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day a solemn feast the people hold Dagon, their sea-idol, and forbid Laborious works, unwillingly this rest Their superstition yields me; hence with leave Retiring from the popular noise I soek This unfrequented place to find some ease; Ease to the body some, none to the mind From restless thoughts, that, like a deadly swarm Of hornets arm’d, no sooner found alone, But rush upon me thronging, and present Times past, what once I was, and what am now. Oh! wherefore was my birth from heav'n foretold Twice by an angel, who at last in sight Of both my parents all in flames ascended From off the altar, where an off'ring burn'd, As in a fiery column charioting His god-like presence, and from some great act Or benefit reveal'd to Abraham's race ?? Why was my breeding order'd and prescribed As of a person separate to God, Design'd for great exploits, if I must die Betray'd, captived, and both my eyes put out, Made of my enemies the scorn and gaze, To grind in brazen fetters under task With this heav'n-gifted strength? O glorious strength Put to the labour of a beast, debased Lower than bondslave! Promisé was that I Should Israel from Philistian yoke deliver; Ask for this great deliverer now, and find him Eyeless in Gaza at the mill with slaves, Himself in bonds under Philistian yoke. Yet stay, let me not rashly call in doubt Divine prediction : what if all foretold Had been fulfill'd but through mine own default, Whom have I to complain of but myself? Who this high gift of strength committed to me, In what part lodged, how easily bereft me, Under the seal of silence could not keep,

| Judges xiii, 3, 11-20.

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27. Hi * inge, hat nach apart

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I sent. It az I nast esmçiain"
mcaz enemez, wae nan sians,
01. Ir ty, ir leszopit age!

tie yrne Wri G.Do ne's extinct,

Lier THIS Cejects of delight 2001, which mighs in part my grief have eased,

us now become : 139 or worm, the rest here excel me; *** Creep, yet ter, I dark in light exposed

jaily frasi, contempt, abuse, and wrong. Vithin dcors, or witagat, still as a fool

power of others, never in my own; zarce half I seem to live, dead more than half.

dark, dark, dark, amid the blaze of noon, rrecoverably dark, total eclipse Vithout all hope of day!

reated beam, and thou great Word,

light, and light was over all ;
119 bereaved thy prime decree ?

is dark
he moon,"


i or near the change, and in conjunction with the sun.

When she deserts the night
Hid in her vacant interlunar cave.
Since light so necessary is to life,
And almost life itself, if it be true
That light is in the soul,
She all in every part; why was the sight
To such a tender ball as th' eye confined,
So obvious and so easy to be quench'd ?
And not, as feeling, through all parts diffused,
That she might look at will through every pore ?
Then had I not been thus exiled from light,
As in the land of darkness yet in light,
To live a life half dead, a living death,
And buried; but O yet more miserable!
Myself my sepulchre, a moving grave,
Buried, yet not exempt
By privilege of death and burial
From worst of other evils, pains, and wrongs,
But made hereby obnoxious more
To all the miseries of life,
Life in captivity
Among inhuman foes.
But who are these ? for with joint pace I hear
The tread of

many feet steering this way;
Perhaps my enemies, who come to stare
At my affliction, and perhaps t'insult,
Their daily practice to afflict me more.

CHOR. This, this is he; softly a while, Let us not break in upon him ; O change beyond report, thought, or belief! See how he lies at random, carelessly diffused, With languish'd head unpropp'd, As one past hope, abandon'd, As by himself given over ; In slavish habit, ill-fitted weeds O'er-worn and soil'd; Or do my eyes misrepresent ? can this be he, That heroic, that renown'd,

i Stretched out.

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en via 0 13 201 VE ban is a high lejn lentes ta nu il ion 3. I TID 19. Jizzi sast T&T 11 i. Crearing we'ir mei suma 1 : Tien via via za vare ne meny T'je, sť tenis, 18 wcici che A acu 1 av si Pune la kanadai su: Then te maža ir izdotis skocilers bors The goes Ammo prsiand many tar, Co to the naty Betes, sest o ziants 6.1, $5 januas of a batkath day," and ladel so; Lize wiata the Gentlics iegn to bear up hear'n." Which shal I first bewail, Thy bondage or lost sight Prison within prison Inseparably dark? Thou art become, () worst imprisonment! The dungeon of thyself; thy soul, Which men enjoying sight oft without cause complain,

1 The Chalybes were famoure in the old
id for their skill in working iron.

the best tempered steel was
balybean. VIRO. Georg. I. 58.
ybes nudi ferruin."-NEWTON.
ine. Ascalon was a city of

the lifting up, or casting away, of the

5 Another name for Gaza. . The city of the Anakims, who were giants. Judges xv. 13, 14, Num. xiii. 33.

7 A Sabbath day's journey was, with the Jews, three-quarters of a geographical mile.

8 Atlas.

int,” like a lion. A heraldic

xv. 17. Ramath-lechi means

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