Ollendorff's New Method of Learning to Read, Write, and Speak the French Language: With an Appendix, Containing the Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers, and Full Paradigms of the Regular and Irregular, Auxiliary, Reflective and Impersonal Verbs

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Page 352 - Que j'acquière, que tu acquières, qu'il acquière, que nous acquérions, que vous acquériez, qu'ils acquièrent — Que j'acquisse, que tu acquisses, qu'il acquît, que nous acquissions, que vous acquissiez, qu'ils acquissent.
Page 472 - et la voix me crie aussi : « Reste debout quand tout succombe. « Tes aïeux ne t'ont point ici « Gardé de place dans leur tombe.
Page 397 - It was customary with Frederick tho Great, whenever a new soldier appeared in his guards, to ask him three questions ; viz. : " How old are you ? How long have you been in my service ? Are you satisfied with your pay and treatment...
Page 397 - How long have you been in my service ?" " Twenty-one years," answered the soldier. The king, struck with his youth, which plainly indicated that he had not borne a musket so long as that, said to him, much astonished, " How old are you ?" " One year, an't please your majesty...
Page 404 - Cornelia dexterously (adroitement) turned the conversation to another subject to wait the return of her sons, who were gone to the public schools. "When they returned, and entered their mother's apartment, she said to the Campanian lady, pointing to them (montrer): "These are my jewels, and the only ornaments (la parure) I prize (jpriser).
Page 369 - Je tremble qu'Athalie , à ne vous rien cacher, Vous-même de l'autel vous faisant arracher, N'achève enfin sur vous ses vengeances funestes, Et d'un respect forcé ne dépouille les restes.
Page 351 - Que j'aille, que tu ailles, qu'il aille, que nous allions, que vous alliez, qu'ils aillent. Imperf. J'allais, tu allais, il allait, etc. Pret. J'allai, tu allas, il alla, nous allâmes, vous allâtes, ils allèrent.
Page 95 - He makes a fire, instead of going .to the market.— Does the captain give you any thing?— He does give me something — What does ,he give you ? — He gives me a great deal of money. — Does he give you money instead of giving you bread? — He He gives me (both) money and bread.

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