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HE following short biographical notice of Samuel Rogers does not pretend to do more than state the chief facts connected with his birth and parentage, and record those circumstances and incidents in his life which may be considered to have had a direct bearing on the production of his poems, and the attainment of the high position amongst his contemporaries, which he undoubtedly acquired.

It is seldom the lot of a man who has risen to any degree of distinction, to have had from his birth the path of life made easy to him; to have had it in his power to pursue the even tenour of his way untrammelled by poverty, free from opposition, and with intellect unclouded by illregulated passions, thwarted ambition, or physical ills. The subject of this memoir was, however, one of these fortunate exceptions. He was the son of high-principled, prudent, and at the same time wealthy parents; he was also provided by nature with a liberal, sympathetic, and many-sided mind, with strong impulses towards the attainment of


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