

brought up with him; and I was daily his de" light, rejoicing always before him,” Prov. vii. 30. 'Thou lovest me (said he to the Father him-, “ felf) before the foundation of the world,” John xvii. 24. and to prove that the Father's love to hin



did not cease, upon his being manifested in the flesh; it was, once and again, proclaimed from the excellent glory, That Jesus Christ was his beloved Son, Matth. iii. 17.-xvii. 5. As the Father loved, fo, of course, he honoured him, and honoured him by bearing such witness to him, as procured him honour and esteem, worship and veDeration, from faints, and sometimes from singers themselves. As the evidence of his Father's prefence, countenance and approbation, always accompanied his perfon, ministry and miracles; fo they contributed much toward his authority being established, his report believed, and his caufe efpoused. .“ If I honour myself (faid he to the Pha“ risees) my honour is nothing, it is my Father " that honoureth me, of whom ye say that he is “ your God,” John viii. 54. and faid the apostle, " He received from God the Father, honour and

glory; when there came such a voice from the “ excellent glory, This is my beloved Son, in “ whom I am well pleased,” 2 Pet. i. 17. Nor were these words whispered into the Saviour's ear, but spoke in an audible manner, that, by this expression of complacency, the Father might put honour upon him. For “ this voice (faid he) which " came from heaven, we (namely, Peter, James " and John) heard, when we were with him, in " the holy mount," 2 Pet. i. 18. The Father kept a constant eye upon the Man Christ: from his conception to his birth, from his birth to his death, from his death to his resurrection from the dead, he never lost fight of him ; but noticed him with peculiar approbation, attention and care, through all the different steps of his humiliation, in all the different periods of his fufferings ; and did so as a loving father, even when laying his awful hand upon him as a tremenduous judge ; did fo, as a faith


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