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A LAZY Cuckoo, too idle to make a comfortable home for herself and offspring, laid her eggs in the nest built by the Hedge-sparrow, who, taking the charge wholly on herself, hatched them, and bred up the young with maternal attention, till such time as they were enabled to provide for themselves, when they took wing and fled. Upon this the worthless Cuckoo came gossiping to the Owl, complaining of the misconduct of the Hedge-sparrow in treating her with so little attention, in return for the confidence she had shown in entrusting her with the care of her precious young brood. "Would you believe it?" continued the Cuckoo. The ungrateful birds have flown off without paying me


of those duties which are the natural right of a mother from her offspring!" Peace, peace," replied the sage Owl,


nor expect that from others which you cannot give in return. The obligation lies wholly on your side to the charitable Hedge-sparrow, for her benevolence to your helpless young, whom you had abandoned; and remember this, that before you teach gratitude to others, you should learn yourself to be grateful.”


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DEATH, on a solemn night of state,
In all his pomp of terror sate;
The attendants of his gloomy reign,
Diseases dire, a ghastly train,
Crowd the vast court. With hollow tone,
A voice thus thundered from the throne :-
"This night our minister we name;
Let every servant speak his claim,
Merit shall bear this ebon wand."

Fever, with burning heat possessed,
Advanced, and for the wand addressed:
"I to the weekly bills appeal,
Let those express my fervent zeal ;
On every slight occasion near,
With violence I persevere."

Next Gout appears, with limping pace,
Pleads how he shifts from place to place;


From head to foot how swift he flies,
And every joint and sinew plies;
Still working when he seems supprest—
A most tenacious, stubborn guest.

A haggard spectre from the crew Crawls forth, and thus asserts his due :""Tis I who taint the sweetest joy,


And in the shape of love destroy;

My shanks, sunk eyes, and noseless face
Prove my pretension to the place."

Stone urged his overgrowing force;
And next Consumption's meagre corse,
With feeble voice that scarce was heard,
Broke with short cough, his suit preferred:
"Let none object my lingering way,
I gain, like Fabius, by delay;
Fatigue and weaken every foe
By long attack, secure, though slow."

Plague represents his rapid power, Who thinned a nation in an hour.


All spoke their claim and hoped the wand. Now expectation hushed the band, When thus the monarch from his throne :--"Merit was ever modest known. What! no physician speak his right? None here! but fees their toils requite? Let, then, Intemperance take the wand, Who fills with gold their zealous hand. You, Fever, Gout, and all the restWhom wary men as foes detest

Forego your claim; no more pretend.
Intemperance is esteemed a friend;
He shares their mirth, their social joys,
And as a courted guest destroys.
The charge on him must justly fall,
Who finds employment for your all."


A CERTAIN Hermit having done a good office to a Bear, the grateful creature was so sensible of his obligation, that he begged to be admitted as the guardian and companion of his solitude. The Hermit willingly accepted his offer, and conducted him to his cell, where they passed their time together in an amicable manner. One very hot day the Hermit having laid himself down to sleep, the officious Bear employed himself in driving away the flies from his patron's face. But, in spite of all his care, one of the flies returned perpetually to the attack, and at last settled upon the Hermit's nose. "Now I shall have you, most certainly," said the Bear, and, with the best intentions imaginable, gave him a violent blow on the face; which, indeed, very effectually demolished the fly, but at the same time most terribly bruised the face of his benefactor. An imprudent friend, forsooth, often does as much mischief by his too great zeal as the worst enemy could effect by his malice.

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